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The White Wings


As this is my first time at publishing a story here, I thought I should start relatively slowly and also explain some background about me.

Up until recently, I have been a dancer my entire life, and have always felt most serene stood in the wings of a stage. Funny really, that this story so revolves around wings in every sense!

Being a performer, countless hours have been spent on a stage and backstage (wings, tech booths, dressing rooms etc.). Now, though most of my experiences have been personal, I thought I would start with one that was only about me, and not something I actually saw myself.

It happened during a dress rehearsal for an annual show that I was to perform in (about 2 years ago). I was in a local theatre where I am from in South Wales. To set the scene, I was stood alone in the right hand side wings of the stage (for non-stagey folk, this just means the small space on either side of the theatre stage, where you are concealed from the audience).

On the opposite side to me were my teacher and her close friend who acted as our stage manager. It is important to note that both of these women are very spiritual and I believe quite in tune with the unexplainable.

There is usually very minimal light when you are in the stage area as was the case now. I was waiting to rehearse a routine and was also acting as an assistant teacher at the time, so was spending 90% of that dress rehearsal right where I was when this event apparently occurred. There were plenty of other people in the auditorium but none where I was standing at this time.

I must stress there was nothing but black walls and a few small tables behind me and I was very much alone when our stage manager witnessed this event. She claimed to have been watching me from across the stage as we waited to progress, when she saw a large pair of white wings appear behind me, almost wrapping around me. Angel wings? Butterfly wings? What? I was told this all by my teacher shortly afterwards, a woman whom I was very close with and trust immensely.

The stage manager had apparently asked my teacher about me as she was seeing it, "Has she lost somebody close to her recently?" My teacher confirmed that in fact I had, and the manager proceeded to explain why she was asking.

I have always felt a strong feeling with me backstage since this person passed and always hoped they were there to watch me as they always had done.

One more mentionable detail would be that a while later that day, while the show was in full swing, the same stage manager said I had walked past her in the wings to go backstage and a huge gust of wind seemed to sweep after me. This stage has no natural drafts, no windows/doors, etc that could produce winds and it is always boiling when you're up there - you'd be grateful for a breeze! So again, strange.

I have always wondered about this event, and hoped that it means my loved one was with me.

If anyone could confirm this, or explain about any theories of seeing these wings, I would be so grateful!

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Cymru_am_byth (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-11)
Thank you jwarrdor, I really appreciate you commenting! Your belief about an angel makes perfect sense.

I definitely didn't have awareness of these wings around me, but whenever I am alone in a space like that I have felt, since this person passed, a certain presence or energy that settles me.

When it comes to experiencing anything like this before, one thing I can think of is that again since this person passed, white feathers seem to appear rather frequently around me, particularly when I feel the need for reassurance? They are always perfectly white and soft as if they've been untouched by outdoor elements etc, and have turned up in strange places i.e behind photo frames, tucked in my handbag, in my car - they will blow onto me directly often too. I always wondered if this was something of a sign, or just my brain linking random feathers because I want it to be one?
Any thoughts you may have on that would be amazing to hear.
I always keep the feathers that appear, just in case haha!

Thank you!
jwarrdor (8 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-08)

Thank you for sharing. I can't say that I have much of a theory beyond what you, yourself have suggested. My own beliefs would tend to point to an angel.

I do find it interesting that the manager witnessed the events but you were unaware of them. I would be interested to know if se had ever had anything similar happen, or if you have experienced anything similar yourself.

Thank you again!
Cymru_am_byth (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-04)
Also, apologies Tweed I was too anxious to answer and missed a vital question!
The person I've always thought and hoped was still with me was not what I would class as religious - we would say one bedtime prayer at night when I was a child, but religion was not at all a major part of our life. They would never go to church, humanist speakers were used for weddings/funerals in our family and religious symbols were never worn or in the house throughout their life.
Thanks again!
Cymru_am_byth (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-04)
Diolch Tweed!
Thank you very much for commenting and taking the time to read my post.
As far as I am aware, the stage manager was not religious as in a Christian/Muslim etc. But I know she was very spiritual and would be involved with psychic readings, tarot practice and so forth. And unfortunately, I would have no clue if wings or winged beings were particularly significant in her beliefs, just that it was kind of crazy to think they were behind me!
There was definitely no logo or motto that the theatre had that included wings/Angels and it is a fairly modern building as far as theatres go. But very interesting to think that it may have been a protective spirit linked to the location!
I hope this helps and thank you again, it's great to share these experiences! ❤
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-03)
Cymru, croeso!

Couple questions for you to consider (don't feel pressured to answer them if you don't want to, it's more for your consideration)

The person you hope is with you in the theater, was/is this person religious and/or did angels or wings resonate with them in some way?
(In this instance the apparition the stage manager sensed could have been symbolic of this)

Does the stage manager have any affiliation with wings or winged beings?
(In this instance the stage manager's personal beliefs could've influenced her subconscious awareness of what you had been through. Goodness, hope that makes sense!)

Is there any significance within the theater of wings or winged beings? A theater logo or motto for example or one from bygone days. (something to research maybe)
(In this instance a protective spirit of some description, one who cares for and protects the location and those who thrive in it, something along those lines)

All these things occurred to me while reading your experience, which feels completely positive and super cool by the way!

Thanks for sharing. 😊

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