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Through The Ouija Board, Part 2


After the first time me, my sister and our best friend used the board, we didn't touch it for a while. We were all pretty overwhelmed with what had happened, and it took it's time to fully sink in. But after some time, me and my bestie started to feel an urge (if you can call it that) to test the board again. What if we could contact Juhani again? This time by choice, to ask him to contact us precisely, not just any random spirit.

A opportunity to use the board again came quickly. I went to have a sleepover with my friend, this time the two of us, and in no time we had the Ouija out again, curtains closed and candles ready to create the right atmosphere. We felt a bit giddy, but also cautious. This was no game, and we should be right to remember that; this time, I made my friend swear not to do anything rash like last time. Ready for some action, we put our fingers onto the planchette. Just like before, a sudden calm took over me, replacing the earlier giddiness and part nervousness. We started with the usual greeting, but this time, we asked to talk to Juhani, and if he was here with as.

The planchette moved steadily to greet us, confirming that it was indeed our old spirit friend on the other end. I can't very well remember what we asked of him, I think it was the usual, a bit boring questions. Suddenly, I happened to glance over to the candles burning next to the Ouija board, and breathed in sharply. I got my friend's attention and pointed to our atmospheric lights. We had put two different candlestick holders to provide us with enough light. The other was a small one, with single hanging cup for a little candle to inhabit; the other one was big and lavish, with three different holders for three candles. They had been burning steadily from the start, but now something had changed. In the big holder, all the candles were still as a picture. None of the flames were flickering like they usually do, but they were long and stood there like a stop-motion image when you pause a film. And in the holder with a singular candle, the flame was spinning and lashing all over the place! It did what no other flame had or has ever done in my days; it spun full circles and suddenly went fully horizontal, almost touching the wax surface, and slowly came back up.

Staring at the candles, the little one especially, with round eyes, we looked up at each other. We were speechless for a while. Then, my friend went on to talk to the board. I had no idea what she was going to say. Then she said it. "Juhani, are you the one playing with the candles?" she asked, giggling. I shot a warning glare to her. There she was again, playing a dangerous game. I suddenly felt unnerved. The planchette moved eagerly to 'Yes', way faster than it had before. The candle flickered and spun wildly at the same time. I can't remember what she asked after that, but the pointer moved faster and faster, and the faster and more eager it felt, the more nervous I started to feel. It didn't feel right for the spirit to be that eager to answer. I asked my friend if we could stop. And then the planchette moved again, quickly, to 'No'. I looked at it and then to my friend. "Now we stop!", I said. The planchette kept saying 'No', but no spirit would control me or tell me what to do. I looked at my friend with finality, and we said 'Goodbye'. The planchette went limp and didn't move again, and I removed it from the board, blowing out the candles.

We talked about our experience and the odd eagerness of the spirit in the end, before going to bed. After that, we didn't touch the board for a week or two. But then, my friend who is not good at keeping things to herself, told one of our classmates about the Ouija board and our escapades with it.

One day, my friend came up to me with this classmate of ours (who I wasn't that much familiar with, but who was a friend of my friend's), and asked if we three could use the board that night. I was a bit against it, but I couldn't say no - they would've just done it without me, and I thought it best for me to be there as well. So I said okay. That night, all three of us were in my friend's house, in her room again. This time we didn't have the light turned off but on, and I can't recall if there was any candles involved.

All was ready, but I felt something in me, something that said not to use the board. So I declined to participate, and instead, sat next to my friend's couch, leaning on it and sipping my cold drink in hand. All the time, I had this nagging feeling inside, but I couldn't understand what it was. My friend and our classmate started, greeting the possible spirits. First, nothing happened. Then, very slowly the planchette dragged itself to greet the two. I watched on with mild interest. They asked who it was, and the usual answer came - "Juhani". All was well, but then they went and did the thing I couldn't have imagined they would be (mind my language) stupid enough to do.

