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My mom was living with this one guy for a year in his apartment, so they invited me to stay for a night. We ate, talked and had a great time.

I was tired so I went to sleep at about 1am. They had special room for me. It was full of pictures with the same woman. And next to my room was an empty room, dark even during the day.

Everything was fine and after about and hour I heard steps. I thought it must me my imagination. After about a minute I heard steps in the living room. Then I could hear steps in that creepy room next to mine. I felt presence of someone, the room became cold. I was too tired so I fell asleep at about 4am. I went to the bathroom at about 6am and the light in the bathroom was on. It really made me feel uneasy but there was light outside so I wasn't that worried.

I woke up and had breakfast with my mom, her boyfriend was at work. I couldn't keep quiet so I told her what happened. I could see that she was worried. She told me that she hears noises every night and that she got used to them. Her boyfriends wife died three years ago at that apartment from brain tumor. I was creeped out. The scarier stuff is that she caught her boyfriend putting two mugs when drinking coffee, probably one for him and one? For his dead wife. Also when my mom was cleaning the house once the new vacuum cleaner went dead.

I didn't want to go there anymore cause of what happened, and generally the apartment had some strange negative energy. They invited me again and I didn't want to reject them even though I was freaked out about it and I went again. We watched television. Suddenly the TV switched off itself. Her boyfriend told us that the sensor wasn't working (whatever that means). That happened couple of times, also the volume went up and down by itself.

My mom couldn't take it anymore so they bought a new flat near my house. It was beautiful and everyone was welcoming. They transferred the TV and it worked normal, never had any problems with it.

I'm glad that they found better place to live. I don't know who was that, I was a big sceptic and didn't really believe in spirits, but this experience definitely made me think a lot.

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