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Am I Being Followed Or Is It Attached?


To begin with, this post is very long, and it's happened in two different countries, but mainly in America.

I was about 10 when I had my first encounter, and I was with my dad. My parents are divorced and my dad lived in another country so it was a surprise to see him at my house.

We lived next to a dog park that was mostly surrounded by a city woods. Being a kid, I wanted to explore it and I did and I found a tree that all the neighborhood kids climbed on. Well, I wanted to show my dad it and show him how high I could climb. We were walking down the path and could see it clearly in front of us. Now my dad is 6'2" and was about as tall as where to tree rested above the path. I could just duck under it comfortably. There were dead brittle leaves everywhere that made a loud, crunching sound that you could hear from a ways away.

As we were walking down the path, I looked at my dad and pointed at the tree. I looked back at the tree and I saw a figure. We immediately stopped talking and moving and just stared at it. It was blurry, like a memory. It was a boy, with bright red hair, a red tee-shirt, 80s (I think) pleated blue jeans, and red converse. His back was turned to us and he was sitting on the tree. When we noticed it, we saw him push off of the tree and we heard him land and run off. But the thing was- we didn't see him land or run. But we could see clearly under the tree and around it. Plus, it's hard to miss a bright red tee-shirt in the middle of a brown wood.

That was my first encounter.

My second was at the same house, but in my bedroom.

I was about the same age, 10 or 11, and I don't remember much of how I came about, but I think I was woken up by the presence. Now please don't laugh, but when I was fully awake, I realised my hands were floating. I know that sounds crazy and that 'I could have just been moving in my sleep', but I felt someone's hands holding my own. I could see clearly enough in my room that no one was in there with me but I could obviously feel someone holding my hands.

It's really hard to describe what they were like. They didn't seem to have any heat to them, but they weren't cold either. They didn't seem to have any temperature. They didn't have any texture either; they were just there if you understand my meaning. I tore my hands away and balled them under my back under the covers because I had no idea what was going on or what that was. The entity tried to take my hands back but as soon as I was under the covers it left me alone. It never touched me after that.

My third encounter was when I was 14 at a new home but the same country.

My 14th birthday was on a Friday the 13th, so I joked around with my friends and told them that 'it was going to be a very unlucky year for me' and things like that.

I had spent the night a friends a day or two before my birthday then the following night they spent at my place. Her place is haunted, that much is certain, and she jokingly calls him Jeffery. A few weeks after my birthday I noticed that my dresser drawers kept opening when I got home at the end of the day. It was only ever the bottom drawer. I did a test to see if it was the angle at which it was set, but the first drawer to open was always the middle one. So it wasn't my drawers leaning. Eventually I started to hear footsteps in my room. It was only in my room and only at night. They would walk around, play with something that sounded like paper, etc. My mother actually saw something once; she had just got home and was sitting on the couch. In front of her was the fireplace and beside it were the tools to clean it with; the brush, fire iron, and spade, in that order. She was just sitting on the couch when she noticed the fire iron started to swing slightly as if someone nudged it. There was no draft and it was only the middle one. She saw nothing other than that.

One day I was looking through some of my things and I found an old rosary that my dad had left behind. Thoughtlessly I put it up on my board, not thinking what might happen. That night the entity touched me. It kept touching my right foot and it felt like it was stretching it and moving it. It didn't feel like I had control of my foot. Then it touched my hand and possibly my head, because this was in the middle of the night and I don't remember much of that part. What I do remember though is the dream. The entity was obviously aggravated and decided to 'punish' me through this dream.

It goes like this:

I'm in my room, and my closet is wide open. I can tell the entity is in there, revealing to me that's where it likes to remain during the day. It was physically, emotionally, and maybe spiritually darker inside my closet. I was crying and trying to close the door, to keep the thing out of my room and keep it contained. At one point I was about to close it when the entity dug it's claws into my back and pulled me away from the door. I screamed and ran to my mother who was in the next room (my brother's) and asked her to help. Or I screamed at her I'm not entirely sure. She said she couldn't help me just then as she was busy, so I ran back to my room and tried to close it all over again. Then I woke up and I could have sworn my back was tingling from where the entity scratched it in my dream, but I couldn't find anything. I put the rosary in a drawer in the morning.

At one point during the entity's stay it actually sat next to me. I instantly froze and didn't move until I fell asleep. Another time it was walking around and kept bending over to look at my face. It would look at me for a few seconds then pace around my room again. Eventually though I told my friend that had stayed the night and she brought the entity back to her house (she claimed and still does that she is a wiccan and used a spell to bring the entity back).

