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In 2003 we moved house and this house (which I still live in) is relatively new.

When we (my parents, 3 siblings and I) first moved into the house there was nothing scary about it, no strange feelings to begin with but about 2 years of living here I began seeing apparitions and feeling uncomfortable when I was in my bedroom or downstairs alone. When all six of us lived in this 3 bedroom house, my sister and I shared a room. My sister is four years younger than me and I admit I use her to do things I cannot be bothered to do because I'm older than her, as most siblings do. One evening my sister and I were going to watch a film and my sister had turned our TV on and left it on that static fuzzy screen when she then decided to go downstairs to see mum. I was up on the top bunk bed and told her to hurry. After what seemed like ages, I shouted her to come up and put a film on because I couldn't be bothered to climb down off the bed and do so. I was just staring at the TV for a little bit when to the left of it a young girl just floated out of the side of it, walked as if she was gliding; she looked so elegant; she walked towards my open bedroom door (it opens inwards), went through the door and disappeared as she did not come out the other side. She looked about 12 years old maybe and was translucent but had detail where I could see where her hair ended and that she was wearing a night dress that went to her ankles with long sleeves. I was watching her, mesmerised and when she disappeared I was silent and still for a while but then decided to tell my mum about what I had seen but she didn't seem bothered. I wasn't alarmed or felt threatened by this girl she was just fascinating to see.

A few years later, when I was eleven/twelve, I went to the toilet and looked to my right at the bathtub and there was a girl (I'm not sure if she was the same girl as before) in the tub washing herself! She was translucent too although she had a light blue tint to her, she was only there for around three seconds then she disappeared.

My next two experiences made me feel spooked a little, they were not pleasant entities. In our shared room my sister and I were just lounging around on our beds with our door open. The landing light was on. We then began to hear footsteps walking up the stairs and then onto the creaky landing. We just thought it was one of our family members walking to their room but after a while we realised we hadn't heard any of the doors open, so we both looked at our doorway and there was a tall shadow figure peering past the door frame at us for a while. We looked back scared and shocked, afraid and creeped out to move, then it just disappeared. To this day we still occasionally hear footsteps on the landing and have seen the shadow figure once again on the stairs but (s) he doesn't do anything except look at us.

The last and most recent thing that happened freaked me out a little. I haven't really been too frightened with the things I've seen, I've never felt in danger in their presence so I'm never usually fazed when I hear an odd sound but one night I was watching Family Guy in my room (my brothers have moved out so my sister and I have our own rooms now) in the dark and something in the darkest corner of my room caught my attention. In that corner of the room is a large box full of Bratz dolls (I'm 18 now but I've kept them because my two nieces like to play with them) in front of the box was a dark spirit of a little girl, she looked no older than six years old. Through the darkness of my dimly lit room I could see that she had short black hair with big black eyes and a black dress on, she looked kind of cute but she was creepy because she was pitch black unlike the white and blue girl spirits I had seen before. She was just taller than the box behind her. I looked at her and she looked back and the atmosphere in my room just felt eerie and odd so I hid my head under my quilt and was telling myself she'll be gone the next time I look, so I peeped my head out and she was then in the centre of my room perched behind my college bag I had dumped there earlier still looking at me. I looked at her for a few seconds, a little puzzled and creeped out then I ducked back under my quilt. A few minutes had passed and I was hoping she wouldn't be stood right in front of me and as I came back out from under my quilt she had gone. I don't know whether she wanted to harm me or not but because she was a dark spirit it made her look quite scary. I haven't seen her since but that corner of my room now creeps me out and I try to avoid looking at it when I'm trying to sleep.

My last experience is a sad one. We were given a stray cat from my mum's friend and he was so beautiful with a lovely personality, he was one of my friends even though he's a cat. Unfortunately on February 26th 2014 he was ran over. That morning he had slept in my room overnight on his blanket next to my head and he had left early because my mum had came home from a night shift and he wanted feeding, so I let him out and my mum let him outside after he was fed. I had gone back to sleep after I let him out of my room but was awoken by a cat walking on my bed 2 hours later (around 8am). I was facing his blanket and when I opened my eyes I saw his body walk past and his bushy tail. I thought nothing of it at the time as I had just awoken but after a week of him not coming home and neighbours saying a cat just like him had been ran over it was certain he had passed and I believe that morning he came to visit me before he moved on to say goodbye. Which is nice but incredibly saddening to me to this day.

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Sandy1690 (21 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-24)
Loosing your pet is painful; I have heard of stories where people have claimed that their dead pets gave them visit. Love is something which cannot be broken even after death. Lots of love to your beloved cat.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-18)
Hi again Zzzoooeee,

Thanks for getting back to me. Plague victims seems likely I agree. Well done to you for coexisting with all your 'other' housemates!
zzzoooeeetw (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-17)
Hi [at] Tweed thanks for reading and commenting! I'm sorry for your loss too. I believe that spirits can cross to our physical world too maybe to try and tell us they're OK in their spiritual plane and to check up on us, which is a nice thought.
As for the residual haunts, you could be right. I have done a small amount of research about my house and the area in which I live but I can't seem to find much. What I have found out is that where I live (not just my house but the land too) had something to do with the plague so there's probably plague victims haunting around here.
Haha I'm glad I've not seen that dark girl ghost again since to be honest!
All I've gathered from 'shadow figures' is that they seem to observe us from doorways or corner of rooms which is freaky we really need to find out what they're objective is.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-17)
Hi there Zzzoooeee,

I have to admit I'm a bit emotional as I type this because my best buddy feline recently passed. I'm really sorry for your loss and I understand the bond you can have with a cat.
I had a very similar experience with mine the day after he passed. I strongly believe that spirits can cross back to our physical world whenever they want to. I think it's likely your cat still hangs around you and your family from time to time.

I was going to suggest residual haunts for the girl you saw while waiting for your sister to stick a movie on. Also the same for the girl in the bath. Residual ghosts aren't really ghosts but a recorded energy in a location. The ghost you see in a residual apparition isn't really there, but a moment from their life is played out and witnessed sometimes, without the ghost themselves even knowing or being present.
But as you said it's a newish house that doesn't quite add up. Unless something happened there in more recent times. Do you know the history of your place? This might hold some clues.
The night dress you described sounds old fashioned. If it was residual I would assume the energy would interact in the same location. The odds of there being a door in exactly the same place as your door are pretty slim. Same with the girl in the bath. Maybe these girls like the area and have a connection to it. Which is why they probably visit.

As for the dark ghost, jeesh I would have been freaked out by her too. It sounds like she was more curious that you could see her. Not really there to frighten you, even if she looked scary.

Ah, shadow figures. I really am intrigued by these beings. There's a lot of stories involving child ghosts and shadow entities on this site. From what I gather there's bugger all known about shadow people. But they're interesting none the less.

Thanks for sharing, would love to know any history about your home and area if you find out something.
Take care.

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