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The 4 Am Haunting


I think I might have caught something when I stayed the night over at Zati's in Malaysia. And these are the incidents:

Since my return, I have been hearing unexplainable knocks at weird timings of the day. The apartment made different kinds of noises but they seemed to have grown in number. Before the first incident, I heard five consecutive knocks (perhaps a second apart) which seemed as clear as if someone was throwing pebbles to my window. But I stay on the 4th floor and it is not possible to throw pebbles consistently.

I was sleeping in my bedroom and woke up by the sound of my neighbors laughing. It was 12:45, and I turned and shut my eyes again. I'm really sure that I was still awake, when I felt the bed shake. It was sort of a jolt. That made me open my eyes and I tried to understand whether that jolt was in my dream or in physical realm. At that point, the bed shook. I have a double bed and when the bed started to shake, the first thought was Earthquake. I ran out of my bedroom and I met my neighbor when I opened my apartment door. I told her about the Earthquake and she said there wasn't any earthquake as she didn't feel any tremor.

I told her that I clearly felt my bed shaking and she checked the Earthquake tracker while going down the stairs. I checked and there was no seismic activity near India. We both walked up to our apartments.

Next night, I woke up to a horrible and painful scream. I jumped and sat on my bed and switched on the lights. I sat still there trying to figure out if the scream was real or not and I was freaked out too. Just then, I got the courage to walk until my bedroom window and I checked if there was anybody hurt and screaming for help. I waited for next 10 minutes and decided to forget it and sleep.

It was 4:04 am when I switched off the lights. Just then when I had shut my eyes and (still awake) I felt the bed shake. I opened my eyes and focused on the quake just to make sure it is an earthquake, when I heard in the same hoarse voice, "Get up b***h". I lay there in trepidation. I felt so hot (maybe due to adrenaline rush) and remembered that voice and thought maybe I pissed that spirit off and now he has come to harm me. I shut my eyes, kept praying to Lord to keep me safe. I kept praying until I slept off.

Next morning I woke up, packed a bag and and temporarily shifted to my friend's apartment. I am in some paranormal trouble.

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Trischa_D (guest)
8 years ago (2015-05-20)
Just keep praying and be strong in your faith. Maybe you should sage your apartment. Try doing that once a week for 3 months, then every other week for 3 months, and then once a month after that. It gets rid of all the negative energy and cleanses the atmosphere. Good luck to you and stay strong! ❤

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