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The Noise Of Horror


It started when I was about 11 years old. I was sleeping one night when I very suddenly woke up. It was about 2 A.M. I was confused as to why I had woken up because I was usually a very sound sleeper. Then I heard the first noise. There was a tapping noise directly above my head. (Note: I slept in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, but my sister was not sleeping in the room that night.) As I became more awake, I could hear the noise getting louder and louder. It sounded like it was moving down the side of the bunk bed. The tapping started to get closer and closer until it started to change.

Suddenly, when the noise was at the very edge of the bunk bed's railing, I felt a gust of air. Like the noise had fallen off the side of the bed. I was paralyzed with fear. At the first tapping noise, I had thought that the noise was a cockroach or rat, but I would have seen them fall, and a rat would have made more noise than tapping. I also would have seen them when the noise fell off the bed because I was looking straight at it. Nothing that small that I couldn't see, could have made that big of a gust of air.

I had a pile of books next to my bed and I could hear and see the noise moving and knocking my books over. This went on for about two minutes, until all of my books were spread across my bedroom floor. I was wide awake by this point. I decided that I was definitely not going to stay, much less sleep, in this room any longer. But the noise was not finished with me yet. When I was sitting up, and was about to stand up, everything suddenly went black.

I was suddenly in an all black room and I was holding a box. The box opened and I heard a horrible scream. But it was more than one scream. It was a continuous scream. The scream just got louder until I was laying on the ground with my hand over my ears. Everything then turned white and I was back in my bedroom. I was still in the sitting position. I then stood up and started walking towards the door. The door seemed to be getting farther and farther away and I was becoming more scared because as I was walking, images started floating in my mind. But they were horrible images of murders, and demons, and creatures that I didn't know existed. When I finally got to the door, as I opened my door, my bathroom door suddenly shut by itself. I was out of that room, down the stairs, and into the living room, faster than ever before. By the time I had gotten ready to sleep the rest of the night on the couch, It was only about 2:15 A.M. I slept the rest of the night on the couch.

The next morning, I told my mom the part about the tapping and something scuffling around in my books, so she said that she would get my grandpa to see if there were any cockroaches or rats in the house. When I had gathered enough courage to go upstairs to my room, I found my books still sprawled out on the floor. I picked them up and stacked them back where I had had them. When my grandpa came to check my room for any sign of cockroaches and rats, he found nothing. Not a single dropping, nor hole in my closet, under my bed, or in the roof. He checked all of the rooms in the house and said that there was nothing there. When I told the rest of my family what had happened, they usually just laughed and said that I must have dreamed it, or that I must have an imaginary pet rat. The thing I always left out was what I experienced mentally, such as my visions, and what I saw and heard.

Ever since then I have moved houses twice and I still will have strange stuff happen to me. Such as usually when my sister chooses to sleep in another room, and I am left alone, I usually hear a tapping noise, or footsteps on the roof, but nobody is on the roof in the middle of the night. When I was thirteen, I started to get these feelings, which I still have today. I felt like someone was watching me when I am alone. When I had that feeling, sometimes I would feel light headed and I would see images of horror. Other times, also usually when I am alone, I will have feelings of comfort or safety. During these feelings I would feel things such as warmth on my hands, as if someone was holding them, or a feeling that someone was hugging me. I am confused and I want to finally know what is going on.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1086 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-15)
Greetings, Summer, and welcome.

There are just so many differing phenomena within 15 minutes which you describe here, that I'm tempted to suggest a "waking dream" state. This is neither to deny nor to deride your experiences, so please do not be offended, but if it had been only one or two of the phenomena, I'd be less skeptical. In order, we have: 1) tapping, 2) air movement, 3) object movement, 4) apparent translocation, 5) auditory phenomena within the translocative event, 6) return to initial location, 7) perceived distance-dilation, and 8) discovery of subjective time-dilation.

The barrage of sensory data, taken in conjunction with the peculiarly brief duration with many events, would suggest that you were not as awake as you initially thought. I don't deny your memories of the experience; far from it! Some of the experience may have been supernatural in nature (the tapping, breeze, and books, for example), but much of the remainder may have been conjured up by a 2/3-asleep brain trying to make sense of an obviously senseless scenario. Have you ever experienced any other restless sleep phenomena (sleepwalking, insomnia, etc.)? If not, that'd be a point against my guess. If so, I'd recommend signing up for a sleep-study program, or discussing it with your doctor; there's no reason for you to be spiritually sensitive AND have a potentially-dangerous sleep disorder!

Good Luck,
Manafon1 (6 stories) (703 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-14)
Hi Summer--There is a lot going on in your account. It initially seems like a rather surprising but not unfriendly encounter. You heard tapping on your bunk bed and then felt a noticeable gust of air, as if something jumped off it, followed by books by the side of your bed being knocked over. All of this is rather straightforward (if scary for you) but then you have what, I believe, is a hallucinatory aspect to the experience when you state, "I was suddenly in an all black room and I was holding a box. The box opened and I heard a horrible scream. But it was more than a scream. It was a continuous scream. The scream just got louder until I was laying on the ground with my hand over my ears. Everything then turned white and I was back in my bedroom."

You then write that the bedroom door seemed to be getting farther away, and that you had "... Horrible images of murders and demons, and creatures that I didn't know existed." You are finally able to exit your room and then slept on the couch.

Several thoughts spring to mind. First, you were eleven years old when this incident transpired. It seems very possible your imagination might have been working overtime. Were you watching a scary movie or tv show before you went to sleep? As your sister usually slept in the room with you but was absent that evening, is it possible you let childhood imagination magnify what you heard and then "saw". Much of what you describe as experiencing sounds like something from a modern day horror film.

I don't mean to discount your experience. It seems you certainly experienced something to have become etched so profoundly in your mind. I am curious if you have subsequently ever experienced similar "visions" again. If not, it is possible the tapping sound and gust of air set your young mind racing to retrieve images from frightening movies or stories you had seen, read or heard about from friends. Really I'm just throwing around some ideas. It doesn't sound like you have anything to physically fear. Whatever you experienced, you weren't physically harmed. You state you sometimes feel, to this day, like someone is watching you while you are alone. This is a not uncommon feeling. It is commonly just the realization that you are, quite literally, temporarily alone. It could also be a presence but please clarify if your young age when your encounter occurred could have been magnified by imagination run wild.

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