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Nice To Meet You, Granddad


Side note: Since this story took place I have sadly become estranged from my father's side of the family, so this was a short yet meaningful experience.

I was staying at my fraternal grandmother and father's house for a short period in January this year. Sadly my grandfather had passed away years before in the very house I was staying in. To say the least, I was a tad spooked! I never got to meet my grandfather, as I'm pretty sure he either died when I was very young or before I was born. My grandfather was a hard but fair man, he loved his family and had been in the police force for many years before his retirement. He was also a Type 1 Diabetic like me and, sadly, lost his leg to it. He passed away due to cardiac arrest and said his goodbyes to his family, though that is a story for another day.

So, here we all are sitting at the coffee table eating our lunch on a nice sunny day: my grandmother, my father, my aunty and I. Their kitchen is a open plan and connects to their lounge. Some gut instinct told me to look over to the window that was slightly off to my right. The window looked out to the driveway where they had a large gate that had to be pulled open to enter and exit and made a horrible screeching sound as it went over the concrete. Clear as day, I see a man walk from the start of the driveway, to the gate and then just disappear. From the start of the driveway to the gate is about 3-4 meters so it isn't far and you have a clear view of who is coming in at all times. I sat their stunned and exclaimed that I'd just seen a man walk through the gate! Grandma calmly explained that it was granddad and that he regularly checks up on them. That was my first, but not my last experience with him.

A few days later, my aunty took me to see my grandfather's grave. My aunty (whom we'll call Rachel) is very, very psychic and has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and can also feel the emotions of the living and dead. As we arrive at my grandfather's grave I start to feel really, really dizzy for no apparent reason. We sit by his grave for a few minutes and she starts telling me a bit about him as the dizziness I feel continues ever so persistently.

I then got the strong feeling that someone was there with us, just that feeling you get when you know you're not alone. I'm sure many readers know the feeling I'm talking about! As we get ready to leave, Rachel suddenly yells out, "Haha, yes, Dave (my father) had another one!" and slowly drives away. I ask what that was about and she replies that she was referring to the fact that I wasn't planned and that I have a older sister who also is my father's daughter. She could see granddad laughing and smiling as she said that.

So, they were my only 2 experiences with my Grandfather in the short period I knew my father's side of the family. It wasn't a lot, but it was nice to know he is still around, keeping things in order and finally got to meet his granddaughter.

Thanks for reading!

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2013-10-01)
This is such a sweet, cute experience. Going into favorites. 😁
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-30)
cdubber, awww, that was truly heartwarming. I enjoy experiences like these. To know those loved ones are still around. ❤

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