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Repossessed Living Room Set Or Possessed?


My name is Christopher and my story takes place between the Virginia and North Carolina line, back in 2012.

I worked for a furniture store delivering merchandise to our customers (living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, washers/dryers etc.) On this day at work, our morning load consisted of two deliveries and one service call. This was a pretty easy morning run for me and my co-worker Kalvin, which meant that we would be able to load up the truck, do our deliveries and get back to the store fairly early for our lunch break and get the truck loaded up for the afternoon load of deliveries.

The first delivery went great, nice and easy job. We headed off to our second stop and that is when we got a phone call from our manager that would change the rest of our day, our night, and most honestly the rest of our lives, even though we were unaware of this at that point in time.

Kalvin answered the phone as I drove the work truck towards our second stop of the day. Kalvin spoke into the phone "yes, ok, no problem, just give me an address." and then hung up the phone. I worked this job long enough to know that a phone call like that meant one thing: more work for us.

As Kalvin hung up the phone I asked him, "Where we going?" "Airport Road in Roanoke Rapids, picking up a living room set from a couple. Our manager said we need to get there right away while someone is there to let us in the residence," he said. As my brain processed the situation I said, without much thought involved, "Airport Road, isn't that a trailer park?" When he said yes, I said "You got to be kidding me. I just moved that living room set there two weeks ago from there old address in Halifax, NC." I knew the house Kalvin was talking about and as I said that he replied, "Oh yeah, I know who this is now. What the hell are we picking this living room up for?"

Working this job for a few years we learned the only two reasons people return their stuff. Either the furniture gets too torn up and they don't want to continue paying for it or that they get very far behind on their payments. And since we just moved their living room set two weeks ago for them, we both knew that they could not be overdue on their payments. So we stopped heading to the next delivery and started driving towards Airport Road in Roanoke Rapids.

After reaching the trailer on Airport Road, we noticed a white Ford F-150, and a Sheriff deputy's car parked out front. Both mine and Kalvin's heads went to the same conclusion that they wee being evicted and our boss sent us here to return the living room set before the customers were removed from the residence.

As I backed the truck into the yard, Kalvin jumped out of the truck to direct me as close to the trailer porch as I could go. As I stepped out of the truck, a tall older white man approached me and Kalvin and introduced himself as the father of the lady who lived there, thanked us for getting to the house so quickly and continued to walk us inside to retrieve the living room set.

As we walked in to the house we didn't notice anything alarming and went right to picking up the lamps, walking them out to our truck, and returning to pick up the end tables. On our third trip back inside, Kalvin tipped the couch back some so I could pull the side of the throw rug out from under the couch. I was on my hands and knees as I did this and after pulling the rug out some, I started to take the rug and roll it up to take it out of the home. By the time I got about two rolls of the rug I noticed the underside of the rug was wet and puddled up underneath it was blood soaked on the underside. I froze in shock for a minute and as I looked up I seen Kalvin looking at me and could see exactly what I seen. I stood up and excused myself as I walked out of the house and Kalvin followed me out.

I grabbed the work phone and called my manager and explained to him that the rug was covered in blood and would need to be thrown out. He stopped me and explained that the couple that lived there were murdered a few days ago and it was explained to him that the merchandise had already been cleaned before we got there, to load the stuff in the truck and get out of there to finish our next stop. Kalvin and I just looked at each other like "What the hell? This is so messed up" and headed back inside to finish getting the stuff out of the house. After rolling up the rest of the carpet and getting the couch and loveseat out of the residence, we closed up the back of the truck and headed out to our next stop.

We were both a little speechless for a few minutes on our ride to the next stop, but after about twenty minutes we started talking again and discussing what had just happened. We both where aware of the couple that lived there, we been to their homes a few times for deliveries and service calls but didn't know them personally. We did know the guy sold drugs out of the trailer, and his girl worked at a strip club in Rocky Mount, NC. As we talked we both kind of started to think of what could have happened to them and while doing so, may have said some things that were not appropriate considering two people just lost their lives a few days ago.

