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What I Caught On My Periphery


My experience happened at the house where I grew up. (I had stories about the house on my previous posts.)

Before I decided to finally transfer to where my husband lived, I was raising my son with the help of my mom. It was around 6 pm, I was washing my son who just finished pooping when I noticed that he was staring at the bathroom door, which I left open. I asked him what it was that he saw. He said nothing and pointed at the door. I asked again if he saw someone, he finally said "man." I asked him again for confirmation, "Is a man at the door?" He nodded yes. So I tried to look into his eyes, hoping that maybe I could see a reflection of the entity he saw. There was nothing. I told my son, "There is no one at the door."

When I was done washing him, he was reluctant to leave and kept tugging me when he passed by the door. I told my grandma, who was our only companion at the house that time about what happened, but she just shrugged it off. When my parents arrived from work, I told them the same thing and they just told me that it was just the kid's imagination. But for 2-year-olds, they still cannot distinguish paranormal from normal.

Because my family is religious, we hold a prayer of the Holy Rosary every night. When we were in the middle of the prayer my son, who was just playing, suddenly stopped and stared at the space that divides our living room and the dining area. Then he rushed towards me, shouted "mama," hugged me tight and pointed towards the space where I assume he saw the entity. My dad, who I thought was skeptical about what happened, suddenly took the holy water and sprinkled it towards where my son pointed. The next day, my son had a fever.

They say children are highly susceptible to the paranormal because they are more open to the phenomenon. In the Philippines, I don't know if it's superstitious to think, the oldies say that usually, children do get a fever after seeing things. In Cebuano, they call it "buyag."

A day after that, afraid that it might happen again, my little boy and I stayed with my grandma in the living room the afternoon before my parents went home from work. I went to dining area to get a glass of water from the fridge when I caught something from my peripheral vision, I jumped in shock. I shifted my vision to where the entity was. It was a figure of a man in brown clothes and brown large hat like that of a "Katipunan." He was looking at my kid playing with my grandma. I couldn't really visualize his expression, but I believed he was smiling because I had a feeling that whatever it was, it was fond of my kid. I then told my grandma about what I saw. This time, she responded that maybe "it was just a passerby."

It's funny to think that I am sensitive to these things, only when I am at that house. But I live with my husband now with our already two kids and I haven't experienced a thing, same goes with my son.

Just an addition, this happened last February when I was caught up with Chickenpox and needed my kids to be isolated, so I let my mom took care of them while I recovered. My mom took my kids to my hometown for nearly 2 weeks. When I was not contagious anymore, we fetched the kids from my parents and went home.

My younger son, who is one year old and 5 months already, would wake up at around 3:00 am, jerking and crying. He was always restless and not really in his normal attitude in the morning. It went on for 2 days when my husband and I finally decided to take him to an "albularyo" or faith healer.

The woman who treated my son asked if he wakes up at 3 am. Amused as to how she knows, I said yes and asked how she knew. She said that an entity was playing with my son. She then asked if we have a big mango tree at our backyard. I said yes, but it's probably not in our home because my son grew up there and he only behaves like this after we got him from my parents.

Then I remembered, beside my parents' house stands a big mango tree, where you can actually view from the window where my sons stayed. My son was back to normal again after we bought him to the faith healer.

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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dxm04 (3 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-22)
Hi bloodshoteyez! Thanks for reading. Actually, I did not asked what the albularyo saw as I was also afraid to know what it might be. Thankfully, my son is not bothered by whatever entity it was. I am already afraid to bring my kids to my parent's house again. 😢
bloodshoteyez (3 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
Hi dxm04 interesting story you did not told however what the albularyo saw. Hope someone though will give his or her insight about this. Heard stories about nature spirits before but not an expert myself, Hope your son is not bothered by this entity anymore. Good day to you.

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