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The White Spirit


My story starts off a few years ago. I was still living with my parents in our old house in Ohio. I have a few friends who are into the spiritual world and visit so-called "haunted" houses on a regular basis. They stumbled across a book on how to achieve an out of body experience. And after only couple days they came running to me with stories to tell. I have never been very spiritual, I have never truly believe in god. Everything just seemed to far fetched to me. But I have always kept an open mind. So when they began telling me stories, I listened. I wanted to see if what they had experience was true, So I attempted it myself one night.

I pulled the blankets off my beds and left only the white sheets. I took off my watch, necklaces, and rings that I usually wore to bed. I stripped down to just my boxers then climbed into the bed and turned off the light. I picked a single spot on the ceiling and stared at it. After only a few seconds my minds started to drift off, I kept having to remind myself what I was attempting. Otherwise my mind would drift and I would end up just rolling over and going to bed. After about 10 minutes of fighting with this spot on the ceiling, I started hearing static. Humming or buzzing noises. That reminds me of the white static on the tv when the cable goes out. First thing that popped into my mind was that I had left the tv on. But afterwards I realized. that I hadn't. Once this sound came into play, I started feeling weightless. And I could feel myself being lifted off the bed. In my mind I was shouting "I did it!" And suddenly everything that I thought I knew about, was wrong. I was so proud of myself.

Then with out a warning, I noticed something moving into my vision from the corner. It was a face, black eyes and no mouth. It looked more like a mask. Surrounding it was long white hair-like streams flowing off the back and rippling like it was floating in water. Beside the floating face was two hands. One on each side and both having the same hair like tentacles off the back. It moved through the air gracefully then came to a halt right above my own face. Staring down into my eyes, and blocking my vision of the spot on the ceiling I focused on. Once I saw this, my heart stopped. And something else entered my mind, My friends words telling me "if you're not careful, something else will enter your body during your out of body experience" Just then the white figure jolted towards me and I woke up on my bed sweating.

Now I fast forward through time a little more. I got a few years older and joined the military. Forgetting my experience and marking it off as being a weird dream. I moved all over the world, visiting different countries and seeing what I liked to call "the opposite side of the world" But it wasn't to long before we got orders to deploy to war in Iraq. Once I made it down to the desert, something changed again. And I had a horrible dream that my body weighted 100 lbs and I couldn't move. I could hear people walking into my room, but I wasn't able to turn and see who they were. It kind of scared me but I was more amazed at the fact that I couldn't move. Until I heard someone speak of killing me. Then I really got scared and forced myself to snap out of it.

The next night I did some research on the internet and learned about sleep paralysis. I was relieved to find out that I'm not the only one who experience this. And memorized many different ways that people used to over come it. But as I continued to have more and more of these dreams, I started noticing something that looked very familiar. The white figure that I had came in-contact with a few years ago was still hovering over my head. It never looked down at me, But stared at the door. It held its hands up as if it was ready to catch a basketball. And once I made the connection between the two white spirits, I started to get scared even more. What ever this thing was, It had followed me from my home in Ohio. Every night I had sleep paralysis and noticed the white spirit, I would do everything I could to wake up. Even forcing myself to roll out of bed and hit the floor to shock myself back to reality.

In December 06, I was injured in Baghdad. I was air-lifted out of Iraq and placed back in a German hospital for surgery and recovery. After a few weeks they released me from the hospital and I was able to return to the units home base in Germany to wait for my unit to get back from Iraq. As soon as I got back here, I started having the sleep paralysis again. And the same white figure continued to hover over my head. Which ever way I was laying. It always hovered and face the door, without looking down at me.

One night I had been going through relationship problems, and dealing with a lot of stuff in my mind. That I was no longer afraid. I had been thinking about suicide and was not at all afraid to go to sleep. Even though I knew I would have the same dream again. This time when I opened my eyes, the spirit was there. And I decided to roll out of my bed. That way I would wake up, then I could just go back to sleep again because I was in no mood to deal with this spirit. As I attempted to roll out of bed, my feet hit the ground, my knees locked into place, and my head balanced on my neck. My body weight 100 pounds, but for the first time ever during sleep paralysis, I was standing up. I was amazed.

And at the same time, I realized every other time I had sleep paralysis, I was on my bed, under the white spirit. And now, I had just stood up. Without having to look, I knew that this spirit was now staring at the back of my head. Probably only a few inches away. If it hadn't known I was there before, I was for sure that it knew now. This struck the fear into my heart again, and the only thing I could think of was to get away from it. I focused my entire mind on taking a few steps towards the door, and my body moved. Slowly, like walking through mud. But I was making progress. I never turned around to look. As I went around a corner towards the door, I nearly ran into another figure. This one was completely black, like a shadow. And stood like a man, much bigger then I. Once I saw this other figure, my knees began to give out, and I fell against the wall. Then dropped the floor. Once I hit the floor, I woke up.

