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A Weird Figure


According to many people, my room's environment is a bit weird. However I don't understand why they feel weird in my room. I think it is quite comfortable. But it is true that many unexplained incident occurred here.

A few days back my cousin and one of her friend came to my house we were discussing some facts about ghosts, sharing true stories etc. It was night then. We left the room after turning off the lights. Sometimes later my cousin's friend came to the room alone. She saw someone lying on my bed. She couldn't see who it was as the room was dark. She left the room and came to us.

She also informed me about the matter as she was a bit surprised to see someone lying on my bed (usually no one uses my bed). I went to check who it was but no one was there. She was sure that it was not my mom because at that time she was working in the kitchen. It was not brother as well. However no one except us was present there. We were quite astonished.

Sometimes later, we were chatting and playing inside the room. Suddenly my cousin's friend saw a weird figure behind me. When I looked back, no one was there. But she was sure about someone's presence. Nothing else happened that night.

A few days later I was walking inside my room and taking preparation to sleep. Suddenly I saw a shadow passing from one side to the other side of my room. Sometimes later I felt that someone sat on my bed. But when I looked back, no one was there.

Such things always happen in the house, specially in my room. However I was never harmed.

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Vampirekid (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-04)
Thank you all for your valuable comments. Well, most of the time the lights were on so I don't think that it was hallucination.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-08)
I think just think over what hessian has sad and be safe but we never know what game the nature may play so just be careful, it may also be some uninvited guest in your house so beware.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-07)
Hi Vampirekid,

Hessian has given some great advice and ideas to consider. I completely agree that living people are far more dangerous than any ghost.

It's interesting both your experiences include a ghost, or otherwise perceived figure laying in a bed. I too have seen this and only a small number of times has it been unexplainable. Based on mine, and a few other accounts here, it seems ghosts 'sleep' and some seem to like a comfy bed in the physical realm.

With all this said I can't ignore the fact you and your pals were discussing ghostly topics before the figures were noticed. It's highly likely you all entered an emotional zone which geared you for seeing paradelia, as Hessian references, our ability to make sense out of nonsense.

The shadow you saw in your room pass from one side of the room to the other, was this shadow moving in a direction out of your room or into your room? Or was it into a wall or toward somewhere else? This detail could explain the motives behind what you saw.

If you feel comfortable in your room, and always have, I wouldn't worry about what others feel.
Hessian1776 (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-07)
I have a couple of questions (I read your other story too, but these questions mainly concern your room and also may answer what might be going on in your Uncle's home too.);
1.) Does your room have any windows and if so, does it face a street with lights or are there trees near it. Basically, any objects in front of and/or light source, that could cause the illusion of someone/something being in your bed. Humans are not nocturnal beasts, thus our eyes are not designed to see well in complete darkness. Also, evolution has wired us to fill in the details where our eyes are lacking. Our brains will conjure shapes and images we are most familiar with (i.e. Human-looking forms).
2.) Was your bed made or does it have objects on it that could take the shape of someone laying down? This has happened to me on several occasions when passing by a room, lit or dark, and not being able to tell if its someone laying down or just a bunch of covers and pillows taking that form.
My recommendation, next time something like this happens, speak up or turn on the lights - most times its just our imagination (its our evolutionary survival technique, better safe than sorry).
I understand there is a potential of actual human danger (someone has broken in to the home and is hiding in your bed) - approach with caution for that reason alone. A good thing to do is just scream, if it is a human then he/she will be startled and the whole house will be alerted. If its not human/ghost or just covers and stuffed animals, then everyone can potentially be witness to it and mystery solved. HOWEVER, if you are home alone, of course, call the authorities if you can and get out as soon as possible, if there is a living human laying in your bed that shouldn't be there, ghosts are the least of your concerns at that point.
Just my thoughts, be curious and investigate further, but above all, be safe.

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