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I remember it so vividly, I had just been broken up with and sent packing back to my parents' house. It was only just some months ago. I hadn't slept well in days much less cared for food. It didn't help that I had gone from 113 pounds in my relationship down to a mere 92 pounds before being kicked back to my parents' home. I was an easy pick, so vulnerable, and always nightmare after nightmare plagued my moments of sleep. I didn't think much of it except because of stress and crying myself to sleep.

This early morning I'll never forget, made me rethink things. I had woken up like I had from my dreams of monstrous things attacking not only me, but my family. Anyways, I remember clearly seeing someone my ex's height by the door. I lift my head and questionably said his name. He replied with a nod and I lay my head back down without thought and as soon as my eyes shut again I spoke to him "I didn't..." I felt the bed move as he got in. As if it was my ex they curled up behind me leaving no space, his head on mine with his arms wrapped around me.

That was the moment I realized he couldn't be there, he wouldn't be there. In fear my eyes flew open; I was fully awake. I wanted to cry, to get free, and scream, but couldn't move. I could feel him still beside me, holding me there. I closed my eyes terrified as I realized struggling did nothing and lay stiff praying to be let go.

Then the arm and body pinning seemed to disappear altogether. I waited some time before opening my eyes and trying to move; I was free. I flipped on my bedside lamp and cried briefly. I, a 23 year old at the time, begged my mom to sleep in my bed with me as I recounted everything.

The next morning after we were all up I recounted once more for the others, but they all said it was a hallucination brought on by sleep paralysis. I've looked up sleep paralysis and peoples' experiences, so far none I've seen can you move before the paralysis effects you nor can you talk. No, in sleep paralysis you are awake, but your body still hasn't awoken so you can't move at all.

Was it something bad or a family member's ghost trying to comfort me? I don't know if I'll ever find out; it hasn't happened again and I hope it never will.

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Loveunlucky92 (2 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-18)
No one else has had an experience like this before in my house, but thank you both. I think I understand what you both mean. It still hasn't happened again except one night I felt a warm embrace on a pretty cold night in the house and I was on the couch. I merely closed my eyes and without thinking just naturally said "Okay Pap, thank you. I'm much warmer now." My Pap (my stepdad's father), a loving man, I'd known for years passed away over a year or two ago now, and he was at least six foot. I feel maybe part of the experience was a dream and I've heard many experiences in that state have been terrifying, but the other experience I just mentioned was my Pap, it happened right as I settled for sleep and was so assuring to me. Thank you both again! 😁
Awakened (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-24)
My sympathies to you: (Helplessness in any event is traumatic enough. Hypnopompic/hypnogogic events, so similar to yours, are a province of mine all too well explored; to my grief.

I haven't ever heard of a victim having freedom of movement before. That suggests a possible ghostly visitor. Also, the nature of it's interaction seemed to be one of comfort.

Another interpretation would be that the form of your suffering conjured your ex as a form by which your subconscious could help bring comfort to you. Sleep disruptions, low weight, lack of food are all stress sources. The longer we're stressed the more damage is being done. Stress is also a powerful trigger for sleep paralysis.

If the latter? I'd imagine the dream state was still largely in effect before lucidity and adrenaline brought you into a more awake state. The paralytic would be in effect while the mind struggled for control over the body.

It's probably not that imo. Freedom of movement is rare at best, probably impossible in a hypnopompic sequence like yours*.

Don't bother fearing whatever it was. Fear serves only to weaken and exacerbate in both paranormal and psychological cases like this. The more you dwell on it? The more you draw experiences like this. Get some smokey quartz to put under your pillow. Make a dream catcher. Put some intention and time into creating a charm to keep negative entities out of your room. Smudge some sage around the room while praying or asking for help from your higher self or spirit guides or animal totems/power animals in clearing the space. Meditate on your emotions and free yourself from your fear and sadness.

There are numerous steps you can take regardless of the cause of this event. If it should happens again, try to focus on your fear with curiosity and see if you can't bring yourself to laughter instead. It took me almost a decade of nightly visitations from malevolent shadow people before I realized I had never been harmed, only terrified beyond words. When I brought that realization into my last hypnopompic nightmare, the encroaching entities faded out along with the experience in response to my outburst of laughter.

This transformation of expectation of fear into mirth freed me! If it isn't paranormal, or if your psyche is at the root of it? You may also find relief through emotional reconstruction.

*Paralysis from waking, as opposed to entering sleep state.
brighteyez (9 stories) (21 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Hi Loveunlucky92,
Interesting story, it is definitely a scary feeling when you are unable to move especially when you feel someone right next to you. It is possible that maybe the entity felt your sadness and was looking to comfort you and just passing through which is why it hasnt happened again. Has anyone else in your house had any experiences like this?

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