As we approached our next stop of the day, which was a service call on a refrigerator, we got back into professional mode and went into the house, fixed the fridge and were headed out to leave after about twenty minutes. As I got into the truck to leave, I put the key in the ignition and turned the key to start the truck, but nothing happened. The lights flickered and a clicking sound came from the ignition but nothing else. I pulled the key out and tried again, nothing happened. All them years of driving this truck and going everywhere in this truck, nothing like this ever happened before. After about 10 minutes of playing around trying to get the truck to start, it finally started. Me and Kalvin where speechless. We both said that we hoped this had nothing to do with the living room set that was in the back of the truck. That kind of freaked me and Kalvin out to the point where we didn't talk about that delivery the rest of the trip and headed back to the store to go to lunch. The rest of the day went by fine with no real problems. We unloaded the living room set before doing our afternoon deliveries, finished off the day and went home.

That night at my house, I told my wife about what happened that day at work. She thought it was wrong of my employer to send Kalvin and I to go pick up the living room set that a few days earlier was the scene of a homicide and believed I was just over-reacting to our work truck malfunctioning.

As we were in bed asleep that night, I found myself awoken by a noise. I opened my eyes but stayed in place trying to listen to the quite environment around me to try and understand what just woke me up. As I layed on my side with my back to the hallway and my back to our open bedroom door, I heard loud heavy footsteps start walking down our hallway. I did not think intruder or burglar. I thought instantly it was our little boy Damon. It was not uncommon for Damon to wake in the middle of the night crying and coming into our bedroom to wake us. Damon was about five at the time.

As the footsteps came to stop at the end of the hallway, which had hardwood floors to the entrance of our bedroom that had carpet, I notice the light shining on our bedroom wall. The hallway light suddenly got blocked out by the sold outline of a human shadow. A man standing at our door looking into our bedroom at my wife and I sleeping. My mind was still under the impression that it's our son Damon coming into our bedroom to see if me or his mom was awake. As I layed on my side, eyes wide on this figure that is blocking the light on my wall, my only thought was do not move. If Damon sees I am up he will not go back to sleep tonight, he will want to stay in our room.

After what felt like three to four minutes the figure turned and walked out of our doorway and down the hall. That is when the footsteps snapped me out of my thinking. Those foot steps are the footsteps of a heavy, full-grown male with work boots, not the footsteps of a 55 pound, 5 year old boy in socks. I froze in horror as my mind raced, thinking there was an intruder in our home. As the footsteps made it down the hall into our carpeted living room, I heard the door open and close. I didn't know what to do.

After a few minutes in bed, I jumped up and ran down the hall, past our kitchen into the living room to our front door where I noticed that, not only was the front door closed, but the dead bolt was locked. Something no one could do unless they had a key to the deadbolt on the outside of the door, which only me and my wife have. I checked on Damon who was fast asleep and our little girl Kelsey who was 9 at the time and asleep too, and went back to our room and layed down, unable to sleep for a while later.

The next morning as I woke, the first thing I did was go out to the front door and double check again to make sure what happened last night was real. I walked to the front door when Kelsey came out of her room and I asked her if she experienced anything strange last night. She said "No, but I was up when you went outside last night to let the dog out." I asked her what time she said around 3:30am. I told her I didn't let the dog out and she said she saw a man walk out the house with a dog and assumed it was me taking the dog out. I was floored, not knowing what to make of that.

When I went to work the next day, I told Kalvin about the things that happened to me the night before, and Kalvin was quick to tell me he heard his door open and close that night too and could have sworn he heard a man in his kitchen. After talking to him I realized the customer who was murdered was a big black man in his 30's who weighed about 300 pounds and always wore Timberland boots. I am convinced that it was the man who was murdered coming to me and Kalvin that night to let us know that it is not okay to talk the way we did about him and his wife or the situation of what happened to them.

Our family moved from that house a little over a year later but never had any other thing happen except one other night which I will write about in another story soon, as I am not completely convinced it was the same spirit as that night was. This was not the spookiest thing to ever happen to me but by far a very unsettling one. I never spoke or made light of what has happened to that couple the night they were murdered again, and I believe that was the only message he meant for me to realize.