I was minding my own thoughts, when suddenly I heard their next question. "Is (insert name here) a lesbian...?" followed by a fit of giggles. All of a sudden, I was fully alert, and watched them with horrified expression. I leaned forward, giving a warning word to my friend; she knew that the spirits should be treated with proper respect, and asking a stupid question like that wouldn't be looked upon kindly! She brushed my words off, giggling madly with the other girl, pondering out loud whose sexual orientation to ask from next. I felt angry and nervous. I had a bad feeling about this, and it only intensified when I saw the board's reaction. First, all was still, but then the planchette started going through the letters. But it didn't give any reasonable answer, but random letters after another. But when I wrote them down, they had a sinister feel about them; like some unknown language, which you still can feel the meaning of, although you can't understand it. And then the board spelled, "Jyrki".

We all watched the board with wonder. My friend asked, that was 'Jyrki' the spirit's name, which it answered with 'Yes'. I didn't like how things were going, not at all, and asked if the two could just say "Goodbye" and be done with it. But the stubborn people they are, they refused, asking Jyrki some other questions - none of them more intelligent than the first one. But the board didn't give any real answers, just random gibberish. At that point, I demanded they to stop, and this time, they did as I asked.

We didn't use the board for weeks, even months after that. We didn't feel like it. It had been odd, how Juhani had suddenly been replaced with this Jyrki character, and I felt something wrong with the whole thing. And it felt more odd when all of a sudden, after couple of weeks, that classmate of ours came to us one morning at school, just to state that she didn't believe any of that Ouija stuff. We hadn't thought about the whole night in ages, nor talked about it (not with her, especially), but she suddenly felt the need to come straight to us and declare she didn't believe any of it and didn't want to have nothing to do with it anymore.

Something in me has asked since then; did something happen to her after the night? Had she seen something, heard something, that made her nervous? That made her come to us, so she could have closure? Who knows, but I suspect something like that might have happened.

That was the last time I used the board with my friend. Next time was with my sister, but that is another story for another time. Until then! Thank you for reading!

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KatsWhiskers (3 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
Hi There,

To my knowledge "Jyrki" is a Finnish name. Relatively common Finnish name. I don't know if this means anything to you.
katzifilth (4 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-09)
Hiya all again, and sorry for being a bit unactive! So, let's start with the comments...

Spiritwaiting >> Thank You for commenting! Leaving aside what is a good way to communicate with spirits and what is not, since there is as many opinions as there is people doing so, and everyone has their favourites and the ones that work best for them, I shall skip ahead.

First, just to make things clear, my former childhood home, which is the active one, and the one we saw Juhani in, are two different houses. We saw Juhani in my best friend's house, me first, my sister after the session. So, when I first saw him (and I was the first to do so), it was a whole different day, weeks before the first time we decided to use the board. It was around 10am, and I saw him plain as day, in the sunlight. I know it was him, since after that I described what I saw to my mother, who said it was Juhani, whom she had known when he still lived (around the time my mother was a young girl). So, when we used the board and the spirit said who he was, of course I had a healthy amount of scepticism, since I can't really know if it is him or not. But I have always trusted my gut and instincts, since they have never let me astray, and when I felt the energy was warm, friendly and welcoming, I had no reason to doubt him. He was a good person when he lived, and I have no reason to believe he has changed in the afterlife, since he has never done anything to anyone from beyond to scare or hurt them.

My sister saw him in the dark, when she woke in the middle of the night, and she recognized his appearance by what I had said I saw and what our mother had told us. And when she saw him, he was just watching and smiling, and she didn't see him for long.

After that I have seen Juhani in their, my best friend's, house through a window when I was checking if she was coming out since we walked to school together every day. It was dark inside their house, but the curtains were up throughout, and I saw his silhouette walk past their kitchen window, right behind her brother who didn't notice a thing. I have no reason to assume it is anyone else, since the looks and behaviour match Juhani's, plus my best friend said that her brother - after a while - started to sense something in his room which happened to belong to Juhani when he was still alive. And my friend's brother is not too much into paranormal, so he wasn't aware of anything that we had seen, heard or done.

