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The Strange Entity


It took me quite a while to figure out how to start this story, and thoroughly explain my point of view on what happened to me. Even to this day it baffles me and keeps me thinking at night time. Therefore, first I believe I shall tell my tale then give you all my honest thoughts.

I shall start by giving some background information regarding what transpired. Close to the end of 2007 my only aunt was in a huge custody battle against her ex-husband regarding their children. It was really looking like my aunt would lose. She was furious and desperate. She couldn't believe the government would hand over four minors to a drug dealer and addict simply because there was no proof.

Several months passed, and it wasn't until June 2008 that she finally got her children back. My uncle graciously accepted them in his home, since my aunt was already living with him. On the day the children were brought into his home, I immediately went to go visit them. I spent nearly the whole day playing with the youngest little girl, who was barely one, and talking with my aunt. It was a very happy and joyous day for our entire family. It wasn't until it started getting dark that I announced I had to go back home. My aunt did not seem at all thrilled by my proclamation and convinced my mom to let me spend the night with her in the room my uncle lent her.

My aunt had decided to let me and my two youngest cousins sleep on the bed while she and my other two cousins slept on the floor. The bed was pressed against the farthest wall near the windows, away from the door, while she slept with one of my cousins to the left on the floor. Meanwhile, my other cousin slept by himself on the floor towards the end of the bed. I had decided to sleep against the window while the littlest one was in the middle and my other cousin was on the edge.

It was a little bit past midnight and I had just shut off my phone to go to sleep. I turned slowly towards the window, but couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. Therefore, I slowly turned back around and saw as what I can only describe as a black mass or shadow of a woman standing right in the middle of the room.

At first, I thought I was hallucinating, so I blinked several times to clear my eyes. Yet, the figure, woman, whatever the heck it was, remained. My uncle had left one of those standing, revolving, fans in the room, so I tried to debunk the figure by saying it was maybe the shadow of the fan. Yet, to my terror, I could clearly see the shadow of the fan against the wall. While the woman was directly in front of the fan. I could tell it was a woman because of the body figure and the long black hair she had.

She remained simply standing, staring directly ahead, slightly beside where my aunt and other cousin were sleeping on the floor. I know that the way I am describing it makes it seem like she was there forever, but I can assure everyone she wasn't. She remained standing by my aunt and cousin approximately 20 to 30 seconds. Then she quickly flew? Glided? Over them and straight through the window. I immediately sat up and looked directly out the window only to see that same shadow quickly dash towards my uncle's backyard. I was so terrified that I hugged my youngest cousin and fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her.

The next morning I recall asking my aunt if she had felt any vibrations around her or any coldness around the time I saw the figure. Yet, she claimed she hadn't felt anything strange at all last night. I became increasingly disturbed due to the fact I had seen that... Thing basically glide over her and my other cousin right before it went out the window.

I remember telling a few of my family members my story and they all laughed at me, or denied I had even seen anything. No one could, or even wanted to help me, or understand me. I was all alone. I was young and I was terrified. So, I decided to protect myself the only way I knew how. I decided to never go back there again much less spend the night. It wasn't until maybe a month after I stopped going that I began to piece things together.

Now, I will begin by saying that I am of Hispanic decent. People joke about us believing in myths and legends and things that are simply not true. What most people do not understand is that several of those myths and legends are actually based on some sort of truth. Furthermore, if there is one thing that most people can agree on that is that there is evil in the world.

Deep in the southern parts of Mexico there are people, not just women, many people that practice the art of witchcraft. Now, this isn't some joke, or fantasy, or some made up fiction story. There are people in the world who make bargains with the devil and other malevolent spirits in order to carry out acts of evil.

Now, from my understanding there are several types of witchcraft or "magia" as it is referred to. Magia Negra or dark magic is evil and is used to hurt others. While Magia Blanca is good and used for curing. In my personal opinion I do not believe in "good" magic or "good" witchcraft. To me, witchcraft is witchcraft and has some form of malevolent spirit behind it. If anyone believes otherwise, I humbly respect your opinion.