I wish every time I think back to that night that I just turned my head to look at what was in the door of our bedroom that night, but I'm not sure how I would have seen the man. Would he look normal like when he was alive? Would he look as he did after the crime scene? Would he look even more scary on purpose to get a reaction out of me? I have no idea. It might be for the best that I didn't move and look as it happened, as it may have been a sight I would never forget. I believe I'm better off that I never looked over my shoulder at the man in the doorway.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-10)
I hope the OP returns and let's us know whether that was, in fact, the case - though they may not remember. I hope he returns just the same for I feel he could add much to our discussion.

It is painful to hear of mere children (the shooter was 19) being brought up in a world that would kindle such merciless brutality in them. And a little girl who will never know her parents. The whole thing is wretched, disturbing and sad.

I hope all souls involved - the living and the dead, the innocent and the guilty - have found peace.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-10)
Hi Augusta,

Big thank you for taking the time to add another dimension to Christopher's experience.

The closest reference to the trial and end of this tragic saga is attached below.


I'm still a bit shocked that a double murder doesn't draw more attention but I can understand your explanation on the politics of it all. I do hope that their spirits and family are at peace.

Once again thanks.

AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-09)
I agree with the apology suggestion, Amor. Said supervisor did just the same and was not attacked again inside that house - not to say that the gentleman ever warmed to her but that was his way. If he disliked you, he would hide things from you, doors would stick impossibly, keys wouldn't turn and you wouldn't be able to light fires in any of the fire places or any candles. Madame Supervisor never appreciated that she had to call me to handle any such situations for her. The man of the house and I got on quite well.

Even though this event is well in the past, a kind word never hurts.
Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-09)
Such deduction, thank you very much AugustaM, and the story on the side. 😁 I would have upvoted but it won't let me anymore, and so I have to express my admiration through a comment.

Hi Chris, I don't want to judge how you and your friends discussed the victims and the crime scene, but I believe if you feel like you have said something wrong, most of the time you have. Lol. When we were kids, our gran would tell us to apologize as loud and as truthful as we [may] have tresspassed. In our culture, we are taught to excuse ourselves from the invisibles, lol. We have one specific phrase for entities unseen. This is to ensure perhaps that we let our respect known and be felt by those who may be existing but are not like us.

I mean I'm sure you have spoken out loud how you apologized and all. Maybe you also need to pray for them.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you just scared and stressed yourself out (blood and all), and what your daughter sensed was when you ran up to check things.

As for other things, they got pretty much covered by other good readers. I just hope that the spirits have crossed over, and you can help them, you know, being involved with their furniture and all.

Thank you and take care.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-09)
Oh boy, that's one heck of an experience and...honestly, familiar! Granted, the experience that it recalls for me happened to my supervisor at the museum where I once worked but (in spite of her pronounced dislike of me) she was an exceedingly truthful person (sometimes cruelly so). As it happened, she and several co-workers had been stationed in a house located in the low-trafficked Eastern most quarter of the site. As it was a slow day, she and the others sat about in the downstairs master bed chamber chatting. During their conversation, the topic of the original owner's daughters came up. Bear in mind here that said original owner also built the house -he was a contractor so I mean this in a literal sense. He built it at great expense in an auspicious locale as an advertisement of his business and to give his daughters a better life - which he certainly did. So the ladies' discussion, led by said supervisor drifted into the territory of the daughters' marriage dates making jocular reference to the fact that the date on the marriage certificate for one daughter did not quite square with the birth date of her very healthy and robust first born... As distinctly premature babies did not fair so well in the 18thC, if you know what I am getting at. The ladies evidently had quite a good time laughing and joking about that all afternoon. Later that evening, after close, the supervisor was taking care of some paperwork in her office. A note about this house's design - it has been added to over the 200 or so years of its existence and was, for quite some time, a wealthy residence. Thereby, there are 3 staircases - one immediately to the right as you come in the front door, one at approximately the middle of the building and finally a cramped servant's staircase against the very back wall. After closing, she had locked all exterior doors and retired above stairs to her office for said paperwork. It being late fall, 5:30 already found it quite dim, nearly night. Not 10 minutes after she set to work, she heard the front door crash open then slam shut followed by the unmistakable sound of loud angry footsteps stomping up the front stairs. Her office was down the upstairs corridor towards the middle staircase - there were 5 doors along either side of the hallway between her and the front stairs. As she listened petrified, she heard each of those doors crash open and slam shut as the footsteps drew nearer and nearer. As the 4th opened, she sprang up, dashed from her office, without looking back towards the front steps, she ran down the hall clear to the servants' staircase, flew down them and out the back door. She called security from the yard. They arrived in less than a minute and searched the entire house. All windows and doors (but for the one she had exited) were solidly locked and bolted (i.e. A 2x4 settled into solid iron brackets across the back of each door) from the inside. There had been no flesh and blood intruder- doubtless it was naught but a father angered by the dishonor they brought to his beloved daughter's memory.