The next day I spent thinking about the night before. Playing it through my head over and over and over again. I didn't want to tell anyone. No one would believe me anyways. But also, I think I might have been wrong about the white spirit that stayed over me. I started to piece together, how it never looked down at me, but instead always stared at the door. And how it seemed to keep its hands up, like it was ready to defend something off. Perhaps the one thing that I have been so afraid of lately has been the one thing protecting me while I slept. But if that's true, then what are these shadow figures that seem to prowl outside my door and wait to come in.

What will happen if this guardian white spirit suddenly leaves and never comes back. And why has it chosen me, and stayed above me for so long? All these questions repeatedly pass through my mind. Everyday. And I can never come up with a solution. Which is why I'm looking for outside help. I'm hoping if I post this story, and throw up some sort of flag. Someone will read this and be able to give me insight into what I'm dealing with. Or even if all I'm doing is having a dream that keeps relapsing. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

My email address is yepers2 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thank you all for your time.


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jedilarsen (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-13)
but the white gost I have I can never make out and it moves to fast for me, to see, one night I had a dream that this white ghost that I see any where from 3:33-5 in the morning flew under my bed quick as hell and a mutated looking decayed flesh man figure was in the corner of my room and in this dream I was talking to me girlfriend, she called me in my dream, and he was doing things and it looked evile as heck. The next morning my girlfriend asked me what the f word my problem was last night and she said I was saying creepy things that were scaring her like he wanted me to follow him and sleep with him under the bed, and much more. That day later I was looking at my pics (forgeting about what happened) I had multiple pics from 3.33 336 and 39 of a white figer the same one I was seing faceing the door, with a dark face and apeeared to be wierd orange hair on his head in the corner of the pic... Another one of the corner of my room and one at my closet. Now I have been having worse problems something is closing my laptop at night taking my sheets off my bed, turning the volume on my computer off and turning off my fan. Since then I can feel my bed rock a little bit here and there and such things but last night is what drove me to seek help online. For a while now my girlfriend and I keep the web cam on all night and I had 40 text from her starting at 2:30 for me to wake up and shes freeking the hell out buzzing my computer
... The volume some how once again turned off, as well as the fan and my sheets off and I woke up with a broose on the side of my head, I asked her why she was scared and she said that there was something curled over me from the crack of my bed hitting me in the face, I felt it physically... And the white ghost was above it not bieng able to stop it (I guess] she said there was a white figure behined it... It started when I was waching a demon movie, paranormal activite and after that movie I started trying getting them to come to me next day at 3:50 in the morning my cat was hissing I went out there as I walked back to my room bolth lights died at the same time... I have a theory and it might sound stupid, compleetely or something to creative and it can't be but... There are more out there that have had this happen like you, but what if the white figure is us, our sole or something protecting our boddys as we are sleeping or when demons or ghost come, and this time it had to be a demon it contacted me physicaly with its fist to my face
murfthedive05 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-28)
I was going to say your story fits a story similar of mine... It was a dream state though... I guess lucid dreaming? I have been able to realize when I am dreaming lately and can remember them quite well... Kind of odd. I remember a guy talking about how he let his mind go and starting controlling his dream and started floating... I think I thought of this as I was dreaming one day and I started to float right out of my room... I then proceeded to float into a room in a house and saw a white smoke type thing all whisped out and in the center I could barely make out a small face, and I was basically put in front of it. I was frozen in front of it, it seemed. I already knew it was a dream and I tryed to go with it at first but as it approached me I got scared and then I was able to turn... Not move away... But turn my back to it. As I was turning I could see it turned black almost like I angered it... I think the face changed too, maybe to a scarier face(I think). So now my backs turned to it and it seemed like it was still there right behind me... But that didn't creep me out for some reason because I tryed again to calm myself down knowing it was a dream. When I was turned around I saw what looked like a very complicated green circuit board I would say... With black buttons and silver glowing parts to it. Almost seemed like I was supposed to do something with it... Push one of the buttons or make a choice. I also felt my left hand was heavy. I looked down quickly but didn't want to get freaked out because at a glance it seemed like a ball was either placed in my hand or my hand was a ball. Like the size of a baseball. I thought that's how I floated with that magical ball or mabye it had something to do with the circuit board thing. Which seemed like and advanced gateway of some kind. I should try to draw a pic of it... Crazy stuff... That's when I was just really dumb founded of the creativity of that dream and I woke up... Not knowing what to do. I wonder if that spirit was good and had something in store for me... I must have pissed it off when it turned black though... But a dreams and dream a guess... 🤔 sorry if this dream was way off topic...
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-24)
I am thinking you should post this on one of the sister sites, too, if you have not already. This is truly amazing.
I have some thoughts on this, that may seem a bit "out there". But then, perhaps you are more in touch with your psychic side than what you think. Maybe this White Wispy being is actually a sort of gate keeper. You describe it as holding out it's hands as if to catch a basketball, or trying to fend something off. How are the palms facing? In the other room is a shadow ghost that will not enter the room you are in. Perhaps your "gatekeeper" is holding back the ghosts that are trying to contact you. And maybe that is why these entities are being viewed as shadow people as they are being prevented from fully materializing.
Maybe this White Wispy being knows what you are capable of and is allowing you to bide your time until you fully realise your potential. Perhaps it sees what you are going/ living through and feels this is not the right time to have entities come to you for any kind of communication to be effective. You taught yourself how to have an OBE, maybe it is waiting for you to teach yourself about communication also.
I do not know. It just seems to me that if the same "character" was coming to me in different locations there must be something of import on its mind. I think you should take a lot of the advice you were given here and do research.
Guide, Gatekeeper, just a being offering a helping hand... No matter. It has come to you for something. Burn the lavender incense. Learn what you can, and good luck.
Thank you for this story.
AllieRN (1 stories) (26 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-30)
I had similiar occurances as a child from a young age that continued to occur regularly until a few years ago. My occurances were terrifying. I was just lying in bed trying to go to sleep but was still awake. I couldn't move, talk,scream, or anything. I would hear a faint buzzing noise and experience a strange sensation over my body and then it would happen. I assumed my occurances were evil because I couldn't see whatever it was that was messing with me. I could only hear and feel it. It sounded like a snarling or growling and it felt as if it were scratching and grabbing me. I would fight to make it go away but sometimes it seemed like it took forever. I've also had the same situation happen but instead of the growling and clawing, I had some unseen thing at the foot of my bed grabbing me by my ankles and pulling me to the foot of the bed. This occurred numerous times throughout my life in different places. For this reason I have a hard time believing it to be related to a home being haunted. It has only happened a couple of times in the past few years. I have often thought it could possibly have something to do with me and my life experiences simply because I didn't exactly have a model childhood and have had other stresses as an adult. 😐
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-29)
What a interesting and intriguing story! I have heard of OBE, never researched them much or had to deal with them, but from the sounds of it, you succeeded at one time now you have them without trying.

