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This all started when I was younger, we had the odd thing go missing from time to time and then reappear in a really obvious place. Tv's randomly turned on in the night and even in some cases they turned on when unplugged from the wall. My bedroom was located above the kitchen and some nights I liked to stay up and watch tv to the early hours of the morning. This was when I heard saucepans being moved about and someone walking around in slippers (from the kitchen). I assumed it was one of my parents and perhaps one of them went to get a drink, etc. However as this started to become a regular thing every other day I asked them why they were in the kitchen at 2am? They said neither of them were, and they were both asleep in bed together, and said I must've dreamt it.

I believed this - for a short time until things started to get worse. The radio in the kitchen would just start randomly playing and you could hear kitchen door opening and closing, LOUDLY. And everyone being woken up from it.

After a few months of this happening there seemed to be a really 'negative vibe' in the house and my parents seemed the be arguing all the time - despite being happily married for 20 years. Eventually they ended up divorcing and I went to live with mum whilst my older sister stayed with my dad. I stayed round every month for a weekend.

Whilst living with my mum I would hear updates from my sister or my dad about events that unfolded. When they came home from being out all day they would find my dads clothes chucked everywhere all over his floor in his room, or all bedroom doors open - despite being left closed and having no pets. Hearing knocks on the wall and loud distinctive bangs on the door.

Now I'm 18, I decided to move back in with dad - as it's easier for work and everything, events still happen from time to time. We have all been downstairs in the living room and heard loud thumps and floorboards creaking upstairs. The living room door being pushed open. I recently decided to purify my room with salt and holy water as I've been having terrible insomnia and I was feeling like I was being 'watched' despite my room being very small. Now I sleep very well.

We recently decided to get some cats as we wanted a pet and dads not a massive dog lover. They do sometimes just stare into the darkness and both refuse to sleep downstairs and sleep in the hallway upstairs together. We still have stuff happen such as seeing 'figures' out the corner of our eyes, the living room tv turns on from time to time and we get the odd photo frame fall off the wall and smash. But it doesn't seem to be as bad anymore and we have just learnt to live with it.

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Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-21)
Hi Ittsjamezzz,

I have had many cats since I was a kid. They seem to see things, in my opinion. I admit that some cats are more squirrelly than others but I take some amount of notice when they start behaving strangely out of nowhere. Dogs too.

That you say the negative atmosphere of your home drove your parents apart is something for serious alarm. It hurts me to think of it.

Do you know anything about the history of your home? Maybe, in your spare time, you could go to the library and look at old property records. I have done that recently at the suggestion of another member of this site. I had some questions answered by doing so.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤

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