Months later though, I started to notice the signs again. But it felt... Different. Not human. Darker, heavier, more powerful. I didn't know what it wanted or why it was there. But this time I didn't provoke it. It lashed out at me without warning or reason. This entity didn't touch me or anything, but it gave me the worst nightmare I had ever experienced; and I am really hard to scare. It actually imitated my cat (in form not in sound) but she wasn't in my room that night. Anyway, the dream went like this:

I was running down a hallway, being chased by this new entity. I dived into a room at the end of it (my mind told me it was a cockpit of a plane but it was too big to be one even though there instruments and buttons all around for it) past a pilot. I twisted round just as the entity (which was invisible) knock over the first pilot. There was a double wide bed next to me so I jumped up onto that where the other pilot was, sleeping. All the blankets were on his side. I pushed up against the wall to try and get as far away from the entity as possible, but I could see the sheets ripple as it moved toward me. Then all of a sudden, I had a new image; the bed and cockpit were gone, it was just the bottom half of a face. It was ashen gray, with no lips, and a bright almost blood red mouth. At this point I was awake my eyes were just closed. Before I opened them I heard a voice right in my ear say 'hi rowan.' I jumped out of bed and raced out into the kitchen. I stayed in the kitchen watching my door until my mother came out when she woke up. I told her everything and I even started crying, which takes a lot to do make me do. We hugged, and I could feel it watching me from my doorway.

Personally I believe it resided in my crawlspace, when I wasn't home, because I could almost feel it rise and take form (while still invisible) in my room. Throughout the day at my home I could feel it watch me, but only when I could see my door. It's aura was so strong I could feel it when I was telling my parents about it. I could tell when it was listening. I could tell when it was watching. But for some reason it doesn't like cats. My parents let my eldest cat sleep with me to comfort me. Ever since they did that, it never reappeared.

I left for Christmas to go to my father's and when I came back it was gone. Or so I thought.

I have recently moved into my father's home in the UK and I have a few siblings there that he had with my stepmother. My brother who is seven, has Asperger's syndrome. His is a rare case because most autistic children work in logical ways. They like math and things like that. My brother though is more creative. He likes to reenact movie scenes or make up his own when he plays with his toys. So he could just have made this up but I don't think so.

I was home alone other than my stepmother and brother. My brother was downstairs while my stepmother and I were upstairs. Suddenly, I heard my brother scream and race upstairs to his mother. He started telling his mother that I had 'stood in the doorway' and went 'teeheehee.' To me, the thing I thought I had left or that had disappeared at my mother's had only followed me. It was imitating me to scare my brother.

Another time I was babysitting and my two younger siblings were fast asleep. I was reading in bed when I heard a noise downstairs. I thought it was strange since if any intruder where in the house my dog would bark like hell. She does if she sees nothing quite honestly. Anyway, I grabbed my father's baseball bat (I had a strange feeling and I grabbed it incase my dog had been quieted forcefully) and crept downstairs. I checked every corner and there was nothing. The study window was open so I closed that. I went back upstairs and put the bat back where it belonged. Soon after though, something got into the recycling. You could say it was an animal or the wind or something, but there was a brick on top of the bin, so it would make it difficult, if not impossible, for an animal to open it.

I thought it was strange but went back to bed. Soon after though I was trying to fall asleep when I heard footsteps. I listened to them for a time and thought it was weird because my dog should have been barking her head off. I heard something fall and that was it I grabbed the bat and stood in my doorway. I started texting my parents telling them I thought someone was in the house. It sounded like my father was in his shoes tiptoeing around, but he was out with my stepmother. My dog wasn't barking so only I must have heard it, but I was freaking out. You might say I was imagining them but the footsteps I imagine usually sound like they're walking on carpet in my room when there's no other noise. These footsteps were downstairs and on tile. Plus, I called my parents and the footsteps didn't go away. They only went when my father burst into the house to look for the culprit. I was stationed between my siblings' rooms at this point. Of course, they didn't find anything. In the morning I asked what had fallen on the ground and they told me nothing was found. I don't think they believe me.

Weeks after that, my door when my eldest brother (younger than me) came over to visit, my bedroom door started to open and close my itself. You can say it was the wind or whatever, but sometimes the window was closed and besides, it never happened before. It would constantly open and close it and only ever when I was in the room. A few times actually I was taking a shower and I heard a bang on the door. My brother (who is usually clueless so it's no surprise) didn't hear anything. My dad once heard one of the bangs.

Nothing has happened in awhile but I think once my eldest brother goes it'll start up again.

The strange thing is: I'm the only one this has happened to. My family hasn't had any experiences at all, not even when I was.

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