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Sacramento Theater Company: Meet Pinky the Ghost!


Let's go to downtown Sacramento and stop at a building that is 66 years old. That building is The Sacramento Theater Company on 1419 H Street, Sacramento. The place has a reputation. It's reputed to be very haunted. On October 23, 2007, Tuesday, I meet up with HPI paranormal investigators: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe - President; Tim Hawkins - Lead Investigator; Chris Grissom - Scout/Technician; Michele Stump - Researcher/Scout; Donna Reynolds, Cherie Vincent - Scout. We set up equipment at 5:30pm, we will be here until 10pm. I am introduced to Marketing Director/Sensitive Kim Kaplan and Costume Shop Manager Jessica Minnihan. Two very lovely ladies that have stories to tell. Kim has only been here for one month and strange things started happening to her. The cabinet in her office fell down by itself and another time, the pipes fell from the roof. Jessica has experienced very strange things too, such as in the upstairs costume shop, the lights went off by itself. In the backstage corridor, she has heard heavy breathing and footsteps, she continued walking and then she heard someone whisper her name, she turned around to sucker punch her stalker and there was no one there. At times spools of thread fly off the shelves on their own. She has no explanation for these strange occurrences, except that perhaps this place is truly haunted.

Jessica identifies 7 entities at this theater, they are:

Pinky: Resides in costume shop, some people think she was once the manager of this establishment. There is controversy on her gender, some people think she is female, others think male. Since Jessica says that she emits a pink orb, I would go with female. Pinky likes to play with buttons on costumes and plays with the lights. She can be found throughout the theater, she likes to play pranks. Pinky once saved a technician from a falling lightbar and pulled him away to safety. Pinky is a heroine!

Two Hungarian Lovers: They fell in love in this theater, were once separated and reunited in this theater and now they remain here after death.

Louie The Stagehand: I will call this entity Louie, because I heard the same story that Jessica told back in the 70s and the people who told me, said the man is named Louie. Louie supposingly fell to his death from the grid or rafters or maybe even the catwalk. No one is really sure. Louie was possibly an actor too.

The Ghostly Opera Singer: Sometimes people can hear her sing in the theater. Some actors and actresses make claim to see ghostly apparitions in their mirrors, when they are getting ready for a play.

The Sound Theater Entity: Strange noises are heard, it's believed an entity is in this area.

Kaplan's Office Ghost: In Kim Kaplan's office, there is a ghost, the cause of the falling pipes and cabinet? Perhaps... Just perhaps.

Kim tells me that one stage manager doesn't want to be bothered by ghosts and will walk around the theater with her Ipod on, so she won't be bothered or needlessly frightened. On this night, we had visitors. Not ghostly visitors, but we had the media following us around. We had a representative of KFBK interviewing Shannon, Fox TV News was there and then the very colorful JayMarzz (pronounced J-Mars) and his lovely partner Michele Espo with him. They are from KBMB 103. 5 The Bomb. I let JayMarzz and Michele use my Listen Up Sound Enhancer and Michele picked up a man breathing hard and making a sighing noise, then she heard it again and it totally freaked her out and ran out screaming from the actor preparation room.


Cherie Vincent picked up a woman saying 'hi' on her electronic audio recorder. Cherie takes some orb shots throughout the theater.

Paul Dale Roberts picks up a woman sighing on his sound enhancer. I also pick up organ music that is heard by Kim Kaplan.

Kim Kaplan: Using my sound enhancer hears a man humming. With her own ears, she hears the organ music. Kim used her own dowsing rods and learns that Pinky's real name starts with a G, she is in her 20s and was once an actress. Kim's cell phone shuts off mysteriously and then starts vibrating mysteriously.

Michele Stump heard footsteps and some heavy breathing. Michele also sees a shadow figure peeking at her.

Donna Reynolds heard heavy breathing and saw a darting shadow figure.

Michele Espo hears heavy breathing and a man sighing on sound enhancer.

Shannon McCabe takes picture of JayMarzz and gets a blue mist surrounding JayMarzz. Unfortunately when we developed the photo in the computer the blue is gone... She has never seen that happen on her camera before?

Tim Hawkins, using dowsing rods, makes contact with entity named Joanne, she used to work in the wardrobe room and died in 1963.

This was a very eventful night and this place is definitely haunted. Let's see what


SHANNON'S FINDINGS AND CONCLUSION: I'd give this place a 7.5 on the "spook meter", we definately had a lot of distraction with all the interviewing going on and this place warrents another investigation. We are going to be allowed to take our entire core group back and do an overnighter. Thank you to all the media that showed up, Fox 40, KFBK, and KBMB. What a great night!

I am off to listen to all my audio and video now...

Stay tuned for our follow up story on the Sacramento Theater Company!

