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Little Girl And Such Spirits


I've been getting the runaround lately with my thought about so many strange things I lived through in the past. Well I've been living in Texas my entire life since I was about 4 or 5. I used to live in the town before there was nothing but the country and grassy fields and there was nothing for miles. Now there are fancy homes, lots of shopping centers, and clinics. It was many years before of this was here when my parents decided to move to Pearland.

My parents bought a 2 and half acre land from this woman which I cannot remember her name. This woman always had a strange look in her eyes a rather evil look I would say. The land was pretty big considering it was just a family of 5 and we only used half the land. Anyway there was always rumors that people were killed on our land but never buried. These rumors always gave me the chills because I always felt stuff such as cold spots and is if something or someone would be staring at me.

As I got older activity grew stronger in my house and the time being while this was happening my mom and her husband were also getting a divorce, and he was barely around anymore. I would often go into the master bedroom to watch TV and in that room I would always see dark shadows walking by including on the wall.

In a few instances I also saw a man standing in front of my bedroom door. I remember him as tall, light skinned and he had curly hair, a mustache, wore old jeans, a white t-shirt with white tennis shoes. He only stood there for a few seconds until he disappeared to never be seen again.

After seeing those apparitions and after my mom's ex-husband left us for sure, everything started to calm down. Well months after I would wake up every night to the cries of a little girl. This would be around midnight or sometimes around 10 pm or in the middle of the day. Only my mom and I heard the cries. I believe my mother has the ability to see and talk to the dead and she knows if the family is in danger or about to die. She can often hear people praying and talking before someone passes away.

Well through a period of time we would hear this little girl crying often me and my mom would try and hear where it was coming from. One time it actually let us on a chase and when I thought I heard the crying coming from my mom's bedroom across the house I walked I saw nothing. So my mom and I kept on fallowing it. Well then it led us outside and this was in the hour of 10 pm. As we fallowed it we looked toward the backyard and my mom and I were both in shock. We looked towards the backyard and we see what looked like a tree that was on fire. We suddenly realized that is where the crying was coming from and suddenly we see a white mist go up and disappear then the flame was gone and the crying stopped.

My mother always said if you ever see flames in a certain spot and then it disappears it means that there is buried money. Or at least that is what she believes. My mother always believed there was something buried there. Well after the incident happened we rarely hear anything anymore.

For me everything started to get back to normal I really didn't see or hear anything for a while. On the other hand my mom did. She would still hear noises and see dark shadows walking around. Eventually the house we used to live in started falling apart, water would leak in the house from the rain, the floors would sink in and there was holes everywhere.

At that time it was only my mother, sister, brother and I and we had no one to help us. There was a time when we had nothing to eat on our table. Well after years of things not going well we were sure our home would crumble at any minute. Somehow it was still kept up and we lived in it for some more time.

One day our luck turned around and we bought a new house and was being built. Before the building of the house we needed to demolish the old house. While the house would be demolished and the other would be built we were going to move with my grandmother. In the process we packed our belongings and emptied the house. Well as were saying our last goodbye, my mom was closing the door and something pushed her forward as if someone were holding the door from the other side and didn't want her to leave.

At last we got in to our car and she soon realized she forgot one last thing and she couldn't believe her eyes. As I walked in with her we had seen that the inside walls of the home had tumbled down as if it had water damage. We had a feeling that our home would come tumbling down during our stay but it never did, but we believe that whatever was staying in our home was protecting it during our stay. They knew we were leaving so there job was done. I found it to be truly chilling and worse things have happened in that house. Glad to share my story with everyone.

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-24)
Thank you sweetsunshine1800 for your comment.
Yes I believe that there separation surely did bring a lot of negativity or least made it aware to what was already there. There would always be continuous fight every night and it wasn't healthy for neither of them.
And yes my mom believes the people before us could've had a feud over money and maybe that's why some of the people were killed in our land. So maybe that would explain the burning tree. And it's ok this is well into the past and none of that activity has fallowed us, which I'm glad. I still hear noises from time to time but nothing major.
And thanks you have a good day as well.
sweetsunshine1800 (4 stories) (85 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-23)
Hello loneybone,

Thanks for sharing your experience. As you've stated that your parents have been going through a rough time, probably the negative presence of your house could've been attracting paranormal activity there. It could also be possible that the tall man you've seen could be a person murdered on this land. About the girl crying I think, something's under that burning tree who's reaching out to you and your mom as she can sense these things 😊 I'm really sorry your family have to go through these harsh times 😭 I can understand as I've myself suffered from these things. It feels great that there were some entities who were protecting your house through thick and thin 😁

P.S this is straight going to my favs

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,

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