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Hospital Spirits- The Little Boy


Please bear with me, I'm not good in English. I was a nursing student, when I was in college third year, our clinical instructors said that we will be having our OJT at this hospital (I will not say the name of the hospital). Everyone in my group is excited because almost half of my clinical group mates friends have third eye (those people who have gifts and can see the unseen). As for me I'm not the easy to get scared type of person because I'm into horror movies creepy sadistic movies.

I don't have a third eye (that's what I think so) but then the day came our clinical duty is 2pm to 10pm. When we are in the old nursing station I saw a little boy walking down the stairs (the stairs are in front of our nursing station. By the way the nursing station that we are staying at is for students) he looks normal for me so far nothings creepy.

After doing our daily duties my classmate look at the end of the corridor where the fire exit is and the door of the fire exit is in front of the room for patients with tuberculosis but no one is staying there at that time. Then back to my friend she's looking at the end of the hallway so I look where she's looking again I saw the little boy but this time he is wearing a hospital gown.

Then I said to my friend, "Oh that little boy again nasan kaya ang parents nya? (where is his parents?)." My friend told me to just shut up and then I try look at the boy again but he's not there anymore.

After that incident while I'm going down at the stairs I saw the boy again sitting in the stairs but this time I don't know why I'm having goosebumps so I asked him where are his parents. Then he look at me, I'm shocked because he's so pale, he then reply "inaantay ko po ang papa ko (I'm waiting for my father)." Then my friend called my name so I look at her and she said that come here now! But when I turn around to talk again to the little boy he's gone.

When we are in the nursing station for nurses in that hospital as I was writing in a medication paper I heard the two nurses conversation.

Nurse 1: ano sya nanaman ba? (is it him again?)

Nurse 2: oo nakakaawa na nga. (yes I feel pity for him)

Then I ask them about the little boy roaming in the 3rd floor and said that he's waiting for his father. The two nurses look at each other then they told me to describe the little boy that I saw. I said that I think the boy was 4 or 5 yo white skin somewhat pale with cute round eyes curly hair he's also little thin. What they said shock me!

Nurse 1: that boy you saw died in this hospital 3yrs ago. That boy died in pneumonia. He only have his father because his mother died in this hospital while giving birth to him. Have you heard us earlier about the phone call, so I answered yes. The nurse 1 said that it is the little boy asking if his father is here, we cannot do anything but we do feel guilty every time he would call and we would just say sorry his father is not here. That time I feel so sorry for that little boy because I want a baby brother and sad because he still don't see the light.

And my friend said that I'm sooo brave because I can talk with the dead spirit. I just didn't told her that now I know that the little boy is already dead I'm scared to death.

Sorry if this is too long feel free to comment.

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Faith001 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-22)
hi guys thank's for your comments, I don't know what to do that time because I'm not used to seeing those who belong to the other side, and I'm still a teenager cause I graduated college when I was 19yo, I feel sorry for the boy I wish I can go back and help him thou. 😁
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-12)
Hello, Faith Your narration was superb and your English is excellent. 😁 Your story seems me to some of the horror episode... Perfectly Genuine... I am feeling very sorry for that little boy... May he will get salvation soon.
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-10)
First of all, your English is really good, and your story is not too long (there are longer ones on this site) 😉.
Now, this spirit is definately a real one, not just residual. He probably hasn't realized that he is dead, because he shows himself so frecuently to a lot of people.
What he needs is somebody to help him to the other side.

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