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Malicious Entity Is After Me


Before I begin, I'm going to give a bit of a back story so this all makes more sense. It all started a few months ago when I had asked a close friend of mine if she believed in the paranormal, as I was very interested in it at the time. She said yes, so I asked if she had any experiences. Reluctantly, she explained that she's been considering that she was able to feel the presence of entities. It all got explained and we came to the conclusion that she can. After this, she admitted that she'd felt something (s) in my home ever since the first time she came over.

After some questions I found out that she felt multiple presences (about four). One was positive, two were negative, and one was neutral. She said the energies of the negative ones were quite strong, and one resided in my room while the other moved around. Energies were especially strong in the main bathroom and the corner of the kitchen. Eventually I decided to try and communicate with one, in which I found out that there are actually three negative entities, a spirit of a little girl, and a protective entity. I actually spoke to one of the negative entities while the same friend was with me, and that's where things get confusing.

It told me that none of them want to harm me; they just like to mess with and scare me. (This had been obvious from the one in the bathroom especially, who likes to knock things over a lot.) At first I believed it, but now I'm not so sure. It has lied to me several times while we were talking; It admitting to playing with me by giving wrong answers. It rubbed me the wrong way, but my friend didn't seem to take it too seriously so I just brushed it off.

Talking with it was kind of like talking to a friend who likes to tease and mess with you. My friend and I got more casual with the conversation seeing how it's personality was. So I - jokingly - stated to my friend, "Maybe I should just become antisocial and only talk to the entity!" After I had said this, the entity had replied with "yes". I was shocked with its answer, hoping it was just kidding like it previously had. Hesitatingly, I asked it directly, "Would you like it if I became antisocial and only talked to you?" and it once again replied with "yes". At this point, I was a bit spooked and didn't want to continue. Thankfully, we had to leave anyway, so the conversation ended. However, this isn't the only thing that confused me.

Recently, I had randomly begun dealing with a dissociation type of ordeal that only happened in either the bathroom or in my bedroom, both places that I learned negative entities resided in. When this would happen, I wouldn't be able to move, as if someone was holding me in place, I would space out, and my stomach would start to ache. It happened quite often, and was really beginning to freak me out. Knowing this, I contacted another friend of mine, who's around 19 and has had countless paranormal experiences in the past, since I knew he'd be able to help me. I told him about the issue and he said this can happen when an entity is trying to communicate.

Remembering this while speaking to the negative entity, I asked if it had ever attempted to communicate with me beforehand, and it said yes. So I asked if it was responsible for the dissociation. I couldn't shake the feeling that it was lying when it replied to me, "No", especially considering it already showed it didn't always give truthful answers. It just made too much sense for it not to be the entities, since I have never dealt with it in the past and have no known medical issues in which could be the cause.

Another experience was a truly terrifying one that I'll never be able to forget. I was watching a show that I had recently taken an interest to, in my bedroom, alone, with the door shut. The current episode I was watching was a stressful one for the characters, so I was getting pretty worked up. Something especially stressful happened, and that's when things got really bad. My slight annoyance was suddenly increasing into full blown anger. Before I knew it I couldn't move, much like when I would "dissociate". I began breathing heavily and I wasn't thinking at all. The rage continued to increase as I stared absentmindedly at the TV, now which had suddenly stopped working and the screen remained black. (Due to my current situation, I didn't even notice.)

This anger seemed to be surrounding the bedroom, creating a very negative aura. It was when my stomach and throat began to hurt that I was pulled back into reality and realized what was happening. Though I still couldn't move, I gained a bit of my mind back and continued to repeat things in my mind like, "This isn't you." "Calm down, you aren't doing this. Something else is, you need to fight it." "Focus, try to move a bit, snap out of it." and things of that sort. Countless times when I was able to move a little bit and shake my mind, seconds later I'd be pulled right back in again. After what seemed like ages, I finally fully pulled myself out of that terrifying state and hurriedly left the room, staying in the living room with the rest of my family so I wouldn't be alone. I slept in my mom's room that night out of fear.

This rage certainly wasn't my own, and I've never had past anger management issues or an episode like that. Nothing to this extreme has happened since then, thankfully.

Other smaller things have happened, but I'm not sure if it was this entity of one of the others. One time was when I was alone in my room on my computer. I had just been sitting there browsing when I started to feel a burning sensation on my wrist, kind of like the burn you get right after an injury such as cutting yourself on something. When I looked at my wrist, I noticed a red spot where the burning sensation was felt. It had gone away moments later, as if nothing was ever there.

