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Worst Night Of My Life


First of all, I compliment the owners of this site. Basically, I'm from Bangalore and this is my own experience when I was a Commerce student in 2008. I was studying in Kuvempu University near Kengal, Ramnagar (famous by the name of Ramgarh as in Bollywood movie 'Sholay'). I had leased a 2 BHK house therein during my graduation. The area was rural and people are accustomed to many traditional and superstitious beliefs. Especially ghosts!

The studies were good and I had befriended couple of guys there. I was their 'apple of an eye' as I was from a developed city coming to a village for studies. They used to come to my home for studying together. I had a computer and I was partly working as a Data Entry Operator for a company in Bangalore for some time. My friends were very interested in computers those days as rarely anybody had it in their house. But now of course, everyone has computer with an Internet connection as well.

I'm recalling summer days when I experienced some supernatural incident. The electricity supply in Ramnagar was very poor. And summer days were worst in those cases. One day I came home after my college and prepared lunch while watching TV. I love cartoons. Then I took some rest and thought of starting my computer and continue some data entry.

After some half an hour of work, suddenly there was a power cut. I went out for some time feeling bored alone in the house. There was no power in the whole village. I met some friends and came back home when it was dark around 8pm. I switched my emergency light and awaited electricity for about an hour.

It was 9:30 now and still no power supply. I got irritated of mosquito biting and sounds of insects with unbearable heat of summer (fan is a must in summer there, even in the nights). The emergency light had a backup of 5 hours. I had already wasted its 2 hours.

I called my home to spend some time and spoke to my parents. I felt angry to be left alone in this situation (but it is a comedy for them until now). At 10 pm I gave in my patience for waiting electricity to be back. I tried to sleep. But the bed was too hot and I was sweating and of course the mosquitoes were enjoying my uneasiness. Then I slept on the floor. Then too I was sweating as the floor was also hot. The mosquitoes never left bothering me. It was the most horrible night for me.

At 11 pm, I lost my cool and went on the terrace and sat alone with mosquitoes buzzing on my head. It was dark everywhere and not a soul was there to see. Not even dogs. Just empty, muddy roads with heavy insect sounds. I sat there about an hour or so. I was bored, sleepy, irritated as well as angry on those electricians and within me I cursed them as well.

As I was standing on the terrace bending over the wall feeling lonely, I noticed a person below in the next street. He was walking alone with swift steps. I thought it must be some local guy and I turned my face away from him for a moment. The next second, I turned back to the street, there was no one! I tried to search that man but couldn't find him there. Then I turned my eyes across my house/street whilst searching him. There he was. Standing right in front of my house. I was shocked. How can anyone walk or run that speed to pass 2 streets in a fraction of a second? I looked at him down below from the terrace. I did not look up. He was just standing for some time. He was clad in a loose shirt and a trouser just like any local person. I awaited him to look up. He did not.

After staring at him for some time, I was about to call him when he started walking again. I went to the other corner of the terrace to see where he is going. There I lost sight of him. I searched him again. But he was nowhere.

I came to the staircase and decided to sit there instead. Suddenly when I turned my face outside, I located him again. He was again walking in the next street. I opened the gate and went outside to see him. He was walking swiftly as though gliding. It was strange and I had an eerie feeling to go back inside. I went inside and saw again in the same direction. Then he was again near my house. I gathered some courage and opened the gate. I got out and saw him disappearing in the darkness. He faded away just like any image fades out in Photoshop software!

I lost my senses for some time but quickly regained and went inside the house and sat on the staircase again thinking whether I was dreaming or I have lost my conscious. As I was seated there staring blankly, some unusual force or pressure fell on my shoulder as though someone has flung his arms on them. I quickly turned back but couldn't find anyone. I staggered a bit out of fear and ran inside and shut the door.

I tried to sleep in the same situation of heat and mosquitoes. I was adamant on sleeping and didn't wanted to stay awake come what may. After carefully staring at the clock with my sleepy eyes, I can make out it was 2 o'clock. The mosquitoes and the heat was unbearable. I tried hard to sleep on the floor without pillow or bed sheet. Every now and then my sleep was disturbed but I was hell-bent on sleeping. I passed the night in this manner.

Finally, I went into a deep slumber on 6 o'clock morning. It was the worst night of my life and I couldn't forget it ever.

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Ashraf (4 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-28)
I thank the team of this site for publishing my story. I'm thankful to Tweed, sds, sheetal, sushantkar & all for their comments. Sorry for late reply. I would like to discuss more of my life. My grandfather was a priest respected for his knowledge & nature. He had no fears for ghosts, jinns or any paranormal things. Infact he had understood exorcism & had cured several possessed people. He did not boast about his knowledge. He lived without troubling anyone & died peacefully when I was very young. Even my father is not afraid of such things. He knows several languages & has lot of Patience. Whenever I discussed about such experiences to him, he says that 'jinns, ghosts & devils are also a part of soul of this world. And there is nothing to be feared about. Because they too are creations of god.'
Since childhood I've had number of such experiences which surely I would share with you friendly people here. Most of them are from Ramnagar. I knew this place since I was in school. Most of my relatives live there. This place is known for ghosts. Many old houses to this day are haunted.
Thanks again.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-14)
Hello Ashraf! Quite an experience. Since there were so many factors, I have to agree (partially) with sds though. Your name remind me of an old school friend of mine. Thanks for sharing. It was a nice read.

sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-11)
Hi,Ashraf... You was too brave to go outside and search that man... I can understand your fear... It's good that you was not harmed... Some question I want to ask as follow:
1) You saw him in darkness or you thrown light from emergency light?
2) Did you discussed this with the villagers?

Hope to get reply soon.


sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-11)
Hello Ashraf, I agree with Tweed. It is intriguing to me as well. Did you share this with someone in the village thereafter? Did you try to investigate the experience, about the person, in particular, through inquiries with the neighbours or others in the village. If so, what was their response?

There are certain aspects in your narrative that I am not able to understand, leaving some questions unanswered even though in paranormal it defies our normal questions and answers. That is why I asked you the questions.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-10)
Hi Ashraf, man what a horrible night!

I think the mosquitoes are by far the worst part of your evening. Is it possible the mosquitoes, heat, and your fatigue brought on a hallucination?
I don't mean to diminish your experience when I ask this. I do believe that the man you saw is just as likely a ghost. I only wish to cover all angles.

Given the extreme heat and all the insects, it's very impressive that you were able to keep calm enough to search the area and look for the man again. I wonder if he does this regularly and maybe, because of the power cut and the weather, on this night, you saw him. Would love to know what he was doing roaming the streets at night. Odd that he stopped at your home and didn't look up at you. Very strange. Ah, some ghost stories leave more questions than there are logical answers, yours is very intriguing!

Thanks for sharing.
lakshit-rattan (guest)
9 years ago (2015-06-10)
Holy grail, it is hell of an experience. Literally, it creeped the hell out of me. You were courageous, so you went to open the door to see, but if I was at your place, I wouldn't have dared to even move from the terrace. Thank you so much for sharing you experience. 😁 😁 😁


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