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This one time when I was 4-5 before my parents divorced, we were staying at a friend's house. It was pretty cool there, we had chocolate rocks and stuff.

It was around 7pm (well, that was late for me back then) and it was time to sleep. But sometime in the night I woke up, and the door was slightly opened. I looked at it and a dark figure that looked like my dad peered in, but he had these bright shining eyes. At first he didn't notice me and was fiddling with the light switch next to the door. Then I accidentally sneezed (great timing) and he looked straight at me with this wide unrecognisable tooth grin, and the night turned slightly brighter.

After, he put his fingers to his lips and whispered "shhh... Thou shall be quiet" and my sister, who was in another bed, started sleep talking (she's never done this before) and she said something about "He is waking" and the figure slowly slipped out, and the door closed.

After that I slipped under the covers and I thought that my dad was being weird (I was a kid, I believed I was my dad), until he got up after what felt like an eternity and went to the bathroom... The door guy... Well, wasn't my dad.

My sister hasn't sleep talked since. I know it is not a dream because I didn't sleep the rest of the night. I didn't move or breath until I needed too, AND I asked my dad when he woke up, if last night he went to the bathroom, he did.

This is probably nothing too horrible, but it sure has scarred me, those bright red eyes... Never again.

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lady-glow (14 stories) (3042 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-01)
Nameless: welcome to YGS.
You say your family was at a friend's place, would it be possible that Mr Brightredeyes was your parent's friend snooping in the room?
Do you still keep in touch with that family? Could you ask the homeowners if they have seen this guy in their place?

Thanks for sharing.

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