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Still Not Used To Living With A Ghost


I'm new here. This is about my ghost experiences which have been going on for several months now.

I don't remember how it first started but I started feeling pressure and weight on my bed. In several spots. As if someone is moving around. There's a slight dent formed on where it's there.

During Winter, I used to feel my slight pressure on my blanket all the time. As if someone is touching it. The pressure is lighter than a normal touch. Something used to pick on my blanket and again it was very light. I first thought I was feeling things but later became sure.

Then during Spring and Summer, I started feeling the touches on my body. The light touches. It's hard to explain. It doesn't feel like a touch because it's very light. But you know it is a touch. You just know. It's lighter than a normal human touch but also heavier which tells you that it's a definitely a touch.

It feels like it's picking on my clothes. Touching me through my clothes. It doesn't touch my bare skin though. Touches my hair. I've seen my hair move. Sometimes, the way it touches get a little stronger. It's slightly with more pressure. I've also felt it's breath on my neck and other parts of my body. Sometimes it's warm and sometimes it's cold. It gives off warmth or heat when it's hovering over me (while I'm asleep) to the point where I feel hot, sweat and wake up. Or on my body in general. It feels hot. Once, I heard it pant behind me and once I heard it cough.

I did experience sleep paralysis sometimes as well. Whenever it appears, I feel very aroused for a few seconds or so, most of the time as if "it" is the cause of it. I don't know if it's natural or because of this entity but these are my observations over months now and it wasn't like this before. It appears throughout the entire day and not just at a particular part of the day such as nights. Appears during I'm asleep or even awake. I've never seen any glimpses of it even though I wanted to. Not even through my peripheral vision.

Sometimes it troubles me more with all this. Does all this more frequently than usual when I appear to be scared. I can detect it's presence with ease now. It seems to appear more when I think of it. At this point, I seem to know everything and to what extent it can harm me. I might be wrong too.

I've tried everything, holy water, Bible and chanting God's name. I'm religious and I've even tried techniques to ward off ghosts which belonged to another religion. But nothing works. It has worked with my encounter with a spirit previously and it never came back again. But this time, nothing works so I don't even know what it is.

My mom and grandma have felt the pressure on the bed only once out of all the times they came over and nothing else.

I have no idea what this is or what it wants from me. Whether it's a good spirit or a bad one. It exists as if it doesn't. I feel like I had enough for months now and want it to go away. I had a hard time even sleeping because I'm disturbed by this. I just want it to go away and I have no clue how.

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Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
4 days ago (2019-06-13)

Thank you so much. I see now. It makes sense. And yeah it might be different for other people.

I did try to talk to it. But after it was already there. I read this on the internet that you should talk and try to find out what it wants. And it replies by speaking in your head or something. But I never used any ouija boards or any methods like that. I just spoke normally and asked what it wanted. However, I got no response. No voices in my head. Nothing like that. Some said on the web that if it's a spirit of a deceased loved one then it might try to contact or speak to you. But none of it ever happened. So I don't know how much of me speaking to it prompted it to stay.

I'm the owner of this place but I don't live alone. I don't know if everyone living here should participate or not. And I've never really tried to call an outside help as I was unsure. I did everything to get rid of it all on my own.

I'll try whatever you have mentioned or listed so thank you so much once again. I'm really grateful for your help and advice
Dennis191 (32 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-12)
Well, I've done some reading, and I have to admit I dived into a few stories, I am not going to list them here as I personally don't know how much credit can be given to them, as none have any evidence, or at least the outlines of logical behavior, or some details that'd point to the victim being partly responsible for the events, were cut out, such as returning to their board game to play with the big scary demons...*eye roll* anyhow There seem to be other stories about "it" following them from one place to another (assuming they have successfully attached themselves to the victim) so moving never helped them, there was one where they have thought they got rid of it, and within a few months, and other stories weeks later it returned and it was a greater headache of getting rid of it again. Some said that with outside help, as soon as the person who had the intent to help you leaves, that opens the door for them again... However that doesn't seem to make any sense here, because I do believe you have every intention on getting rid of it... So it should at the very least react to something. Next up, there were thel fanatics of certain religions that claimed it didn't work because the victim wasn't of a specific religion. I believe that makes no sense either, because there are claims from both religious groups about successfully ridding others/themselves from things like that. So results, and the methods of getting them just don't add up to point to a single thing missing from your description, unless you have attempted to talk to it, or invite it in some way before it came back, which would explain why it lives there freely... Another thing they've mentioned is that you have to be the owner of the place in order to be capable of getting rid of it, or let the owner know, and maybe ask them to participate, or just have their consent on getting rid of it.