What I described in this story is a clear change of spirit in the middle of the session. I am in no way saying it is Juhani whom was suddenly acting so strange - and the feelings I got indicated that it was not, indeed.

The reason I decided to give my best friend one more shot with the board is because she is just that - my best friend. And I knew she would do it on her own anyway, or with someone like the other person I describe in the story. So, being a person who gives people more changes usually than they deserve, I gave her one.

I think the reason she was acting so carefree with the board is that somehow she still had the mindset so many do that it was, in fact, just a game, when it clearly is not. So, thinking she had learned her lesson the first time, I had no idea she would do something like that again. And the questions and the disrespect she and her other friend showed the time I wasn't involved but watching, I seriously thought she would have more sense than that. Good thing I did get them to stop eventually. I just couldn't force them, and me grabbing the board in the middle of a session could've had catastrophic consequences.

And you are right, I cannot know for sure, but I have seen her since, I am able to keep track of her life since we are friends in social media, and judging by the success she has had in life, it at least appears she is good. I think, if something really bad would have happened, and kept happening, she wouldn't be so like what she is. This kind of experiences, especially very powerful ones, leaves a mark on you and I think a keen eye can see that mark if one looks closely.

And I think RedWolf was being rude. I have always been against playing with the board, so when someone accusses me of such actions without knowing me personally, based on a few stories online, I think that is being rude. And since I'm alive and standing here, writing about my experiences a decade later, everyone else being alive and well also, I think I deserve a bit more respect than random people assuming I played with it and caused mental or other problems to other people. Everyone I have used the board with has done so willingly, out of free will; I have never forced anyone to do so, so if anyone should get problems out of it by not following the rules, I can't see how that is my fault.

Miracles >> Thank You for your comment, you are right. I am not against people telling others they should not try and use the board, but I am against how those said people spread out the message. I think it's just pot calling the kettle black when some people come and accuse others of being stupid and just playing etc, when they have done the exact same thing, and some of those preachers have actually done worse than the ones they are stomping to the ground. In this age of information, people can find the Do's and Don'ts much easier than, for example, back in the day when my mother and her friends used the board (but the version where you use glass as planchette).

I don't know how many understands that when I used the board for the first time, I was - I think - maybe around 15 years old. And I am 24 years old now, and have not used the board in many years. I was well informed on the subject, as was my sisters and how my best friend should have been since we read everything conserning the board together, and was taking every precaution we felt necessary.

I understand people want to warn others and keep others safe. But saying it to a full grown adult like you are talking to a child is offending, and not the best way to get your message through, since I have found it always creates resistance to the said message. I was raised to be polite to everyone, familiar people and strangers alike, so I despise rudeness and I hate people who assume things of people they are in no way familiar with.

I don't encourage people to use the board, but I won't tell them not to. If a grown up person wants to do something, no one can tell that person otherwise. I just hope everyone intending to do so takes the time to research the matter further and take precautions. Becuase like you said, not everyone have bad experiences, and you can get rid of the bad spirits or deny them access altogether.

Macknorton >> Thank You for your ten cents!

I have heard stories, warning stories, regarding the Ouija board from my mother since I was a child. So I was familiar with the board from early age, althought at that time - at least here in Finland - there was no real boards available, so people wrote the letters etc themselves and used a glass as a palnchette. Well, since the information was scarce at that time, they didn't know what should and should not be asked, and she had some bad experiences. Not herself, the spirits were very accurate, telling her accurately how many kids she would have and who she would marry years before it happened. But her sister had a bad one (which ended positively, thank goodness), as well as one of her friends. So I had a very good idea of the dangers coming with using the board unproperly many, many years before using one myself. And so did my sisters, who also had heard the stories many times over the years.

So, being that I had heard of it, I always had a interest of trying to communicate with the spirits myself. And I wasn't the only one in our family. It started out as a mere interest to try if the board would actually work, since even thought it had worked with my mother and many more, I had also heard stories of nothing happening. So even thought I did believe in the afterlife already, with me seeing spirits before, I still was not 100% convinced the board would actually work with everyone. So it started out as that.

