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An Early Morning Scare


This is my first real story I am sharing with you. I had this experience two years back when I was doing my 12th standard in Chennai and, as usual as every kids of 12th, I had to attend daily morning tuition from 5:45 am and I used to go by cycle for about 6 km. There are two roads which we can use, one the main road and other a shortcut along the slum areas where you find very less traffic and ideal for cycling fast. Sorry for long introduction but this I feel is needed to make readers understand the situation better.

So the real story begins here. One morning I woke up late so had to reach my tuition centre fast so I went for the second option, the deserted road along the slums and as usual I was riding fast and the roads were dark.

Suddenly, I heard another cyclist ringing his bell continuously behind me and I was irritated and I turned back but I couldn't see the cyclist properly but he looked like some Milkman carrying milk in canister cans. And in front me I saw a young boy and a girl come from each end of the road and hug each other in the middle. It was an odd thing to happen especially in such conservative areas. Again I was sensed by ringing of the cycle bell and went past the couples.

After I went past them I heard suddenly dogs started barking and to my surprise the ringing of the cycle bell gradually decreasing in sound. When I turned around, to my shock I saw that both the young couples and the cyclist had disappeared. The instance I turned around the bell stopped and the dogs were standing around the spot where the couples stood and barking (and I knew they couldn't have gone anywhere as there are no turns in the road and it was hardly few seconds after I went past them).

After this I was utterly scared, raced at my full speed until I joined a well-lit residential area and when I was speeding in shock I narrowly missed colliding with a lorry driver who definitely swore lots of abuses on me:D

So this is my experience. Please feel free to correct me any suggestions or advice regarding this.

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ultimator03 (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-05)
The couples looked to about 20-24 years old according to me. I come to this conclusion with the type of clothes they were wearing and the way they acted.
I agree this story is WIERD.
migelito23 (32 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-05)
Hi ultimator. I read your story and its very weird about those
Young couple of the road hugging and about
That milkman you didn't see him but hear him
Coming behind you, I believed those couple died
There years back and the milkman as well problbly
Got run over and their spirits are still wondering
What happen. Can you tell us here at this site about
How old those young couple look like I will appreciated
A lot. Thank you for sharing with us your ghost story.
ultimator03 (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-26)
Hi goldphoenix,
This is the first thought I got but it seems not a possible reason for me due to these reasons
1) I saw a couple and a cyclist I didn't see/hear anything related to another vehicle (even as I could hear the cycle bell)
2) The road is mostly deserted only cyclists and few bikers take that stretch.
3) you told about two people but there was a third person in form of a milkman/cyclist
P.S the lorry I mentioned was at the junction between end of this stretch and the main road
But anyways I am not sure about it and thank you
GoldPhoenix (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
So I guess the message of the story is that you probably saw the ghosts of 2 people who died from an accident that happened there right
ultimator03 (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-23)
Hey Tweed,
Thank you for your comment and yes like you said the couples looked to be dressed in the same blue colour which was almost of the same fashion which most people here are wearing this 21st century and as for the milkman I never got a good look at him.
As for residual energies I am hearing about them for the first time
As for early morning tution, I am not definitely not going to sacrifice precious sleep like that anymore gone are the days of 12th 😆
Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-22)
Hi Ultimator, Welcome to YGS 😊

This sounds like it could have been a residual energy you experienced.
This is when energy gets trapped in a 'feedback loop'. It's a bit like a recording played back on a loop.
Residual energies are imprinted into a particular spot in a location. So the energy itself is unaware of you or the dogs.
The bell from the milkman might have been at them, the couple, not directed at you. But you just happened to be there on that day at that time and had this bizarre experience.
I'd never heard of residual haunts which involve multiple people, but I guess it's possible.

The other option is that they were 'intelligent energy' which refers to ghosts/spirits/souls who are aware of their surroundings and have full conscious interaction. But since they acted out of character, I'd lean toward the residual option.

Did all three of them wear clothes from a particular date? Were the couple dressed in a similar fashion to the milkman?
You could do some research on the location and this could shed some light on what you experienced.

By the way I'm shocked to hear people go to tutoring at the crack of dawn! That's so bizarre for us lazy westerners, ha!
Thank goodness you didn't run into that lorry, glad you came out unharmed!

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