Not sure what to make of the 2 opposing entities either. Has there been any tyoe of communication with either of them?

Keep us posted,
God Bless!
Martin (602 posts) mod
15 years ago (2007-10-29)
I agrew with Athena, new_volume if you want to submit to our psychic site also, that'd give you even more coverage 😉
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-29)
Seven, OK first- THANK YOU FOR YOUR MILITARY SERVICE! Whatever the injury was that prompted your air-lift, I can see it was NOT TBI, thank goodness, very well put story. Have you submitted your story to other sites as well, including the YGS sister sites? Your story deserves a lot of attention and feedback!
The humming, autoscopy and the shadowy figures outside your door; those are frequently part of the Out of Body Experience. As you know. Some say that the experience evolves the more you do it and it sounds like yours is. I really sense you have a complete grasp on how to OBE, so the thing I want to say is OBE is a your best tool for discovering the white spirits intentions, and why she is looking defensive. OBE's are amazingly effective for picking up details like that, including dealing with other things too. If your judgement deems wise, then interact with this spirit. There are some spirits that are not worth interacting with, they will waste your time and drain your life force, such as the showdow beings outside your door. The more control you have over your OBE tool, the more you will learn about everything that's important. OBE can also be used to precipitate astral projections.
PS Those showdow beings, like all beings, are very attracted to the living because we possess more power than they do. We have the power to quickly and deeply change reality. As the living we sometimes overlook this tremendous power that we all have. Non-living beings flock to the living in order to "lobby" us usually. Fortunatly, we have many beings around us who care about each individual, and use the power of the "non-living" to protect and guide- as well as lobby us.
PSSAlso, it is possible that the trauma or sleep paralysis inspired the OBE, none of these things need be exclusive.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-28)
As I read your story I wondered about the white spirit being there as a guardian. But a guardian against what I am not sure. We all have guardians or spirit guides, they never truely leave us and they rarely interfer in our lives. Shadow people have been around for as long as man has kept a written record of things. Some say they are the departed who for what ever reason are not able to fully manifest themselves. Others that they are evil beings bent on taking over our souls. Personally I believe the the first one rather than some evil being. Try this, and no it doesn't make you some kind of whimp. Try burning lavander incense in your room before going to sleep at night and also wearing a cleansed, charged clear quartz crystal around your neck and see if this changes the situation any. Please also keep us informed.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
scarlettwitch (2 stories) (20 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-28)
An ex of mine used to lived on a farm where indians used to live. We would find arrowheads in the woods all fo the time. He used to tell me about "shadow people" all the time, he said they were all black like a shadow and the size of children, really short, and he always used to say they ran very very fast so you could only ever really catch them out of the corner of your eye. I always thought he was just trying to scare me, until I we both had an encounter with one. We didn't even know it was there because it was nighttime, and we were walking out to his car, all there was was the porch light and it was dim. All of a sudden I saw something small...child-like in shape and size... And completely black just take off accross the lawn. I was scared out of my wits. I'm wondering if this isn't the same kind of entity. Maybe you should consult a medium of psychic to see what they have to say. Good luck!

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