After seeing myself that it did work, I wanted to communicate with them. Whoever of them that felt like they had something to say, something to tell me (or us, since I don't believe you should use the board alone, and never have I). We blocked the bad ones out the best we could from early on, and if a sinister feeling energy did pass our barriers, we banished it back to wherever it came from. So we did manage to keep the communication going with the ones that did at least not appear to be evil quite well.

My goal, when using the board and if I ever use it again, is to see if I can actually help the spirits out. We did, four of us sisters, manage to solve a cold case murder from decades ago with using the board. We accidentally got a hold of the young girl's spirit who has murdered in the city we live in and who's killer had never been caught. That was a very intense experience, I think what made it so was that there was so many of us using the board at the same time and we are all very highly sensitive. I have not used the board since, that was something so powerful I have never felt anything like it, nor have I had such a strong psychic vision before that, so it kind of exhausted my energy levels and I decided to take a break. But more of that later, in a full story of what happened.

So yes, now that I saw there is actual help for the spirits in for using the board correctly, that is what I would like to do in the furute. So the spirits can get some closure, no matter how long since they passed.

But I hope these answers will suffice for the time being! Keep commenting, I like to read what you all think - just keep it clean and let's have a healthy amount of respect towards each other:)

- Kay
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Hi Katzifilth - a good healthy debate going on here! I'll just wade in as well and add my ten cents worth...

I always like to look at what drives people, what is their motivation for doing what they do?

I personally believe that the results of Ouija sessions, or seances depend a lot on what the motivation of the individuals are.

Can I ask what your primary motivation is for using an Ouija board? Or just generally wanting to communicate with those passed over in spirit? It appears you have a healthy belief in the afterlife so you are not looking for any validation / proof...

Are you attempting to communicate with specific individuals? Or are you simply seeing who is "out there" and what they have to say?

My thoughts on this kind of activity is that when liars pass over, they are generally still liars and so you have to be very careful with who you think you may be dealing with, as the spirits are unseen and appear to be able to see our thoughts and emotions, so the devious ones have a definite advantage over the unwary.

Not that all Ouija sessions and seances are negative, but there are risks.


spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Very very true.
I get concerned with repetive actions when serious consequences are the most likely possibility. Lol I didn't want to upset anyone hehe, just wanted to make sure all was ok and understood 😊
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
spiritwaiting - no apologies necessary 😊 Most of us (would like to say all, but LOL) take this site seriously and do our best to protect those we feel need it. And the parenting comes into it whether or not we mean it. Hazards of the job LOL
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Well said 😊.
Miracles you said that perfectly. I shouldn't push the issue, just hoping katzfilith stays safe. I couldn't wrap my head around the "why" factor. Of continuing to use the board with this particular friend whom wasn't taking it seriously.

I greatly apologize if I was being to harsh.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Sometimes, because we hear of so many bad experiences people have had with a Ouija Board, be it real or imagined, we forget there are people who have used the Board and not had a bad experience.

I'm not promoting the use of the Ouija Board, but I want to stress that everyone has different beliefs, same as with any other part of our paranormal world. I have friends who have used them for many, many years and never had a bad experience. I used one once and didn't have a bad experience. But I wouldn't do it again simply because this is not a form of communication I am confident in.

We, as a community, sometimes speak harshly when giving advice on the Ouija Board. And maybe it isn't intended, but it does come across a little strong.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Using the Quija is not a good way to communicate with spirits.
You say that your home has always been active, and when you and your friend decided to use said board, the spirit that came through was this spirit named Juhani.
In your first publishing, you said your sister saw this spirit and it was him.
How do any of you know that this was him?
Did she talk to him?
Did he tell her that it was him when she was the only one awake that evening?

Yes I understand you believe it was the same spirit residing in your home, but I'm not so sure.
If this was the same spirit, he wouldn't need to conversate with you through the board.