So I am thereby inclined to believe this account in spite of the other issues. And I think I can speak to a couple of them.

In terms of the crime scene. If the investigators had already come through, the property may have been released. It doesn't always take all that long for the scene to be processed - especially in a low profile case- and the OP may have heard the amount of time wrong anyway. A double homicide is horrific but, sadly, the optics of closing the case of a murdered drug dealer don't add much to a sheriff's political campaign or a police department's PR - thus such cases are often handled in a tragically perfunctory manner - leaving me with little surprise that such a crime scene could be so quickly released.

As to the rug - both the presence of the blood and the decision to pack it up anyway. Given that the blood pooling was under the rug period, I can easily see a cleaner overlooking it. I have taken up enough carpets that looked perfectly clean on top to know how much can lurk beneath completely unseen. Crime scene likely knew it as there and noted it in their report but that would've been the end of it on their end. As to the directive to pack it up just the same, my thinking is that the boss was cross and rushed - your standard overworked and underpaid. Sounded to me like he didn't really want to listen to what his drivers had to say. His work order said to pick up the items that had only just been delivered, so just pick the stuff up and be done with it. Whether or not the stuff was returnable wasn't his job and he didn't want to deal with it - he had been told it was cleaned, end of story so far as he was concerned.

As to how or why the spirit came to the drivers, I think Twilight brought up a great parallel in the instances of folks being followed home from various ghost hunts etc. And furthermore, given that they handled the bloody rug... They may well have carried home *something* of the deceased 😨 at very least there would have been blood residue on the soles of their shoes.

And the dog - the little girl may not have actually seen it so much as assumed its presence. The only (nonthreatening) reason she could conceive of for a man to be stomping about in the dark outside her bedroom was "Daddy must be putting out the dog" so her sleep addled brain trying to ward off any fears simply assumed the presence of the dog. Or perhaps, the dog was, in fact, following the entity - keeping an eye on him lest he threaten the dog's people. I would, however, like to know where the dog was before the OP turned in or the night versus in the morning.

So, long story short, I do actually find this account to be (in my opinion) possible. In any case, I hope the spirits of the victims have found peace.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-06)
Hello Christopher,

A very comprehensive account of what you and Kalvin experienced six years ago.

In fact, if the press-release that lady-glow uncovered is one in the same, then the incident actually occurred in September 2011 with the 2012 news update reporting on the surrender of the second suspect.

Similar to the other posters, I also wonder about you guys being instructed to roll up a rug covered in blood and transporting it back to a place of storage.

To pronounce a victim deceased and transport the other victim to hospital, there must have been (at least) a medical examiner on site, who would have noticed a pool of blood from a gunshot wound or lack thereof. Yet, somehow the clean-up squad missed the rug because it was under a sofa?

While on the subject of blood on the rug, have you ever heard of hazardous medical waste? This is material that has been contaminated with blood and must be destroyed. Hope you guys wrapped the rug in plastic while wearing rubber gloves!

I'm also thinking that there is another possibility to a noisy ghost and that is a real intruder looking for something from the crime scene that you or Kalvin might have picked up (like evidence). A lot scarier proposition than the paranormal.

