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Basil Brush, Is That You?


This experience involved a number of people, but I will share my experience and my parents also.

Roughly five years ago my dad and his best friend of 25+ years were out in the bay doing what they love, fishing. My dad's best friend was Basil, a practical joker with a love for rum! Whilst fishing dad heard a sudden drop and the boat rocked violently. Basil was having a heart attack. My dad with having worked on boats his whole life is trained in first aid and CPR and performed CPR straight away, but Basil passed within minutes. The funeral was beautiful and we all got to say goodbye the way our mate Basil Brush would have wanted.

A few months later and it was almost Christmas time. Joey (Basil's wife) and my mum were very close when I was younger, the best of friends, but fell out. After Basil died Mum would ask Joey to come and stay with them (she lived on a local island) to keep her company and really watch over her. Joey had no family, no one really apart from her sister and Basil. This is one of my mum's experiences, and I also forgot to mention that when Basil died a small part of his ashes were given to my dad.

Mum, dad and Joey were all sitting under the patio having a few pre-Christmas drinks. Joey's handbag was in the middle of the table, with quite a bit of stuff in it! (You know what we carry in out bags, ladies.) All of a sudden it dropped straight onto the concrete and mum said they all just froze, shrugged it off and just thought 'how strange'.

Within half an hour mum's pasta jars where falling off the shelves in the kitchen. They put it down to the dryer in the laundry, which is on the other side of the wall, although the dryer was never on or even used. These jars falling off shelves starting flying across the room, hitting the floor and never smashing. Now my parents were getting creeped, but still never thought they had a ghost, they don't believe in things like that!

Things escalated over the next few days, getting closer to Christmas day. Mum told me that when she would turn the TV on in the lounge room, the other TV in the family room (dad watches and was watching) would turn off, and vise versa. Mum thought it was dad, just taking the piss but he swore it wasn't him. This continued to happen for the next 2 or 3 nights.

One morning they awoke to find a photo of my dad, Basil and 2 other friends at their high school reunion smashed in the middle of the frame, like just a small dot that really looked like a gunshot or someone had hit it with small hammer, but no glass was anywhere it was all still perfectly in the frame.

It was sort of becoming a joke in the family when my parents would tell my partner and I because they still thought that there were logical reasons for these things happening. Needless to say the day I saw a jar fly across the kitchen bench to the living room and did not smash, I was creeped. I had grown up in this home for almost 6 years, and unfortunately a young baby had died there just before we moved in (it was the people whom my parents bought the home off and they needed a fresh start). The house never scared me and I never felt "watched" or uncomfortable.

It was April and my parents asked my partner and I to house sit for 3 weeks for them whilst they holiday in Bali. We could not wait! At this stage we were living with my now in-laws and any chance to house sit we would take! Honestly, the things that happened around Christmas were minor to us all, although we could never get our heads around what had been happening previously.

We had the house to ourselves! My partner and I decided to have a comedy channel binge and an early night. I hurried to the shower because I was keen to sit back on my bum! When I was in the shower I felt like I was being watched. Next minute something blew in my ear and touched my back, like someone's fingers running down my back. I got such a fright I couldn't open the shower door and just fell out, braking the door off the tracks. I told my partner what had happened and he was freaked! He said he could see how scared I was so we both got our bag and my parents' dog and we were off! Back to the in-laws. We went back the next day but didn't stay the night until the next.

Eventually Mum and Dad gave Joey the ashes they were given back, they told her it was to see if anything was happening once they were gone, and it didn't. Joey has never offered them back.

Sorry it was long winded and not very scary but I would like to know if anyone knows what could have been going on?

We know Basil liked to play jokes on people, but the jars could have hurt someone and why would he frighten me while in the shower?

Thank You:)

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nosidaM (3 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-30)
RedWolf- I never gave that a single thought actually! There is a great possibility that it could have been an upset family member or friend. I know it is something dad finds hard to live with (giving the ashes back) but I don't think it has crossed his mind to ask for them again, he may not be as much of a sceptic as I think! Thank you for your condolences 😊 😊

Valkricry- Thank you ❤ It was very hard on my poor Dad and I don't think he has even forgiven himself, but we all know, and I'm sure Basil knows that he did whatever he could. I have heard a lot about people passing and being cremated and sent back to their loved ones and strange things have started happening. It is a very good chance that we had a mischievous spirit capitalizing on a death in our family.

