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Here are a few odd experiences I have had. They've always freaked me out and I'm not really a strong believer of ghost or the supernatural. But, because of my mum, I am quite superstitious although not entirely sure where I really stand on those kinds of things.

- When I was about 9 or 10, I used to see things in the corner of my eye. In the house we lived in at that age, the bedrooms were situated toward the end of the house and you have to go through this hallway to reach every bedroom (mine was right at the end and my parents' were on the right at the beginning of the hallway).

At that time my little sister was about 4 or 5 and she always ran to my parents' bedroom when they weren't home and when she was angry at my older sister. One day when I was walking past my parents' bedroom, in the corner of my eye I saw a little girl wearing a red shirt and black shorts crouched down by the bed, her head buried in her arms so all I saw was her black hair. At first I thought it was my little sister crying and thought that I'd see what was wrong but when I walked back and looked in the room nothing was there. I dismissed it by thinking my mind was just playing tricks. I don't know why though, but I never liked that hallway and I was always too scared to walk through it. I always felt so weird about it.

- My family and I move around a lot and in this particular time, we were living in a one storey house that was smack bang in the middle of the cul-de-sac. At this time I was around 13 or 14 and my mum had entrusted me with a mobile phone, only to carry to school so that I can call my dad if he was running late to pick me up. Anyway, I was sharing a bedroom with my little sister and we had a bunk bed, I was on top. One night my phone rang at around 2:45am-ish and it was loud! It scared the shait out of me. I climb down the bunk bed and flip it open and it said no name, so I mumbled "Hello?" but dead silence on the other side. I kept saying hello a few more times and eventually gave up. I decided it was the boys from school playing a prank and put my phone on silent and went back to bed.

The following night it happened again, the blaring ringtone and no name appeared. This time it was closer to 3am. Again, after a few hellos there was nothing. I told my friends at school about it and we all agreed the boys were just being pricks.

The following night, I remembered to put my phone on silent and went to bed. That same night my phone went off again but it was unusually vibrating on the table really loud, like it's almost as if it's my ringtone! The same thing happened, a few hellos, silence, no name but this time it was around past 3am. I started to freak out because I've always been told that 3 is the devil's number. I was called 3 times, 3 nights, all leading up to 3am. It never happened after that.

- This has been happening to me for a few years, but not since, I don't know maybe 18/19? Anyway, I've had many instances where I'm not alone, like someone is behind me following me. I have literally learned to walk like a crab against a wall so I don't feel this way. When I walked through the halls at school on my own, I would feel like I'm being followed or in my own house, walking to the bus stop, just anywhere I go where I was alone. I, of course, felt a little scared but I wasn't that scared for my safety just my mental well-being really, like I had nothing to worry about.

It doesn't happen anymore, maybe I was just paranoid growing up? But my mum always told me that my grandad has always helped me even when I was a baby and that my birthday lands before his death and after his anniversary with my grandma. So, to give myself positive thoughts, I always just think my grandad was looking out for me until I was all grown up and I didn't need him (see Doctor Grandad and Guardian Grandad, it might make more sense).

Any thoughts?

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Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
BJJ-Oh! Oppsie, well can please delete that comment for me and I'll go put it under one of rooks stories?
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
Sam, rook asked for you to reply on one of his stories so that the focus of this page will remain on ambo's experience.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
Rook, I'm sorry it's hard for me to understand those scriptures, and 6 is just what I've also heard was the Devils number, that's why I said I might be wrong. And I thought that no one actually knew for sure what the mark of satan really is, same with the mark of Cain. I'm sorry, this stuff is just so confusing.
And Rook, I think I've actually read a couple of your experiences, I now for sure one of them was about a glass Ouija Board, but I'm not sure if I commented or not.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)

I am going to step into the rabbit hole here and ask you a question... And make a statment.

Why are you 'pretty sure' that 6 is the devil's number?

I know thw the scripture where a number is given for 'the mark of the beast' (quoted from the King James version REV 13:18)

"18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

Having quioted that here are 2 different ways this particular Scripture has been referenced/translated/infered...ect...

One explanation is attributed to John's disciple Polycarp, who, according to his student Irenaeus, said this number is derived from adding together the numerical equivalents of the letters in the word Lateinos, the Greek word for "Roman" - this being the name of the Beast empire, its ruler and everyone in it. So the number may well denote this general distinction, though it could also be more specific.

Another explanation is that the Bible associates the number six with man; God made him on the sixth day of creation week. The number 666 is a triple repetition of the number of man and emphasizes that this beast represents a government whose base is human authority, as opposed to God's authority."

So does it refere to the ROMANS from 'back in the day' OR does it refer to us...mankind...and our goverment (s).

This 'debate' could drag on and on... Please feel free to comment on one of MY experiences if you, or anyone else, wishes to do so.


Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
Ambo137, I'm pretty sure 6 is the devil's number (I may be wrong). My lucky number has always been 3 and I've had no problem. BUT...However, it is said that bad things come in 3's.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-17)
Hi, Ambo.

Depending upon the length of the hallways in your school, the composition of the walls (concrete breeze-block, plaster & paint, ceramic tiles, sheet-metal locker doors), the floor surface covering, and what is underneath the floor (poured concrete & rebar, a basement, other floors of the building), your "being followed" sensation MAY have been caused by echoes. Sound travels in waves, and will reflect (and refract) off of a variety of surfaces. When walking in an empty hallway or corridor, individuals tend to walk close to the middle; this causes slightly different sounds to enter your left and right ears, as the distance from you to the walls is almost certainly unequal. Add the peculiar absorbing quality of acoustic-tile "drop ceilings," and you've only got uneven echoes from behind and below -NOT from above. As most people would only use the halls when it is time to go to class, your brain automatically registers "this is odd" because your subconscious is expecting other people in the hallway, even though you know they're in class. The echoing of your own footsteps, then, becomes a source for your brain to latch on to, and -as part of it is expecting someone else-it presumes that there must be someone else. Walking very close to -or sidling along- the walls will reduce the inconsistency of sounds, because your brain isn't receiving slightly-contradictory information from your ears and eyes.
I would hazard a guess that you've got particularly good hearing, as most people only experience sensations like this when deprived of light, also. You may be accustomed to relying on your hearing slightly more than most people, thereby setting the stage for being creeped out by odd auditory information. Please look into sound waves (particularly the Doppler effect, resonance, and echoes), and into how we process what we hear.
This is not ta definitive answer, I know, but it may explain why a frightened kid was made more frightened by a combination of factors which had not been identified as ordinary events.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-16)
Yeppers, could very well be real and could very well be imagined.
I would say a little of both. Almost everyone has corner of eye sightings here.
ambo137 (4 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-15)
Tweed - the little girl isn't the only thing I've seen in the corner of my eye. I've had other instances growing up where I would casually walk by a room or something and catch a glimpse or someone but I'd look back again and there's nothing. But I swear it's so clear that someone was there! I've dismissed it as being paranoid and my mind playing tricks until I read some other stories here and it made me think that maybe it was real?
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-15)
Hi Ambo,

I wouldn't read too much into the phone calls. Think of it this way; if you're woken up abruptly you're naturally already startled and hardly going to feel all warm and fuzzy about receiving a silent call.
Also wouldn't read anything into 3am or that it happened 3 nights in a row. That's probably when some jerks parents went to bed and he could call you from one of their phones. That would explain the no name showing up. Either that or the phone's alarm was set for some reason.

The little girl is interesting. She's probably harmless though. It's natural to get scared and feel 'watched' when a ghost is around. But sometimes it's just our fear and not intended. 😊

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