Now, back to how I added puzzle pieces. I began to remember finding several candles of different colors, along with what appeared to be prayers, in my aunt's car and in the room she was staying in a couple of months before obtaining back her children. Not only that, but I remembered my mother saying to me one time, "Your aunt is messing with some things she shouldn't be messing with. It's dangerous." At the time, I didn't understand, yet once seeing that thing, everything slowly began to add up. The candles, the prayers, the strange smells that would come from the room when I would go check on her before the kids came back. My uncle's wife once confessing to me hearing the tap turn on and something pull on her hair. My other little cousin once saying she had seen a little girl run to the roof. Strange things that had occurred ever since my aunt had decided to stay with my uncle and fight for her kids.

I was in quite the dilemma. How could I tell my family my findings? I was scared. I was beyond scared, but had to say something. So, one day I got some courage and went to visit my uncle during the day. I took him outside and explained everything to him. Yet, he laughed at me and said, "Don't worry. It's nothing. Nothing is going to happen." It sounded to me that he was trying to convince himself more so than me. Therefore, I remember telling him very seriously, "I'm just letting you know uncle. Something is in your house. So don't be surprised when you hear or see something too." After that, it took me about 2 more years to set foot in his house again.

Now, do I believe it to be the ghost of a dead woman? No. Do I believe that it could have been some malevolent spirit (demon) manifesting itself? Maybe.

To this day, my uncle's daughter claims to see a little girl run to the roof. His wife claims to hear noises when she is alone in her room. My uncle himself has heard something knock on his window at night. Do I spend the night? Never.

Could something be in his house? I honestly don't know people, and to be completely honest, I do not intend to find out. I'm older now and more braver, yet even I am not stupid enough to go up against something so terrifying.

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FallenAnqel13 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-03)
Dear Calamity,

I truly do appreciate that you understand where I'm coming from. I feared that people might consider me crazy or too superstitious, but to me it's all very real. That's why your comment and shared story makes me smile. Thank you so much for your support on this. My aunt only once told me of hearing someone knock on the bedroom window at night. It wasn't until after my aunt left that strange things started happening. The most disturbing occurrence was when my uncle's six year old said something about a little girl. Her mom claims that she had a new dress locked up in her closet and that one day she found the dress on the bed and her makeup on the floor. She asked her daughter and she said the little girl had been wearing it and playing with her makeup before she left it on the bed and crawled up the wall to the roof. When her mom checked the closet door the door had been opened when she's positive she had locked it with key. So, yeah forget that. I don't go there unless I absolutely have to and only during the day.
FallenAnqel13 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-03)
DandK my aunt is no longer living with my uncle, but has now moved to a different city. I don't speak to my cousins much nowadays. My uncle and his wife, who own the house I'm talking about, do have strange experiences in their home still. It's a bit disturbing really.
FallenAnqel13 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-03)
Joanna thank you so much for going into a more detailed and scientific approach to my experience. I appreciate your expertise very much
Calamity (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-01)

I too would have been very frightened had I seen a dark shadow of a woman in the middle of the night. I can imagine it only frightened you more to see the way she moved.

When you wrote, "My aunt did not seem at all thrilled by my proclamation and convinced my mom to let me spend the night with her in the room my uncle lent her.", I am guessing that you were alluding to the idea that maybe your aunt didn't want to sleep in her room alone with her children. Do you know if your aunt has actually experienced anything in the house or her room?

I spent years in Texas and am familiar with much of the "myths and legends" of Hispanic culture, not to mention that my late father-in-law was from Mexico. When he and my late mother-in-law (she was not Mexican) took their first son to visit relatives in Mexico the child became very ill. It was eventually decided that two women in a market had put the evil eye on the baby. He was taken to a curandera and she removed the curse and their son quickly healed. It was all new to my mother-in-law but she accepted the differences in her husband's culture and use to love to tell that story. I can certainly respect your belief that all "magic", white or black, is bad, but I believe things may not be so cut and dried. Maybe what ever your aunt was doing helped her feel as of she had some control over her situation.