Sorry to all the late replies on my stories, I have been enjoying a blissful weekend away at the beach but now it's back to work!
valkricry (48 stories) (3245 posts) mod
8 years ago (2015-08-30)
I am sorry for the loss of Basil. I really sympathize with your dad. It's emotionally difficult when despite our training, we loose someone, and it generally hits us harder when it's someone we love. It's a difficult feeling to describe: anger at ourselves for 'failing', with a dose of 'guilt', comes close I guess. We KNOW we aren't to blame, but still... It's a harsh thing to deal with, because outwardly we can seem totally fine. Part of me can't help but wonder if perhaps your Papa felt similar, even if he never said anything, and if part of the haunting was telekinetic - the jars flying, etc, triggered by Joey's visit. But the feeling of being touched in the shower...hmmmm.
Since Basil was cremated another thought had occurred to me. Depending on how pure the crematorium used keeps their furnaces, a bit of someone else could have been in with Basil. Icky thought I know, but it does happen. Since we are assuming this 'spirit' was attached to the ashes, it would hold water. Just as I mentioned your Papa's grief/guilt may have manifested itself telekinetically, it would follow that this same energy could have 'fed' this not nice spirit.
Since it all stopped once Joey was given the ashes back, has she experienced something? Do you know what she's done with the ashes? It's possible that in her state of mind, she's simply not thought of giving the ashes back, or if nothing is happening with them at her place, that she's protecting your family. It's just as possible that she's waiting to be asked for them. Don't judge her harshly.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-29)
My condolences for you and your parents on losing your friend Basil.
I don't think it was Basil causing chaos and mayhem in the house. In my opinion it was someone close to Basil that was upset that your father couldn't save him, thinking it wasn't his time. Whether it was a deceased friend or relative I don't know.
When your father gave Joey Basils ashes to hold to see if anything more happen and it didn't Joey should have returned the little bit of ashes right away. They did belong to your father after all.
As far as Basil goes since he died doing what he loves, with his best friend I think he crossed over rather quickly.
Regards and condolences once again to you and your family
nosidaM (3 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-27)
Thank you for your comments and condolence's. ❤

Tweed- I know exactly where you are coming from, because touching someone in the shower isn't friendly, its creepy!
I never got that vibe ever from Basil, he was really like a best friend to me aswell, always joking with me and teaching me how to cook (he was a great cook). I do see where you are coming from though. Its something I do not think I will ever get the answer to. It could have been the negative engery in the house also like you said that someone thought it would be a good idea to play on that.

Chapulin1234- Yes we all think it had a lot to do with the ashes being in the home. I will never forget when I told my Oma when I was 13 that I would see my Great Papi on the end of my bed watching me sleep every thursday night for a month after he died, Oma who had his ashes in her home told me that every Thursday night she would here the shuffling noise he used to make whilst he would walk up the hallway. So I do believe ashes should be set free! I'm sorry to hear about your dad ❤ It's very interesting to know that you had a similer experience with ashes being in your home also.

Wardo- Yep haha! Now when we talk about it we all think, yep there is no logical reason for that!

Samtillie- Thank you 😊 Yes it was horriable for my poor dad, it took him a while to get out in the boat again!
chapulin1234 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-08-27)

If things happened while your parents had the ashes and after giving them to Basil's wife things stopped then the logical conclusion is that it had to do with your parents having the ashes, don't you think? 😨
On a note I would say that keeping someone's ashes is not the best thing to do, the dead do not appreciate that, my Dad was cremated and I kept his ashes in our living room for a while -He wanted his ashes thrown to the Sea but we didn't live near it so there was bit of a wait/time off / kids school vacations logistic involved so... Anyway, during the few months I kept his ashes, things would happen: TVs or radio turning on full blast, my son got someone sitting at the end of his bed - the poor kid hid under his blankets, my cousin seeing a shadow walk by, my daughter hearing music from my Dad's room (like old 40's) , happy to report that it all stopped once we fulfilled his wishes 😁
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-27)
I think I know what happened. Yeah you got a ghostie! I agree with Tweed though, maybe not Basil. Trust your gut! Thank you for sharing!
Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-27)
Nosida, firstly don't apologise for things not being scary or entertaining. Or long winded, we love detail! In any case this experience was plenty scary from my perspective!

Can't say if it was Basil, I'd like to think (for once) that it wasn't! Touching someone while they're in the shower? Nope! Not in my book, that's the doings of a creep!
Did Basil ever creep you out? Or was he a ladies man? Would this have been something he *would* do given the chance?
If not, I'd say some jerk was capitalizing on a grieving family. Because it all happened at your parents place, whoever this was, maybe was getting off on the energy in their home at that time.

I think only you would know if it were Basil or not. I don't think anyone changes dramatically once their a ghost. As in life so in death, that's the way I see it. All I can suggest is thinking about how this felt, did it *feel* like something Basil would do? If not, probably wasn't him.

Urgh there's a few accounts of ladies getting touched in the shower on here. Really horrible stuff! 😨
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-27)
Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about Basil's death. It must have been very traumatic for your dad in the circumstances. In regards to your story, I wonder if it was Basil. I've always been told that people that love you would never frighten you when they have passed. But on the other hand if he had presented himself to you that may have scared you too. But spirits do, do things that startle us as they want us to know they are there. I hope the experienced memebers can offer you better advice 😊

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