The reactions with the planchette while touching it, if he is such a pleasant spirit in the home,I'm quite sure he wouldn't act differently through the board.

Why would you continue to use the board with the same friend, if this said friend continues to "play" with it and not take it seriously.
It seems like the friend didn't care too much about safety, yours or hers if she continued to act out that way.

I also understand your need to watch over the two others whom used it the other time, and its a good thing you were there to supervise, but you truly never know what is going on behind closed doors, unless someone tells you. So you truly cannot say that your friends friend didn't have any psychological problems afterwards.
She may live a full life, but her reaction says otherwise, as far as a possibilty of something occuring after the fact.

Redwolf wasn't being rude, just trying to help you, and ask legitimate questions.

Thanks for sharing
katzifilth (4 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
RedWolf >> I don't play with Ouija boards, I communicate with spirits through them. What my friend and her friend do with it, that is out of my hands. And yes, when me and my sister/s have used it after that time, we have made a protective circle around the board and ourselves, and denied all bad entities from entering it. If so has happened that a spirit that has felt wrong to us has somehow gotten inside, we have banished that immediately, ending all contact with it.

We are well aware of the risks that comes with using the board and have never taken using it lightly or without precaution. I'm well aware that my friend's friend is living a full life, so there was no psychologinal damage done to her. And me myself, my friend, and my sisters are all well, despise all that has happened.

I don't appreciate your style of assuming things about me based on this one story alone. I resent people who just "play" with Ouija boards, since it is not a game and should not be approached as one. And I don't blame the board for anything, our house has always been active, which is one of the reasons me and my sister/s decided to use the board in our house later. And my friend's house, well, Juhani has been there for a long time, and still remains there, but he is harmless. He was a good person while he lived, and he is that still.

And the board me and my friend used, my friend got rid of it a very long time ago. I should add, when we first used the board, me and my friend were 14-15 years old. And now I'm turning 24 soon. I still have the board somewhere me and my sister/s used, althought I haven't used it since maybe 2011 or something like that, I can't remember the year specificly.

But yes, be blunt all your want, but I think there is a line between being blunt and being rude. Since you don't know me. But I can assure you, I am very well aware of everything spiritual, I am a pagan (a witch some would say, in a lack of better term - not a wiccan), have been for a very long time and even before all paranormal started happening to me. So I am well aware of protective spells, circles, chants and all that before doing anything.

Hideaway >> I have, and I had. I, and we, have always been well aware of everything that may go wrong, and we have taken that risk using the board. It is everyone's own decision, and I'm not against that someone uses the board, if they knowledge the risks, make their research properly before using the board, and take precations. Things can still go wrong, but it minimizes the risks at least to some level.

I do believe evil exists, I have encountered evil, both in people and in paranormal area. But I don't think I need a priest. Besides, where I live, the faith does not perform exorcism, althought it is a form of christian religion. If I need the house purified, I do it myself, like me and my sister have done for years - successfully, might I add:) The board I get rid of if and when I want to do so. It cannot hurt me, it's just a piece of cardboard without us channeling energy into it.
Hideaway (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
If you hadn't seen or heard from any tv shows or anything, never use Ouija boards. They just open a door or portal for more horrible things to go through and haunt you. The best way to help is get a priest to help you out and burn the board and any other thing you would use, people say evil doesn't exist but I believe it does.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-06)
I don't know where to begin. Oh wait, yes I do. What the hell were you doing playing with a Ouija Board? Yes I said playing. Did you ever say a prayer of protection prior to playing with it? Do you realize the psychological problems you can cause another person by playing with the O.B? There are people that blame the O.B. For everything that happen to them after playing with it.

You state that after that you never played with the O.B. With your friend again. BUT you have played with it with your sister. I hope that nothing happened to anyone in your house or anybody close to either you or your sister.
Sorry for being so blunt but you need someone to be blunt. Now if you have't disposed of it yet I suggest you do so immediatly!


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