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I have posted before on what I've experienced and got a lot of helpful suggestions. I did a ritual cleansing and it seemed to work but the hauntings seem to have started up again. I think she's really mad and to be honest I'm terrified. As I have previously stated I feel this woman is malicious and her intent is to hurt me. As I'm writing I feel sick because I have just been through something.

I was holding hot coffee and walking through my dining room (where my hair had been pulled previously) when I looked up and the ghost was inches from my face. I'm still not completely sure what I saw because it happened so fast, but, I was so scared I dropped the cup and it shattered. My sister came to help me clean up the shards and as I crouched down I started feeling dizzy. Then the lights in the dining room started flickering very violently and something white ran past me (towards the family room) my sister saw it as well. (As I've also stated before, I come from a family of empaths). I heard my cat, who was asleep on the couch, hiss and screech and she was swatting at thin air. I got very frightened and told the woman to get away from my cat. After I said it my right cheek felt like it had been slapped. At this point I was very close to tears and I was very scared, I shouted at her to leave us alone, and all of the sudden after I yelled, the air felt normal again.

I'm afraid to be alone and so my sister and I are in her room along with my cat. I've tried ritual cleansing and it seems to have made her very angry. I'm honestly at the end of my rope. I need help and advice anything constructive will be so much appreciated.

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YeseGrey15 (20 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-12)
Oh no! I'm sorry this is happening to you and your family, it sounds absolutely horrifying. I honestly would of passed out from freight! I suggest for your safety and your family that you get your home blessed by someone ordained. I guarantee you it will fix your problem. Also I know its easier said then done but don't feed into its negativity because it makes it worse. Good luck to you hun! Wishing and sending positive vibes to you and yours ❤
thatguy1989 (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-04)
First of all I am will I am a demonoligest and the spirit is not attached to you because spirits can't attach themselves to someone with out there permission it is attracted to a object with in your home look for something that feels very cold or worm to the touch that will be the object it is attached. To if you cover it with holy water the spirit will loose it power then if the object is the one it is attatched to you need to remove it from your house and burn it with salt and fire
ZombieHugs (2 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-21)
Thank you all so SO much for commenting. [at] WiniPu4 I call it a 'she' because when I see her that's what she resembles, but my intuition tells me it's a demon. I found a psychic but she told me that what I was dealing with was something terrible. She said it was attached to me. I've been to a church and got a blessing (even though I am not religious) I even tried to stay with a friend at her house (because I hadnt been sleeping) and I experienced something there.

Three days ago I called out to my (deceased) Grandmother and I feel her presence which has helped and activityou has decreased significantly. So I hope that it has left. But once again thank you all so much!
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-10)
Hi, Zombie:

Do you think this entity followed you or do you think she came with the house? I'm trying to figure out if she's attached to you or the property. I do prayers of protection over myself and the ones I love daily, especially when I feel something anything I'm not comfortable with. Being sensitive can open us up to more than just our guardians and those that are here for our higher good.
Having been raised Catholic, I ask the Archangel Michael for protection and sending back anything not of God. There are specific prayers, but I usually just "wing it" (lol, an unintended angel pun). I wouldn't normally give advice based upon any specific faith, but you mentioned the word "exorcism" in your last story so I will share the share the page for the exorcism (St.Michael) prayers. I know that many outside of Catholicism use them as well.

The short version is at the top:


Or, you can look up exorcism/cleansing/protective/shielding prayers from your particular faith. Whatever you are most comfortable with. There can be greater results with more involved, so it might help to enlist your sister if she is open to it.

Rookdygin (a couple of comments below mine) is the one in your first story's comments (by elnoraemily) referred to as "Rook" who has a generic cleansing ritual that many here attest to. Since his name was shortened to a nickname, you might not have found the profile page. Now that Rook has commented, just click the name to find his profile & look under "About me" to locate the cleansing ritual. You can click the little heart next to his name on the profile page to save to your favorites.
Maybe there's something different in Rook's cleansing method that might work? Rook is our residential authority on cleansings/shieldings as well as what to do and not do during them. He also offers to help in any way, so I would definitely take his advice and even contact him if you need.
I have heard from some it can take several initial cleansing/shieldings to work, especially if there's something or someone that is particularly resistant. It might need to be done periodically.
You called the entity a "she". Does your intuition tell you anything more, like whether or not it a human soul? Have you thought about trying to help her to find the light and convince her to cross over?
I ask these things because before reading thousands of stories here on YGS, there were entities I never believed existed like the fae. Many cultures revere them and learn to live with them. Different cultures refer to them as house spirits, elementals, nature spirits, little people, and many others. There are many different types of interdimensional beings all with different behaviors,likings, and dislikes. To my knowledge, they can inadvertently be offended.
Rook (& others here) know a lot more than I do about these beings.
It may take time to determine exactly what "she" is. Please let us know what happens. I wish you the best.
mysticalavenger5 (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-09)
Dear ZombieHugs,

Me and my wife twisterwatcher7 praise you for coming to the forum and being brave enough to ask others for help and advice.:) about the lady... Understand, in this spiritual battle, that it is very important to know your enemy, they go by many names, and will try and convince you that they are not a force to be reckoned with. This enemy which you face is not a woman by any means... It is purely demonic. You have cleansed, now use whatever platform of faith you truly believe in to rebuke this nethema! We send our prayers and spirit of love to you...
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-09)

I feel I should clarify something I just said... I asked what you, or other family members feel 'about' this spirit and you had mentioned this...

" As I have previously stated I feel this woman is malicious and her intent is to hurt me."

It is my opinion that you are 'feeling' this spirits intentions towards you... You know this...

Now with that being said what does your sister, or any other member of your Family 'feel' from this spirit? Is it the same thing you are feeling?

By comparing 'notes' perhaps you can figure out the true nature of this spirit and maybe even the 'why' its doing what it is to you.


rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-09)

I must agree with Tweed (Hi Tweed 😁)

It is very Likely that either the cleansing has 'faded' over time, or that this spirit is not 'outright negitive or evil' just grumpy and behaving badly. You mention Empathy runs in your Family... What do you (they) feel from this spirit?

When preforming your cleansing ritual of choice make sure you state that you are not trying to force out and 'good' spirits but that you are trying to protect yourself and the PROPERTY from negitivity... I stress the word property becasue if this spirit is attached to it somehow they need to understand your intentions.

Thank you for the update, ask any questions you may have... And please keep us posted.


Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-09)
Hi ZombieHugs, I remember your first story well.

How often do you do the cleansing? It does ware off after a couple weeks or a month. If this woman is able to pierce through while the cleanse/protect is recent she likely isn't all that bad. I'd say you're right she's angry at you for 'cleansing her away'.

No matter whether she's good or bad willed you have the right to tell her to leave. It can take time, and frequent cleansing rituals to start with, depending on how persistent she is.
I speak from experience here, recently been going through something similar and I can say that it takes patience and persistence. Stay consistent with what you're doing. It does get better. Don't make the mistake I did and get lazy with cleansing. My word was that a mistake.

Also I wonder if this lady used to live there and she's mega upset you're turfing her out (how she sees it). Maybe, just a suggestion. If you feel this is the case, and all attempts to see the back of her fail, it could just be a barrier issue. You both could coexist within the same house with some boundaries.
I'm not recommending you do this, only saying it as a possibility to consider. That she's maybe not bad, just annoyed and frustrated.

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