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My mum loved her dad very much and she was absolutely devastated when he passed away. So this is why she believes in good spirits, because he seems to always be watching over her and she often dreams about him around the time of his birthday or death anniversary. (She tells me about her dreams and how she talks to him and sometimes her mother, which I'm happy to share if you would like me to.)

This story is about my mum and before I was born. My mum had a miscarriage and it was a boy, back in those days they didn't really have the money to have a proper burial and had buried the unborn in the backyard. My mum didn't get the grave blessed by a priest and weird things had started to happen.

Now, the street we had lived on was full of children and they were constantly coming in and out of our house as they often play with my two older sisters. My mum told me how she would always see a little boy running around the house, he was all dressed in white and he was happy. But things started to get bad and this little boy had started to be aggressive. He wouldn't hurt anyone in the house but he would definitely disturb everyone in there. My mum would hear his laughing, his crying and his mumbled whispers.

One day my mum spoke to the local priest and told him about her encounters, he told her that he will bless the grave and help the little boy find his way. On the day of the blessing my mum saw a figure by the front gate, it stood tall and dressed in white, he looked at her and smiled. She knew it was her dad, she watched him for a while and then saw the little boy appear at his side. She continued to watch them as her dad took the boy by the hand and walked down the street, the little boy waved and then they both disappeared.

My mum is always fond of telling me these stories she encounters. And it always makes me feel warm knowing that my Granddad (even though I didn't get to meet him) is always looking out for her and for children.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-15)
What a cool thing that she was able to see them. Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming experience.
Warm Regards,

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