Also try burning sage, and put an unbroken line of salt under the entry points to your apartment/house/room.
Some people say putting up a mirror facing the door will prevent evil things from getting in because they don't like their own reflection.
Finally local tradition says put a broom with its handle on the ground (so basically upside down) in one of the corners and you should be fine, or you can always use thyme to ward off evil things. Hope this helps.
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-12)
Hey Anno_Domini

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

I should have explained it more clearly but anyway now... Sexual desire has never been my weakness. I have other weaknesses but not this. Definitely not. So I think "it" was the cause for this arousal. Otherwise I'd never felt it at random moments.

I thought it's an incubus but I've read other incubi experiences here on this site and nothing happened to me like that. Never did I feel the touch of something heavy nor felt something on my bare skin. Always only on top of my clothing or my blanket. Again, the touches are just slightly heavier than a feather touch. Never went beyond that.

So I had doubts again that it might not be an incubus too.

I wanted to see it because I wanted to know what exactly it is. I read incubus is usually black. And I even saw the previous ghost which was a woman. I wanted to see this one for my better understanding and to get help.
I heard usually ghosts show themselves. You at least catch glimpses at the corner of your eye. But nothing like that happened.

A relationship with it is the last thing I'd want right now. I just hate it. I just want it to go away at this moment. I feel like I've had enough. I get so frustrated and tired sometimes because it bothers me so much. At times, I haven't had sleep for like days and nights and I know very well what happens with an incubus or a succubus relationship and I wouldn't want that at all.

That's why it's so surprising on why it doesn't go away or gets affected. I've never seen anything like this before.

Unfortunately that pastor has no experiences and so do the other local pastors I know. There are ones who have lots of experience and deal with these but they are abroad right now. Like all of them I know. So it's an unfortunate situation.

Thank you for the advice once again. I'll try it. I'm trying my best. I'll do check out your profile.

Btw... I'm curious... What makes you think that there's more than one denon in my case? Because honestly I have no idea
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-12)
Hey Caz

Thank you so much. Your advice was really helpful and I'm definitely willing to try that prayer. I really hope it works for me. Thank you once again.
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-12)

I thought such things only happened in movies. Even if it were true. I have no idea. Thank you once again. Will be looking forward to your updates
Dennis191 (32 posts)
7 days ago (2019-06-11)
Oh yea, I've come across some encounters where, according to the victim the oppressor (s) returned, or sent another one, or never left just waited in the shadows for an opportune time... But these are stuff I find online, and in libraries. So how much credit you can give them... I don't really know. Again, I hope you'll be able to resolve the situation.
Caz (267 posts)
7 days ago (2019-06-11)
Hi Suzy,
On reading your story, my first thought too was 'Incubus'.
You've already had lots of good advice on here, but you can't have too much of that, so I'll give you mine.
There's a very powerful prayer called 'The Michael Invocation', which apparently has worked for many people, including myself, many times.
You can look it up online and print it off or copy it down, so you always have it to hand. My advice would be to 'speak it', rather than saying it in your head. I don't know why, but I've always believed the 'spoken word' holds more power.
The other thing which works for me whenever I feel threatened or afraid, is to build a protective shield of light around myself and it's not difficult to do with a little practice.
You just close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of brilliant white light. Once you can see this in your mind's eye, you only have to hold the thought for a few seconds, after which you can open your eyes and the light will remain. After that, all you have to do is reinforce it from time to time, whenever you feel the need. Best Wishes!
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (145 posts)
7 days ago (2019-06-11)
Suzy_99, As an addendum, please look at my profile for my thoughts on demonic oppression.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (145 posts)
7 days ago (2019-06-11)
Hi Suzy_99, my view is that this is a (group of) demon (s), taking the form of an "incubus" as your experiences seem like they are leading to a sexual nature. It/they use this as they know that this is your weakness.

I also believe that the reason you were not successful in repulsing it is because of your conflicting desire for a relationship with it ("Whenever it appears, I feel very aroused for a few seconds or so...", "I've never seen any glimpses of it even though I wanted to.". Entering into a "relationship" with such an entity is not a good idea, as they will demand an increasing amount of your attention and time, and wile at first you may think you have it under control, many cases will develop until you are harassed 24/7 with no respite and no control over it -- i.e. It will take over your life and you will not be able to concentrate on the things you love -- in many cases victims turn to virtual hermits.

Since you mentioned "I've tried everything, holy water, Bible and chanting God's name. I'm religious...", I'm going to assume that you know of / attend a church. Also you mentioned a pastor visiting your home in one of your comments. If your pastor has experience in dealing with demonic entities, do engage him again, but this time you need to truly decide to be rid of the entity. If your pastor seems clueless on how to deal with this, approach a pastor in another church who has more experience.