The other disturbing aspect of this case is the lack of news regarding the court case and what really happened. Maybe AugustaM's expertise could uncover something.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Oh. My. Gosh.
Great story. You just made me rethink these furniture rental places I see advertised. I was considering they seemed like a good option, but I never thought about all the places/situations these pieces could have been in.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)

Nice detective work there! I read the article and can see some similarities with the OP's account, but... There are some points that make me go hmmmm.

Great minds think alike. 😉

Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Lady glow, not sure if you remembered reading this, but the OP mentioned that his boss said that the merchandise had been cleaned before they arrived. So it does make you wonder why that was, considering a murder was taken there only a few days ago 😕 I too thought it was weird that not long after the murder, things you think that would be investigated etc, were being removed. But for all we know, the murderer could have been caught already, and it's a closed case. I'm still confused as to why the OP's boss still wanted a bloody rug, when I'd only hope it would no longer be sold. Hopefully the OP will be able to answer our questions, as I'm sure we're curious to learn more of the details. I would like to add a thought I had on how the spirit was able to visit both the OP and his coworkers home. I thought about it for awhile, and this is only just my thoughts on it, but at first I jumped to thinking how that could happen, if they didn't have any of this person's personal items or whatever, but then thought about the spirits that follow people from other places, like when people go to haunted locations, and come back with an extra person. Like I said before, it makes you wonder the rules of wondering spirits 😕
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
CuriousDee - your comment was published when I was typing... Glad to know I'm not the only one saying - hmmm...really? - about the facts in this narrative.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Are you talking about the case in the following link:


"As we walked in to the house we didn't notice anything alarming... The underside of the rug was wet and puddled up underneath it was blood soaked on the underside."

Do you mean the CS investigators rearranged the living room furniture to a point were it was impossible to notice a crime had taken place there, or are you suggesting they didn't notice the blood under the carpet?
I have always thought everything gets turned/moved around during a CSI... Guess I've been wrong.

I'm not denying your experience but, After reading the title of your story, I was expecting for the living room to be at your place. I find it odd that the dead man's spirit would follow you and Kalvin to your respective places; it makes me wonder if he visited the places of all the people involved in the investigation.

Are you aware if there's any activity in the store room were the living room set was kept after repossessing it?

Did your dog react in any way when you heard the footsteps? Are you aware if the dead man had a dog that got killed during the homicide too? Are you suggesting the spirit took your dog for a walk?!?!
Like you, I'm "not knowing what to make of that.

I'll appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for sharing.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This was very scary.

The man that was murdered probably just wanted to give you and your co-worker a scare so you would stop talking ill of him and his wife. You were lucky that all he did was just stop by once and you didn't anger him enough to keep tormenting you which I've heard can and has happened.

Take care.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Hello Christopher,

Welcome to YGS. Interesting account. There are a few things in your account that sound questionable. I'm hoping you can clarify for me.

1) Upon finding the blood underneath the rug, you called your boss instead of notifying the police? You stated that there was a Sheriff at the home, so why wouldn't you bring this to the sheriff's attention? A blood soaked rug would usually be a sign of criminal activity at the very least.

2) Your boss told you he was aware that a murder took place and to still pick up the rug? Why would your company need a blood soaked rug?

3) If the murder just took place days ago, I'd assume the investigation would be ongoing and investigators wouldn't allow evidence to be removed?

I hope you'll come back and clear up the confusion.

Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Oh wow, that's definitely a freaky experience 😨 it's very sad what happened to the couple, and hopefully they were able to find some kind of peace after such a horrible death. I am curious as to how the spirit was able to go to both yours and your other coworkers home that night 😕 when ya'll didn't have anything that I would think it could have been attached to at that time, unlike when it affected your work truck. Makes you wonder the rules that wondering spirits have? As for the bloody rug you rolled up, and we're told to take, how exactly did that go? I know you said that your boss claimed he was told that everything had been cleaned up already, but obviously not. So with that said, when ya'll brought back that rug, I would imagine that it wouldn't have been able to be resold right? Thank you for sharing your experience with us, as I enjoyed reading it, though I hate that 2 lives were taken 😳 can't wait to read about your other experiences.

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