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Our Pet Poodle Barked At An Apparition


This occurred back in the late 1960s in a old shotgun framed house we lived at in Houston, Texas when I was a little boy. My father worked nights and I had a case of the chicken pox.

My mother let me stay up late and watch TV on the couch since I couldn't go to school.

We had a pet toy poodle named Shelly that always slept at the foot of my mother's feet.

My mother and father had some friends that lived down the street who would come over and play dominos or cards with them from time to time while we would have to go to bed.

That particular night my mother and me were watching an episode of the Twilight Zone when my mother's dog Shelly sat up and focused on a shadowy figure at the very end of the hall in the kitchen...

She started to viciously growl and the back of her fur was standing up while backing up to my mother's feet at the shadowy figure, my mother instantly jumped up and turned the hallway lights on but there was nothing there.

But our dog was really disturbed and it really creeped me out. I was only 5 years old. My mother grabbed the phone and called my father who was at work and told him that she thought we had a prowler and wanted him to come home.

I could hear my father's voice through the phone receiver tell my mother to call the police until he could get there. As soon as my mother hung up the phone it rang and my mother picked it up.

It was our neighbor who my parents played domino's with and she was screaming on the other end telling my mother that her husband had just shot himself committing suicide.

This all happened just about the same time that our pet dog saw that shadow starring at us in the hallway... To this day I remember that event in detail and believe that we saw the ghostly spirit of our neighbor after he had shot himself.

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Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
1 month ago (2024-06-18)
Animals can see things that we cannot, it's tragic that your neighbor felt that the only way was suicide, he must have been close to your'll, if your'll saw his spirit after he shot himself.

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