Now before I close this story, let me tell you one more story. This is a story that happened at a private residence and this is the follow-up, so let's step into a time machine and go back in time. The date is October 10, 2007, Wednesday:

Before heading out for a follow-up investigation at the Oak Park residence, I stopped over at Sacramento Access TV, 4623 T Street, Suite A to do a taping with Nancy Bradley - Psychic to the Stars! Catherine Noble, Nancy's assistant was getting everything set up for us. I met up with Paranormal Investigator/Scout Chris Grissom and he shared his Jack in the Box cheese fries and chicken, because I was starving. I didn't have time to stop and eat, I had to work late and I didn't want to be late for this taping. Nancy Bradley is one of the sweetest ladies I know and Chris and I, felt humbled and honored to be her guests. We talked about the upcoming Ghost Girls DVD that will be soon coming out, featuring Nancy Bradley and Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe. This DVD will show the Ghost Girls as they do their investigations and discuss various spirit activity that they have witnessed in various investigations. Nancy, Chris and I, discussed unusual ghostly phenomenon we have witnessed and experienced. Nancy's fans called in, one call after another, they were asking Nancy so many questions, it was amazing. Nancy had an answer for every caller and gave them some good insight on experiences the callers were having. If you have a chance read Gold Rush Ghosts (The Big Picture) by Nancy Bradley. Go to her website at

Chris and I, after the taping went straight over to Oak Park. We were greeted by Shannon McCabe - President/Paranormal Investigator, Lead Investigator Tim Hawkins, Paranormal Investigator/Scout Cherie Vincent, Reporter R.V. Scheide and his photographer for the Sacramento News and Review named Larry. Cherie felt bad, because she isn't going to make it to the Mt. Shasta investigation and gave me a nice friendship card, along with a pumpkin. She said, I would never buy a pumpkin on my own. She's right.

Anyway, I took Tim over to the side and we discussed the last time he investigated this home with Paranormal Investigators Dee Pizarro and Lou Paman.

Tim a sharp minded Lead Investigator goes for thorough investigations. He uses a fine tooth comb to sift through all of the evidence he gathers to deliver exceptional findings and conclusions. Tim relates that the last time they investigated this home, they set up in the basement area and the EVPs that they gathered were of people chattering, it was very faint and almost sounded like radio waves. The video camera that was set up in the basement captured a moving speck of light. When doing a dowsing session, the dowsing session indicated that there was a 7 year old girl named Noreen that was present. She died of some illness in 1941. Dawn Parmeter, the occupant of this home stated that she checked some historical documents and found a 7 year old girl named Noreen that lived in the area.

On this night, Tim used the dowsing rods and asked if Noreen was present and the dowsing rods indicated 'yes'. He would ask questions, are you 10 years old, answer no. Are you 7 years old, answer yes. They felt many cold spots throughout the night. Tonight they captured an exceptional orb near Tim Hawkins and I will tell you later about that in this article. The first investigation there were many orbs captured by digital photography. Shannon picked up an EVP when she knocked on the wall and got back a metallic sound. Dawn and her boyfriend Martin Purtill indicated that sometimes the ceiling fan would turn on, during the time it was unplugged. It will turn on by itself for no apparent reason. Cherie used her Listen Up sound enhancer and heard someone say 'yeah'. One of the rooms, the occupants said they saw shadows darting around.

Dawn tells us that one night the front door knob was jiggling around. It kept shaking back and forth, like someone was trying to get in. Then her boyfriend showed up at the door and she thought he was making the door knob jiggle and he indicated he had nothing to do with the movement of the doorknob. Since the last time we investigated this house, Dawn said she heard someone walking around in the backyard, shuffling leaves while they walked. She also heard the jingle sound of keys and the dropping of keys. When I turned on my Listen Up sound enhancer, I thought I heard the jingle of keys for a split second, then I heard the sound of classical music. When I was yelling..."is there anyone here?" The answer came back..."I'm here..." I learned later that Chris used 5 words in a sentence with 'here' as the last word. It could have been Chris' voice, but I am not sure. Cherie took a picture of Tim and a brilliant orb came out in the picture. As we enlarged the photograph, the orb seems to have a face in it. You can see what looks like eyes and a nose. From a distance the orb looks like it has swirls.

All in all, this was an excellent investigation. Dawn must of been able to tell I was still hungry, because she showed me where she laid out an assortment of vegetables/fruit for all of us to munch on. What a hostess, she even brought me some ice cold chocolate milk. Dawn and her boyfriend Martin have been living in this house for quite sometime and they are familiar with the spirit activity and it doesn't bother them. I guess these spectres have the right to live here and they seem to cohabit with the present owners in a peaceful manner. For this investigation we used digital cameras, video cameras, electronic audio recorders, Listen Up Sound Enhancers, dowsing rods. Since it was a weeknight, we packed it in and Tim gave his debriefing outside. We all agreed that this is a house, that needs to be investigated again. Date of this investigation: October 10, 2007, Wednesday.

Pinky the Ghost 1
Pinky the Ghost 2
Pinky the Ghost 3
Pinky the Ghost 4

My sister Sharon Diane Roberts is planning to write her own ghost book and she just came out with her own book that has nothing to do with ghosts, but you may find it interesting and she asks for you to stop by her website and check it out:

For more on H.P.I. Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California and Haunted America Tours, go to the following websites at: and

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter/Scout/Paranormal Investigator, HAT Staff Writer


Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Mia444 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-08)
Great story! I reside near the Theater. I just get the nerve and say hello to all who cannot find Peace. 😁
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-12)
Thank you,Paul. I love to read and count on your facts as you write them. I look for your name when new stories come out and I am never disappointed when I read.
Thank you.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-08)
Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing your investigations with us, I truly enjoy reading of your adventures. The facts, findings and conclusions of the Sacramento Theater Company were very interesting and I can't wait to read the follow up. I'm looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the story of Dawn and Martins' Oak Park home, that's one follow up that I'll be waiting impatiently for. Thanks again.

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