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Living With A Spirit In My Room


Hey there, am back again. This is my second submission here. If you read my first submission you would have realized I do move a lot (thanks to my dad... It sucks).

We have moved again into a new place, new house and I think this house is haunted, just as the one in my previous submission. It is a very big house with about (8) bedrooms, located somewhere not very remote... Nearest neighbors might be less than a mile away. There are some things going on here and I will try as much as possible to explain into details. Sorry if it's too long.

The scariest is I do hear footsteps at night, like heavy boots, around midnight. It comes from nowhere, I don't hear it coming. Like the way you hear some noise get louder or a car engine get louder as it gets nearer. With this, I hear it... I don't know... Like, at once.

At first I was scared to look out and check but now I do look out and nothing. I have two windows to my room, one straight ahead and one at the right side, both facing outside. The steps too are right behind my room so am supposed to see something when I look out but nothing.

When I first heard it, I thought it was a robber or something so got scared but not in a 'paranormal' way. After it happened continuously, and seeing no one, I know whatever it is, it's not human. The scariest part is am the only one who hears it.

The second thing is, I think (am very sure) there is something in my room. Whatever it is isn't harmful, just some naughty, stubborn spirit. I think it's a child. Or a very very naughty spirit. My room door opens like 24/7, the feeling of someone lying in bed with me, and with things getting missing or being moved around is now a normal thing in my room. I sometimes find my phone in my closet, my shoes nowhere to be found... My headset got missing for weeks! Music volumes getting reduced. It is not a setting or a faulty system, I know what I am talking about. The button or whatever they call is get turned down, not off, the music will still playing but at a low volume.

Just yesterday, or 28/7/2015, I was at the living room watching al Jazeera and my room door opened slowly (the living room can be seen from there and vice versa) like someone was peeking through it to see what I was doing. I shouted, "What the hell are you looking at? Close the door!" and to my total amazement, it closed slowly. I went to check and the thingy that locks was intact, which means the knob has to be turned before it could be opened. And it can't be the wind or something because it's not possible, because of where the room is and stuff (hope you get it).

There is this I want to add because I don't understand. I once tried meditating, opening chakras and stuff and somewhere along the line, I started shaking, and my lights and sound system went off the same time (it wasn't a power problem because I could hear the TV from the living room) and came back on when the shaking or vibrations stopped and I opened my eyes. Since then, I can tell things... Like, know when my phone is going to ring, what someone is going to say, song playing on the radio or a song someone is singing inside his/her head... Am very good at guessing nowadays. Just want to know if it's got something to do with this.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for making it too long and boring. Looking forward to your comments and opinions... Ask anything and I will gladly answer.

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Gayatrishiva (3 stories) (121 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-02)
Hey abbykay I am yoga therapist. As Tweed said when you do character meditation the charas cleans and you are cleaning yourself from inside and one even very let the cleaning is done you become sensitive to these things it's like you have fine tuned yourself to a particular frequency.

To protect just imagine pure white light or golden light from above is engulfing you fully and you are fully inside that light and surrounded by that light and ask the light to protect you 24 hours and when you move it also moves with you and visualise you are being fully engulfedin that light. And you may thank the light for the protection.
abbykay_luv (4 stories) (43 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-01)
Hi Tweed, errrrm, I was wondering, how do I protect myself? And, I heard the boots before feeling something in my room. And one thing, my sister has a cat, it never came to my room at first, but after the whole presence thing, he's (the cat, Ray, that's his name) always in my room. Playing around, jumping here and there, I think the spirit in my room likes cats.
Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-01)
Hi there Abbykay,

It's great that you're meditating and opening your chakras and the answer is a big 'yes' this is connected to you becoming more sensitive.
On that topic be sure to protect yourself while you're doing this, so that nothing negative can bother you. If the spirit in your room is negative protecting yourself will get rid of it. I really laughed at you yelling at it! It's a good sign that it did what you told it to.
I wonder if in turning the music down this ghost wants to say something to you. Like: "Hey, I just want to say something, so I'll turn the music down".
When you look out at the sound of boots, does the sound stop? Also what was the order these things happened? Was it, boots, then noticing someone in your room?
Look forward to your response.

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