Another was when I decided to sleep with my door closed one night, and when I woke up the next morning, my mom told me the door had been locked, even though I never even touched the lock (my door locks from the inside).

I'd also like to add that during this time, I was dealing with bad depression. Some stressful things were happening, but it was as if the stress had multiplied itself and caused my mental state to plummet. I've always had a hard time communicating and socializing with people, but at that time, I couldn't even bother talking to my closest of friends. At this time I was gradually shutting almost everyone out without even realizing it. I think this might've been why the anger and "dissociation" episodes had happened, since I was so vulnerable. My friend suggested that the entity (ies) may have been the reason I reached such a low level to weaken me enough to take advantage of me, since she had done research and found that it's common for malicious entities to do, but neither of us know for sure.

All in all, I feel like the entity I spoke to may be lying to me. Either one of the negative entities are the ones hurting me and aren't as innocent as they claim to be, or it was something else entirely. I have no clue. If anyone here is able to help me in any way, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading my story.

Side note: none of the entities attempt to communicate with anyone else in my home except for me, so no one else knows about this.

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C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-19)
Ditto Tweed & RandyM! We only have this life and must live it to the fullest and treasure it for the precious commodity it is. Time is precious. I think your friend is right about negative entities taking advantage of your depression to alienate you from your friends and family. That alienation feeds on your energy, drains you and makes life more difficult. I have the attitude that bad people make bad entities and good people make good entities. If you wouldn't hang out with raging maniacs in real life, why would you want to hang out with dead ones? It's nice and comforting when you feel connected to and remember a loved one who has passed away, but as RandyM said, you are living and there will be a time and place for the other side.

I hope you will throw yourself into living like doing a cannonball dive into a pool! Unfetter yourself and live in the moment! Appreciate every laugh, smile, sharing of thoughts and dreams with others. There is so much to enjoy if you allow it.
Leen3808 (guest)
7 years ago (2016-07-03)
I think ashar123 said it right and the thing when you opened yourself up for these entities you didn't just put yourself at risk but you're risking the lives of everyone in your household.
You befriended these demons and they can kill each member of your family just to keep you for themselves... I think cleaning your house and yourself will do great or do what I do I sleep with gospel music in my bedroom to work on my fears.
And whatever you do never show them that you're nolonger interested in their presence because if you do, That will be your paranormal experience.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-02)
Let me tell you few things. If you read the story "Hearing Voices after doing EVP: EVP psychosis" here on this site you will discover much about the nature and behavior of these entities. Once you attempt to communicate to these entities they try to deceive you if you are mentally weak. The more interest and fear or attention you will show to them, they will gain energy from this and will haunt you, lie to you and hurt you. First of all never try to establish any sort of communication with them and even if you have committed that sort of mistake then please don't feel scared. Be brave face it, ignore it, don't pay attention to it, remember God and they will soon leave.

Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-30)

Going to assume a Ouija board was involved. Cut that out if you want this to stop.
Not everything is paranormal. Got the impression ya'll have been jumping to a few paranormal conclusions where there weren't any. This would've fed your fear, and the overall energy this is after.
Reckon Rook's cleansing is in order here. You can do this in your room without your parents knowing. It'll calm things down.
Overall stop communicating with idiot ghosts.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-30)
Hello Ophiuxhus
First let me welcome you to YGS
I have enjoyed reading your encounters

Many people who have had contact with the other side will tell you that it is very very common for an entity to start off being your friend until they gain your trust. Once they have it and an attachment is formed then they come to find out the entity isn't really so nice after all. You must remember something. Your not talking to something you can see and witness. You are talking to something that tells you what it wants you to believe. You have no way of verifying what it tells you. Besides ghosts of humans that once lived there are beings that have NEVER been human and lived a human life. Those beings can be wise and much stronger than you may realize. Based upon what you have told I really think it in your best interest to stop all communication with these beings. Per example: you stated that one of them said "yes" when you ask if you should only have it as someone to talk to. While we can have an interest in the paranormal we are here to be alive.
There will be time for all of us to live on the other side of death. But that time is not while we are alive.
I would start by stating out loud that they are no longer welcome to communicate with you. They are not welcome in your home and you demand them to leave. This will work more times than you think.
If not, then I would strongly advise you to tell your parents and get some better help. Ignore, ignore, and then ignore. Get out with your friends and family and take control back.

Please keep us informed and write more if you feel you need more help.
There are many here who can offer better help than I can but we can all pull for you and be an understanding ear when you need support.

Best of luck moving forward

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