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Hpi Chronicles: The Many Ghosts Of Sonoma


HPI Chronicles: The Many Ghosts of Sonoma

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter

The date is August 9, 2008, Saturday and I am getting prepared for a big scouting mission in Sonoma. But, before I prepare for this scouting mission, I also have to say prayers for a good friend of mine. His name is Rodney Roberts. There is no relation, well, none that I know of, even though his last name originates from Wales and I am descended from the Welsh line of Roberts. So, somewhere down the line, we are probably cousins. Rodney Roberts was a paranormal lead investigator for Gold Rush Ghosts. Rodney passed away at 2:15am on 8/8/2008. Rodney was a dear friend and I respected his abilities as a paranormal investigator. He had a keen eye for detail, he was also fearless. The investigations that I went on with Rodney were remarkable. He enjoyed his work.

The man had a heart of gold and I would consider him as a paranormal investigative warrior. No matter what the calling was, he was there to place his sleuthing abilities to work. I am truly honored to have known Rodney and I know that he had a great life working with Gold Rush Ghosts and Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic. Rodney was loved by many. God speed to Rodney.

To read testimonies about Rodney Roberts, Lead Paranormal Investigator of Gold Rush Ghosts, you can find them here:


To understand Rodney Roberts' life in the paranormal realm, you can find information here:

Rodney, I know you will always be next to us in all of our investigations. You were truly a great friend. If Rodney was here, he would have enjoyed knowing about our Sonoma Scouting Mission. So, I will explain it now. Let's have a roll call on who attended this scouting mission:

HPI Core Members/Paranormal Investigators: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe - President of HPI, Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Ghostwriter/Ghosthunter/Organizer, Michele Stump - HPI Historian/Investigator, Carla Heine - Sonoma Local Historian, Host of Strange Wine Paranormal Radio KSVY 91.3,, Limo Driver/Guide for Sonoma's Twilight Tours, Bryan Coleman - HPI Videographer.

HPI Ghosthunters-in-Training were: Long Vuong, Mariana Jones, Scott Young, Mandy Lewis, Diamond & Chiky, Dianne Davis, Lynn Leirio, Veldena Ladson, Reena Flores, Tom & Kathy, Tamra Straling, Laura Miller, Alicia Renee Kafka, Chantal Renee Apodaca, Vanessa Kalinowski, (Off-The-Hook TV Crew: Leatherface, Executioner aka X, Tony Gold, Briana Aea - Publicist), Donna Coppel, Melissa Velasquez, Lisa Holt.

Before I get into the Sonoma Scouting Mission, I want to mention that many people have been sending me their orb shots and asking me if it's paranormal, I just let them know that the orbs may be a form of simulacrum, which is a coincidental effect of pixilation of darkness and light. Unless, I can see some sort of intelligent movement via a video camera, I can't really determine if the orb is some sort of paranormal activity. Another way to determine that an orb could be paranormal is a situation that happened to me at the Ione Hotel.

Legend has it that George the ghost likes to sit on this one chair of this hotel. A scout took a picture of a designer orb on the couch. I tell the next scout to take a picture of the chair (and the same orb is there) and I tell another scout to take a picture and the orb is still there. That shows that there is something definitely on that chair, then when I took a picture the orb was gone. That was a very weird event. 4 different cameras were used and 3 of the cameras took the same picture of an orb on the chair, a chair where George the ghost sits on. Here in Sonoma, when we went to the cemetery, a similar occurrence happened. A scout takes a picture of a designer orb near the trees. Then another scout takes a picture in the same direction and gets the same designer orb. When enhancing the photograph, there are intricate designs in the orb and the designs are the same in both photographs. These two photos from two different cameras indicate that something was truly in those trees, something more than just dust.

Carla Heine, a very colorful character in her own right, and a wealth of knowledge, took us to various haunted sites in Sonoma. When I say that Carla is a wealth of knowledge is because if I were to record everything that she was relating to us, this article would become a huge novel. Thankfully Off-The-Hook TV and Bryan Coleman, HPI Videographer, were able to capture almost every word that was spoken by Carla Heine. At some point of time, we will get these videos up at the HPI website for all to see. I will break down the sites that we saw:

Sonoma Developmental Center formerly known as Sonoma Asylum for the Feeble Minded. Built 1908. 60 Minutes did a documentary here. Many atrocities were committed there. Torture, murder and mayhem. The 45 survivors of the USS Eldridge (known as the Philadelphia Experiment) were housed here. The military men of the Philadelphia Experiment that did not survive were found infused into the hull of the USS Eldridge. The Philadelphia Experiment was an involvement of the military's experimentation with teleportation, invisibility and time travel, with the assistance of Nikola Tesla. At this location, strange smells became apparent. The smell of death, the smell of flowers and at one time a sickly smell. Photographs taken at this location produced natural orbs, intricate designer orbs, ghostly faces in the windows, possible full body apparition photographs. All of these photographs will have to be analyzed further. Another tragic moment for Sonoma Developmental Center is when 16, 000 people, including children were used for radiation treatment. Some of the patients were the victims of pneumoencephalogram, injecting air into the brain. Another experiment done on these patients was puncturing the spinal cord and injecting either gas or air, which causes excruciating pain. While we conducted our investigation, Laura Miller found strong energy at the front location of this facility. Carla Heine was able to confirm this is where a fault line is located and mentioned how the Indians of this area, felt negative energy that would escape out of these fault lines.

