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Since I could remember, weird things have always happened to my family and me. We lived in a house out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but woods. My mom told me the family moved out because the husband died in a car wreck down the road. I come to find out later my mom lied to me because I was barely ten. The husband had a heart attack when he was showering while the family was gone.

Before I knew the truth about his death, I always noticed things happening. I could lay in bed at night and hear footsteps coming down the hall, followed by the door handle trying to open. I would always get up and look and there wouldn't be a thing, other than the footprints in the thick carpet.

After we moved out, we found out my room was the six month old daughter's room. My mother was in the shower one day when all of a sudden the shower head flipped straight up to the ceiling (this shower head was old and rusted, and we could hardly get it to move). Nothing bad ever happened, just the man trying to live on in his house.

After living in that house for about three years, my mom and stepdad decided to pack me and my (then) three brothers and one sister up, and move to a bigger house closer to town. We lived there for about three months when we noticed weird things happening. It started out the same as the other house, footsteps and door handles.

I was thirteen years old, and finally had my own room in the basement. I used to sleep with the door open and all lights off. One night I was laying facing the door like always, when I started hearing voices, naturally I thought it was my mom and stepdad upstairs talking. Then I realized it was 4 am and no one was up, there was no lights on in the house, and I could hear my stepdad snoring through the floor.

I froze with fear and couldn't look away from the open door. The footsteps on the concrete floor and the man's voice got louder. It all stopped. I could see a slightly dark spot in my doorway since the moon was shinning through the window. The shape said "sleep", slammed the door and locked it from the inside (mind you it was a deadbolt not a door handle). After that night I always kept a music channel on the TV playing, locked the door, and never slept facing the door.

One day while I was at school, my mom was on the computer. The computer was in the sun room, against the wall opposite to the basement door. We always left the door open. Well the door closed, mom got up, looked down the stairs (knowing all the kids were at school and my stepdad was a boilermaker working out of town), and opened the door back up. After about ten minutes it closed a little harder again, mom opened it back up. About ten minutes went by and the door slammed so hard the it opened back up and closed again. At that point mom left it closed, and to this day the door will randomly open and close.

I remember I had to miss a day of school my freshmen year due to a bad stomach bug. I was laying on the couch, and mom sitting on the recliner, we were watching the morning news. Our three year old boxer Sasha had set a squishy elephant toy on the coffee table. A movement caught my eye and I turned, the toy went flying across the room. My mom and I sat there staring at it. I eventually said "Did you see that, Momma?" "I did, I'm waiting for it to do it again." But it never did. The house got quiet for a couple years, nothing major happened, and we had hoped whatever was going on had stopped.

One evening my sophomore year I went to a friends house, Leah was her name. We decided to make a Ouija board (how stupid), but it didn't bother us at the time. Only thing we found out was a 22 year old woman liked talking to us, and eventually told us to "watch out." We didn't think anything of it.

Well a few months later my mom had a baby girl, Zophia (who is now 3). I slept in bed with mom after my stepdad left for work in another state, to help out with the newborn. Around 5 am when the sun had just started to come up, I felt mom jump straight out of bed and then just stood there. Obviously I thought something was wrong with the baby, so I jumped up too. Mom had grabbed her phone and was taking pictures with the flash on. She told me a few minutes later a tall shadow was standing by the door walked in, then walked out, and down the hall to the kitchen. But no one was in there, or had even been out of bed. We eventually calmed down and gone back to sleep.

Just two hours later, around 7, mom was changing Zophia's diaper and clothes and noticed two scratch marks (looked like from nails) down her back. Zophia didn't wake up from 3 am until 7 am. Mom took pictures and investigated the bed and clothes. There was nothing in the bed or her shirt, considering how small the baby was, just a smooth mattress, with a smooth flat sheet, nothing to cut. The footsteps and voices continued but nothing scary like that for about three years.

Flash forward to now, I'm 19 years old, married, and moved out. Mom had another baby boy, John (now 14 months old), and Zophia who is three, talking, and sleeping in her "big girl bed" in the room she shares with Nicole (my 10 year old sister).

About a month after I got married and moved in with my husband, I got a call while I was on break at work. Mom was scared because Zophia woke up screaming like she was being killed. After mom got her calmed down, she asked her what was scaring her. Zophia said "The girl was in my bed, playing with my hair."

"Did she say anything?" Mom asked her.

"She wants to play with me," Zophia sniffled.

She slept in bed with mom for a few days and then went back to her own room. I couldn't help but remember the Ouija board Leah and I had played with years before. Since then the footsteps and voices were more active, but I never thought about it until then.

Just a few weeks ago I was at mom's. My two aunts, my nana, my mom, and I were all in the basement going through things for a yard sale. No one else was home, the babies were playing with toys behind us and the dog was asleep on the couch in the toy room with them. We each had our own bag of clothes to sort, when out of nowhere we heard glass breaking, followed by what sounded like someone jumping up and down on the floor directly above us. Mom grabbed Zophia, I grabbed John, and we all ran upstairs followed by Sasha, the Boxer.

We looked in every room, every corner, and found nothing. No glass broken, nothing fallen. The only thing that we noticed was Sasha barking at a corner in the hall with all her fur raised. She eventually stopped and we all went back downstairs.

I have been afraid to stay home alone at my mom's house since I was 13, I turn 20 in a couple months, and still won't. But I'm scared my Ouija board friend has followed me out of mom's and into my own house. Things move, disappear, show back up later, and at night things knock around in the kitchen (trust me I've checked for mice, we have none).

I remember a night I had to go to bed by myself, my husband had to work until 1 am... I don't remember what time it was, but the puppy started barking and had to go potty, I took Dixie (my two month old yellow lab) out. I had been back in bed for about five minutes waiting on Dixie to fall back asleep. I had my face under the pillow to block out the TV light (like I said I still sleep with the TV on) when I felt my husband's side of the bed sink in. I thought it was weird since I never heard his truck pull up or door open, so out of instinct I grabbed the pistol on my side of the bed and sat straight up. There was nothing there but a dent in the mattress.

I stood up scared to death, that same time the mattress flattened back out and the sheets, unwrinkled. Without knowing what else to do I said out loud, "Can you please stop? You are really scaring me." Nothing like that has happened since then. Just the normal banging around and occasional door opening.

Mom still has a lot of activity at her house, and unless we get a priest involved it won't ever stop.

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RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-16)

Welcome to YGS from a fellow Kentuckian (Lexington)

Really enjoyed your story. Each event not to over the top but enough to let you know something is there. To me, those are the most believable paranormal stories.

There are spirits everywhere and in many many homes that show NO signs of paranormal activity. The fact is that if a spirit doesn't want you to know it resides in your home, you won't know it no matter how hard you try. We can't always sense them but they can sense the living so imagine from their point of view. Living in a home that is occupied by another family. That's what it is like for them should they choose to remain attached to the living world. I am of the opinion that sometimes activity will spring up in the hope that the living will vacate the building and the spirits can have their home back to themselves, like before they crossed over. Cases in point where you here of a rise in paranormal activity when new people move into a place and start to remodel.

Anyway, enough from me.
Welcome again and please share more


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