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Invisible House-mate


After finishing my education in India, I left my parents & shifted to my country, Singapore. I moved in with my cousin Neo & her boyfriend Eden (For privacy sake, I'm using their nick names). She had rented a flat in Geylang. It was on the ground level.

Before I write down the incident, everyone should know that Kitchen was built as sort of a corridor and all the rooms were connected to each other. So If I were in the last room (I called it the Closet Room), I could see half of the living room, kitchen and half of the bedroom and bathroom from there. And that is where this incident happened.

The flat being on the ground level had bad natural lighting and we had to keep the lights switched on even at the daytime. As time passed I became comfortable in my new environment.

One weekend, Neo and Eden threw a house party and their friends had come over. Timmy (Eden's friend) and I were in charge of cooking and we both were in the kitchen and everyone else was sitting in the bedroom, talking and listening to music. I was talking to Timmy about the food we were cooking, and Timmy's phone rang. He went to the living room to get his phone and then went out of the house talking on phone. At this time I could see someone from the corner of my eye, pacing in the living room. Though when I'll look at the living room, I saw no one (in the half visible side of living room), but I could see someone from the corner of my eye while peeling the potatoes. When Tim got back from his call, I asked him what was bothering him as I thought he was walking back and forth while talking to which he replied that he was outside all the time. I kind of freaked and went to the living room and checked the door lock again. Tim thought I was acting weird and tried convincing me that maybe some one else had come out of the bedroom. Party ended and everyone went to their houses.

Next day, I woke up late at 9 a.m. And both Neo & Eden had already left for work. I made myself some tea and sat in the living room couch reading news on the iPad. And just I was about to get up to get ready for the appointment with my client, I heard something crash on the ground. The sound came from the Kitchen and I walked towards the Kitchen only to find the fridge magnet lying on the floor. I picked it up and thought about how could it fall without any disturbance caused to it. I again put it on the fridge door and it stuck to it firmly (and that ruled out that it's magnetic force had weakened). As I was beginning to wonder, my client called me on the phone and confirmed about our appointment.

Then I went to the Closet room and as I was changing my clothes, I saw someone (It was someone lean and tall like as in 6 feet) standing near the Fridge and then move to the bedroom from the corner of my eye. I got alarmed and ran towards the bedroom only to find as if something moved to the closet room from other bedroom door and as I leaped to the Kitchen corridor, I swear, I saw a dark grayish condensed mist disappear in air. The hair on my neck and back just stood up and I was shaken from my soul. At that moment I realized that it wasn't someone but it was "something".

Till now I had only heard the whispers but now I was seeing things in real time. And this freaked me out of my wits because how could I protect myself from something which can disappear like water vapor. So I put on my shrug and went for the appointment. I didn't say a word about this to Neo as I thought she would think I'm crazy. And still we could hear something fall and the knocks which gave me chills but Neo and Eden shrugged it off always. I moved back with my parents after a month.

And another shock came to me when Neo called me after a few weeks and while talking she asked me whether had I given my set of flat keys to anyone else to which I answered that I had returned it to her. Then she changed the topic and said that she missed me so much that sometimes she feels as if someone is walking around the house. Scared, I asked her whether she had seen that someone? And after 2 seconds of silence, she screamed, DID YOU ACTUALLY SEE THAT ALSO? And I shared my experience with her and she got her house blessed.

She didn't experience anything after that. But it still startles me to think what was that?

And now with one incident which happened to my room-mate in an apartment which I had lived in and had no experience and then the incidents which happened to me here in a new city a new house is what forced me to ask for help wherever it comes from.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-03)
Hi, AngeLeeS, It seems to be a residual haunting as you've rented the house so its hard to get history. Its good you and your cousins were not harmed by that 'something'.

Thanks for sharing 😁
AngeLeeS (8 stories) (20 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-02)
Hi Sushantkar! I thought it was only haunting me but Neo later told me that she had seen it herself. Eden had a few experience of hearing knocks at night, but owing to his upbringing, he really didn't want to believe in the paranormal. They got a priest to bless the house after I told Neo about my experience. Nothing much happened afterwards.
Why I left was because I was scared of seeing things (for a week, I even thought I was going crazy and went for therapy session and my shrink told me I was too old for an imaginary friend)
AngeLeeS (8 stories) (20 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-02)
Hi Sue! It didn't do any harm but hearing knocks and the thought of staying with some invisible being which manifested itself once, was scary. Moreover, I felt that I was alone being haunted because my cousin & Eden never expressed their share of incidents before I moved out. My cousin saw something but after the blessing, she claimed that everything calmed down. Yet, she shifted after 3 months.
Thanks for reading.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-02)
Hello AngeLeeS! Must be very creepy experience. Yes, I do have the same concern as of Raftingirl that the entity was only causing you fear and that leads to your departure.
Never the less, It was a nice read.

Raftingirl (2 stories) (113 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-01)
That sounds quite scary - although it doesn't sound like whatever it was meant any harm. Did you leave because the entity was causing you fear? Does your friend still live there and still experience the same thing? Very interesting account, thanks for sharing!

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