Blue Wing Inn: This was the first European building built by Indian slaves. The entities that haunt this establishment are the Pirate and the Pup. He was a real pirate ghost that stomps around in his heavy boots with his little dog. The dog is said to be a terrier. People have witnessed this pirate in full pirate clothing. The pirate and the pup also seem to walk 6 inches above the floor. In the 1906 earthquake, the floor sank 6 inches. The Pirate and the Pup are walking on the original floor! Another entity is The Lady with the Green Lantern. It is known that when couples are engaged in intimacy, she has been seen to place her green lantern over the couple. When she is around, the intimacy and pleasure seems to be enhanced. Legend has it the Lady is a prostitute. She frequents the Spanish Room. The next entity is the Angel of the Blue Wing Inn. This Angel is seen engulfed in a big yellow light that is 4 ft by 5 ft. The Angel has pudgy cheeks and is very cheerful. When people are around the Angel, they feel very happy. Other stories about the Blue Wing Inn say that someone jumped off the balcony to their death and the horses of the Pony Express and Wells Fargo were served here.

Mission San Francisco Solano: A Historical haunted location. Mission San Francisco Solano was founded 4 July 1823 (21st in order) by Padre Jose Altimira. The Mission is named for St. Francis Solano, missionary to the Peruvian Indians. The Indian name was thought to be Sonoma. It is now part of the Sonoma State Historic Park; the Mission houses the Jorgensen watercolors of Missions of California. There is no active church at the Mission.

Anne Appleman Flowers and Plants: Haunted location in which a man died by being boiled alive in chicken fat. See their website:

Sebastiani Theater: This place is filled with history. A woman fell to her death from the catwalk. It was an actress named Barbara. After she fell, people still saw her on the other side of the theater. When they were told that she just died, they laughed because they just saw her and she appeared to be alive. But, what they saw was Barbaras ghost. Barbara the Ghost still haunts the Sebastiani Theater to this day.

Ledson Hotel: The entry way was once the entry way to Marty's Barbershop. The Ghost of Marty's Barbershop has been seen walking through the walls and takes a seat and plays poker. While we were there, Carla interviews an employee of the Hotel and he admitted that strange things happen at the hotel and Shadow People have even been seen at the hotel.

Whipping Tree: Indians were hung by their hands and whipped at this tree for 3 days and 3 nights. They would all receive 40 lashes each. Other people were also hung at this tree. When the sun goes down, ectoplasm pictures and orb pictures can be taken in and around this tree. It is a fascinating tree that resembles a very large Bonsai tree because of the trunk that juts sharply to the left.

Nash-Patton Adobe: While Carla gave her briefing at the Whipping Tree; her friend that lives at the Nash-Patton Adobe came by to listen to her briefing. This lady with a sweet English accent invited us to her historically preserved home. Her home was built in 1847. This is where John H. Nash was taken prisoner by Lt. William T. Sherman.

Bear Sacrifice Area: A place where bear sacrifices took place by the indigenous Indians of the area. The sacrifices would grant good fortune for the Indians.

Sonoma Mountain Cemetery: The locales claim this cemetery is very haunted. While we were at this location, the sun had been down for an hour. Gorgeous designer orbs appeared on our photographs.

All of the scouts of the Sonoma expedition enjoyed this incredible whirlwind ride of a tour by the flamboyant Carla Heine. We all got a great Sonoma history lesson and were able to get our hands dirty hunting for ghosts. I knew this was going to be a great adventure when I gave my briefing at Starbucks in Vacaville and I could see the enthusiasm in all of my HPI scout s eyes. They were hungry for the hunt. As Rocky Balboa would say, they all had the Eye of the Tiger.

To see photographs of this event, check out this link:


To see a story from O.M.S.I. (Oklahoma Meathook Supernatural Investigations), Laura Miller's Investigation of Sonoma and Testimonies for Rodney Roberts - Ghosthunter, go to this link here:


Special Note: Sonoma is rumored to have 2 secret underground military bases and it has been a hotspot for UFO activity.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paranormal Investigative Reporter, Ghosthunter

Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor


Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2008

All rights reserved.

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-18)
Thanks for sharring this story with us. It wasn't scary but indeed interesting. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-16)
starbucks...again... 😭 I am sure the places would have been interesting.
PaulDaleRoberts (29 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-16)
Thank you Frawin. Go into Google Search and type in: Sonoma Off the Hook TV - and you will see a video that Off the Hook TV did of Sonoma... We got a crazy EVP, which sounds like people screaming and moaning... And 2 ghostly apparitions in the hospital window and a zillion orbs.
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-08-16)
Thanks Paul for another interesting story, even though it wasn't exactly a ghost story, the history and information you gave was extremely interesting. Happy Ghost Hunting.


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