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Am I Being Followed Or Looked After?


I know many people may disregard this because I am only a young teen but please read this. I don't think it will come out as too much of a story as I have a few disabilities and I am sorry for that.

So here goes. I've always believed in spirits of all kinds and I believe there is a heaven and hell. I had never really had any experiences before high school started.

The first time I experienced anything was (please don't be rude) after I had been to the toilet. To describe the room to give you a better picture, there are 3 mirrors above sinks across from 3 of the 4 toilets. If you face the mirrors, the entrance is all the way to your left and the toilet closest to the entrance doesn't have a mirror across from it. Anyways I had only been at school for about 4 days as I had only just started high school in year 8.

Back to the story. I had came out of the toilet without the mirror. I, for some reason, chose the middle mirror sink. I washed my hands and as I usually did I leaned down and fixed my hair and as I stood up straight I saw a completely black figure run past behind me. It scared me to death but I became brave and quickly checked if it may have been a person but after checking and finding out there was no one there, I bolted out of there as fast as I could.

Over the next week or so I saw it at least 3 times but only in the corner of my eye. Then came the day I was in the hallway of the music room. I literally saw the same black figure walk into view through a wall then to the other side through another wall out of sight. I don't really think much of it and try not to get worried over it I just pretty much ignore it. I still see it often to this day and have seen it in various places including my house.

As for the other spirit I know definitely that it's not here to harm me and that it's female. I see it quite well but only around my house. I've seen it as though a girl with long flowing hair had ran into my room and another time was I saw her look over my shoulder whilst I was doing the dishes. I've seen her a few other times but these are the main ones that stood out.

I'm extremely sorry if it doesn't make sense or something. If you could speak to me about it. It would be much appreciated.

Yours Truly


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BecauseofThem (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-03)
Thankyou so much everyone for commenting.

Blacksecret, I'm very sorry but I am unsure of what your asking.

Thankyou for the welcome Mack (I refer to Kaamren now and am sorry if this causes confusion) in my family my sister can sense spirits very well and has seen our pop who passed away when I was around 1 1/2 years old, I'm now 15 and my sister says that she's had her hair pulled and things whispered to her that she couldn't understand when I've told her that I've seen either of the figure or girl and there have also been family members that have seen exsicims (I know I spelt it wrong I'm sorry) and much more. I've had the feeling of there being a presence around since I can remember.

I'm calm as I've gotten pretty used to it and seeing as though they haven't harmed me yet I just take notice but don't fear them.

I'm very open minded and I believe in everything paranormal. I don't believe I'm crazy ehe.

You have been of very much assistance Mack.

Thank you


Hello DandK,

It varies a lot of how much I see them. For example one week I could see them almost every day and another week I might only see them once or not see them.

Thankyou for reading my story I'm glad you enjoyed it
DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-02)
Hi Alexander, I think Mack has said everything beautifully. You are not alone. It seems that very many people have seen dark figures. I have seen one once as well. To me, they are a mystery. How often do you see these figures (dark figure and girl)?

Thank you for sharing your experiences. By the way, your story was written well, and I enjoyed reading it.

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-02)
Hi Alexander - thanks for sharing your experiences and welcome to YGS.

To me it would appear that you have some psychic abilities. Not everyone sees spirits / ghosts but also many people have had exactly the same experience (s) as yourself (just have a scroll through this site!) So don't worry, you are not crazy!

These shadowy figures that dart around in our peripheral vision (and sometimes directly in our line of sight) are quite mysterious. Just who they are is a a mystery, and whether they are deliberately choosing to reveal themselves to you or if you are just "attuned" to them is unknown.

I would assume that generally, spirits who are known to us will show themselves as were remembered so you recognize them, or they will exude a presence, or perfume, smell or mental image so you know they are there. They may be visiting you to reassure you in a difficult time, for example.

This shadowy figure may not know they have passed and are "trapped" on the material plane still going about their business at your school. However, if you feel that this shadow figure that is in your home is the same one, then you may have an entity that has attached itself to you for some reason.

It doesn't appear to be exhibiting malevolence toward you so it's a bit of a "wait and see", but remain calm at all times.

The other spirit you are seeing is a whole different ballgame due to the fact she is revealing herself or you are "seeing" her in a full human form.

Can I ask; has anyone else in your family sensed/seen/ heard anything unusual in your home? How long have you been able to see spirits? Is it a new thing?

You sound quite calm which is great. I believe spirits, which are only (usually) people after all, are all around us all the time, and occasionally the "veil" drops and we meet face to face. It's all very interesting.

Take care, keep an open mind, remember you are not crazy (well, I haven't met you but you don't sound crazy😆) and thanks for sharing.

I hope I have been of some assistance.


blacksecret (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-01)
Hello because of them,
I just wanted to ask that if the ghost indicates you in any way or wants to tel you something because usually harmless ghosts want us to find more about them

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