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What Was Making That Noise?


I lived with my mom at her house for 20 years and I have had quite experiences there and so have others. I do not live there anymore but I still remember everything I experienced while living there. This one in particular I thought was the scariest.

I had my girlfriend living with me, who is now my wife. It was us two, my mom, dad and my little brother living there at the time. My parents and brother went to go visit my eldest brother in Northern California so it was just me and my girlfriend at the house for a few days. We have cat and everyone who owns a cat knows that they love to run around and make noise at any time they please. So that is how our cat was, sometimes he would wake me up early in the morning from him being hyper and running around so I got use to it.

It was the second morning we were alone and my girlfriend woke me up around 5 am asking me "Caro do you hear that?", all I heard was our cat running around in our room and jumping on the dressers. I responded saying " it's just Bagheera (our cat) " but then I suddenly sat up cause I remembered that our cat was not there! We had left him at my girlfriend's mom's house when we went to visit a few days prior because she wanted him to stay to play with the cats she has. At that point I got so scared and ran up to turn on the light and saw nothing in the room. It couldn't have been a rat or something because the running around sounded heavy and much bigger, like if it was our cat. My girlfriend had such a scared look on her face and told me before she woke me up she heard someone in our kitchen moving pots around on the stove as if someone was cooking and heard someone setting a cup down on the counter.

I believed her because years before this incident I heard someone cooking in my kitchen as well while I was home alone.

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MrsRizzo2429 (4 stories) (93 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-21)
Very interesting experience please keep us posted if anything else happens.

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