Most of all, you need to have a genuine desire to be rid of it. Do understand that these demons do not actually have "feelings" for you, they are there to prey on your weaknesses to gain control of you. Every time you feel it's presence or experience it's "intimacy", firmly rebuke it "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus the risen Christ. Depart from me and do not return." also pray that God will remove the temptations associated with this entity.
Dennis191 (32 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-11)
Ohhh...I've just realized I missed the part about others encountering the same thing...Damn. Anyhow I'm doing research as my own situation requires it, will update if I come across anything. All the best to you.
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)

Hi, Vee

Yes. You can read my story on your page. You have my permission.
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
noorein thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'll try them out as much as I can
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Hi Dennis191,

I really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for giving me more information about sleep paralysis and the spirits. I haven't had much experience with it.

Regarding sleep paralysis, I had disturbing dreams. Related to ghosts or a cult once. Once something about me in danger. When I try to escape it, that's when it starts. I experience the paralysis then. I have no idea whether this is related in anyway or not.

Regarding the spirits, I had no idea they come back or send another one. I've seen the previous spirit with my eyes. So did a pastor who visited our home.
I first had doubts that this was in my head but seeing that my mom and grandmother also experienced it once or twice when they came over rules it out. At that point, I didn't even tell them anything about all this.

I noticed that when I went over to my counsins' or friends', it followed me there as well. More than anything, there are things that remind me again and again that mind is not making this up. Like it blowing air on my body. The chills, the heat it exerts on my body, the mellow sounds sometimes. Today, it held my head with some pressure and I felt the pain for a while.

It is a strong spirit. That's for sure. But even I don't understand why nothing religious related stuff is affecting it. Maybe it's a different kind of spirit and I have no idea about all this. I even had doubts that maybe it's an incubus because of certain things but I'm not sure. I just don't know what it is or what it wants
TimeTravellingStoryteller17 (4 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Hi, My name is Vee. I am youtuber myself,

I wish to read your story on my page, Is that okay?
Dennis191 (32 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Hmmm... Okay, I'll throw out the obvious questions first, since I do believe that a spirit would really be affected in some way by the prayers, and intentions of a faithful person...

So, number one: No evidence supports the claim that sleep paralysis is ALWAYS a result of a spirit playing around.
Number two: During sleep paralysis you will with 99% certainty experience sensations, even vivid images of things that aren't really there... Given that you have previously encountered such a being, I believe the following to be possible: Somehow your mind blames things on it due to previous experiences, OR the entity returned with friends, or got stronger somehow, or sent another one to replace it, probably a stronger one. Now, I do not wish to sound like I'm saying you're making it up, but I would go talk to sleep specialists if I were you. Think of it as a just in case thing. Or just ask your general doc for directions, I'm positive that he/she will point you the right way. Best of luck.
noorein (2 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Yes...talib is right... Try doing it... Surah Baraqah on youtube and leave it playing... Nothing to lose when you have tried other things. You can even use certain crystals like BLACK TOURMALINE, SMOKEY QUARTZ, HEMATITE to ward off negative energy... Sprinkle sea salt, you can even bathe with sea salt or himalyan pink salt... Keep yourself pure. You even get pink salt lamps... Do meditation and visualize that you and your house is surrounded by a protective white glowing light... Blessings to u
Suzy_99 (1 stories) (8 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Hi [at] talib

Thank you for the advice. I'll give it a try. I'd like to share that I've tried something of that sort before. My Muslim friends did give me verses of the Quran to keep on my bed post. It's still there. I even wore the black thread which they gave me for some days. But it doesn't affect it and this is the most surprising part. Nothing affects it.

My apartment is at a dead end. The last one with rail tracks on the other side of the wall. So people did end their lives and such places are prone to spirits. I did encounter another one previously but it always left me alone when I read a Bible verse or said a prayer. It left for good then. It used to affect it. But nothing affects this one.
talib (51 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
First make sure you are always in a state of purity, always wash your private areas after you use the washroom to pass urine, its important, spirits are attracted to impurity.

Secondly use God's word to drive this bad entity away, don't know exactly which religion you follow, but been a Muslim I can advise you to play verses of the Quran in your room. What it does is, it burns the spirits, they just can't withstand God's words and leave immediately from the place.

Play this in your room on loud volume if possible everyday, its the second chapter of the Quran, Surah Baqarah


If played once the spirit would leave and cannot re-enter for 3 days, if played for 40 consecutive days, the spirits would leave forever, God-willing.

Please keep us updated.


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