I do wonder though if there is perhaps something in the house however. It sounds as if it could be trying to get their attention by making noises, turning on the tap and pulling hair. It doesn't sound particularly negative. I will say though that the little girl that has been seen running up to roof sounds a bit disturbing. Maybe there is more than one entity. Are you certain that things were not already happening in the house before your aunt moved in?

Sometimes we are scared simply because something is unknown and it really doesn't need to be feared.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope things are going well for your aunt and her children now.

DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-01)
FallenAngel3, thanks for sharing your story. I understand your fear and not wanting to go back to the house. Are your cousins also afraid? Are you close with them?

To Joanna4ever, keep in mind that light is just photons and that those are only 'released' when electrons make a transition from a higher energy level to a lower one. Light itself is not an electron. Conversely, photons are absorbed by an electron when it makes a transition from a lower to a higher, excited energy state. These quantized energy states are what is predicted and defined through quantum mechanics.
joanna4ever (10 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-01)

I agree with you.

Even without other birds to show them how to navigate, they would still know how to get to where they need to get to. It's like asking how the heck animals know how to procreate even when there is no one to show them how. What part of the brain trigger that instinct? All scientist can explain to the very core is simply "DNA". When going deeper it would all comes down to chemical compounds. When did deeper, it comes down to atoms, then protons and electrons... Then deeper quartz. Who is to say that there is nothing smaller that electrons when we never actually "see" electrons to begin with, but we all know that is there and tests "show" that it exists and the mathematical model proven that it "makes" sense. We never actually see any of his stuff.

Thus who is to say that souls/ghosts are simply electrons; since lights/electricity are made up of electrons.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-01)

Birds see magnetic fields, which they use like maps to gauge Earth's gravity. This also makes it possible for them to sense weather/seasonal changes in ways we don't, and also navigate at night, like migratory birds, or hunt like nocturnal birds. Other animals who see magnetic fields include turtles, I think whales do too, probably more I can't think of right now.
In light of this interesting info I now recommend not keeping bird cages near fridges, might confuse the poor dears!😆

I agree completely, there's so much out there we don't know about. Of course just about every home has 'something' who at leasts visits time to time. 😊
joanna4ever (10 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-01)
The truth is that there is something in everyone's houses. It's just that some people are more sensitive than others; so they tend to see/feel what others don't.

Have you ever wondered why birds know how/when to migrate even if there are no others birds there to teach these birds? Scientists until this day still cannot understand how/why this internal GPS is generated within birds. I brought this up because there is more to what science can explain.

Have you ever heard of the famous quantum mechanics? This is basically a mathematical model that predicts where the electrons are most of the time.

Lights, our bodies, anything that we touch and see are supposed to have electrons in them that we cannot see or even feel.

What you saw that night was real. It came from another dimension and also consist of electrons.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-04-28)
FallenAngel - I hit publish too quickly. I understand why your aunt did why she did. In the middle of a nasty divorce years ago, my ex-husband filed for full custody of our daughter. If we hadn't been granted joint custody, I would have done anything to get my daughter back. I cannot tell you, in complete honesty, that I wouldn't have resorted to drastic measures if I had lost her.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-04-28)
I want to preface my comment to FallenAngel13 with a word of caution to the rest of our members.

As y'all know, our site represents many cultures, beliefs, religions, etc. The o/p is basing her theories on her beliefs. Do not be disrespectful to her or her beliefs as she was not disrespectful in her story.

Any comment that I feel is being disrespectful, no matter how cleverly phrased, will be deleted.

Thank you.

FallenAngel - I will not try to persuade you that the figure you saw is that of a deceased woman, even though that is what I think. My first story shared on this site expresses concern over something experienced by my son. I no longer feel the same way I did when I submitted my experience. Time, and talking to friends on here, helped me see that maybe things aren't the way I feared them to be.

I don't know very much about black magic except to respect it, and the person using it. I do hope that if the figure is the result of black magic used by your aunt, nothing else happens as a result.

Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing this with us. By the way, you don't have to divulge any details of the custody battle. That, to me, is personal to your aunt and should only be shared if she gives permission.

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