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I Was Young And Dumb And Casted A Spell


I was a teenager deeply "in love" and I had a boyfriend at the time who was long distance and promised me many things. He was not very communicative and always held a lot of what he felt or had to say inside. We spoke often and we talked about a future together and it was looking good so far.

Well me being young and naïve I wanted him to be the one but I also wanted him to be more open and tell me all his secrets and feelings. I told him I was going to go visit him and he talked about other "things" that I was not ready for. But I was willing to take all risk just for him.

Well when I noticed he wasn't being very communicative and all he wanted to talk about was XXX it really got me thinking. He did always tell me that he loved me and all and he showed me a ring that he was going to give me, but at that time I needed assurance.

Thinking of way for him to be more open and honest I took it upon my self to find a solution.

Just to clarify I have never casted a spell before that and this was my first time. I got the idea because my mom is clairvoyant and a bit psychic at times. She doesn't want to develop her gift. She often helps others and I see her lighting candles and right now she is helping my sister with her boyfriend and so everything she did just gave me ideas.

She is not a witch or doesn't do black magic she just uses candles prayers and herbs/oils.

Anyway for the past days I was being fed up that I was the one putting more effort into our relationship and I wanted and needed him to be more open and honest with me. I wanted he him to feel the same way as I felt.

So I took it upon myself to google some love spells and not sure the name but something similar to obedient spells not quite though.

So that evening I went to a shed/ cabin I own and I followed the instructions. I bought red pink and white candles, I had a bowl with some special oils I can't remember, I had printed his pictures and I had the spell verse ready to go.

So I had to put his picture in the oil with both our names and while lighting the candle I had say the spell out loud followed by "MOTE IT BE".

I also tried a few other enchanting spells and did other things to his pictures. In my mind at that age I thought I was awesome for doing this and I really made myself believe it was going to work.

Well darkness was approaching and I was headed home and I started to feel uneasy. I even told my mom that I was feeling a bit scared and I was honest I told her I casted a spell but I never told her what kind.

So that was that and I went to my room and she went to hers.

Until minutes later I hear an owl - except this really was no owl.

To start with I am Hispanic. For those of you who may not know we often believe that witches can turn into owls or how we say "Lechuzas" they look like owls but with other different features.

Well we hear the loud bird just saying "grrrr blahhh diiii daaaa" A whole bunch of gibberish and it was very loud and it wouldn't shut up. My mom came to my room running and asked if I heard that. I confirmed that I did.

We were standing in our living room and there is a hallway in the living room that leads to two bed rooms. While I was standing there I happen to look where the hallway was. My mom was looking the opposite direction.

Well what I saw next really creeped me out, I saw an orange light from the hallways and there was a doorway where a shadow of a woman was walking out from. All of this was in an orange silhouette similar to the logo you see on the top of this page.

At that moment I was so afraid that I yelled and I gave my mom a huge hug and I told her it was all my fault for casting a spell. And I had told her what I'd seen she almost did not believe me.

The minute I said I was sorry there was no sign of the orange light or shadow woman. On another note the "lechuza" was still being loud and rowdy. My mom went outside and yelled at it in Spanish. "What the heck did it want and it had no business here"

She soon got back in the house and closed the door and ran to her room.

I promise this thing was so loud and it was as if it were trying to speak and it was never quite. I walk to my mom's room and I see her go for a bag where she grabs a prayer card she has. She asked me to close the door and starts reciting this prayer but backwards, she really did shock me with this one.

Shortly after repeating this a few times over and over the "lechuza" was gone. Everything was silent and back to normal.

I must say I really did learn my lesson about trying cast a spell, especially when it was not done in a serious note.

I know now to take these things seriously and with a cautious matter.

From time to time I do like to read spells but never out loud and I have yet to try and cast another.

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2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-14)
A very interesting account. To me the concept of a "spell" is quite a varied one. To me such processes are really about giving energy to an intention. My view is that the mechanics of the process, the ingredients and words spoken etc are simply to facilitate that and do not themselves have significant bearing.
However, anytime you play with energy, you do risk something you don't want taking an interest.

Personally, I was terrified of all things supernatural for most of my life (having had some truly terrifying experiences). But about two and a half years or so ago I encountered a situation that required me to get stuck in and deal with such a situation. So I began studying all I could and got stuff done. Then I began considering other practical applications for such practices.
What would commonly be termed "spells" do feature in this. I use quotation marks to reiterate that I see them as processes of applying energy to intent, rather than as procedures that have innate power.
I do not call myself an expert, but I do believe that you need to take protective precautions first and cleansing precautions after. These processes are also (in my view) rooted in energising intent.

As I say, I am no expert. I have only been actively and deliberately practising for about two and a half years.
loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
Haven- Wow what an experience I think that everything she heard were warning signs and I am so glad she did not go back. Frankly people who try these kinds of things realize that there really is no such thing as a love spell, you cannot make a person fall in love with you. I would have been so scared and going to a witch is even scarier. The cemetery has all the spooky vibes already so casting a spell there would be just terrifying. Thanks for sharing.
loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
Johnnycanada- Thanks for your reply I think that you are so right. We must let course set it's sail without interrupting it. Knowing the future or trying to change it etc. That is not our business only gods. Our future is not set in stone and it can change at any given time. Though I'm glad your experience wasn't scary.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-04)
Hi, Loneybone

Your story brought back a memory. Something similar happened to my cousin. She paid someone to cast a spell so the guy she loved would fall madly in love with her. The "witch" that was going to cast the spell told her she would be taking a picture of each of them to a cemetery where she would bury the pictures together, light a candle and cast some sort of spell. This was supposed to happen around midnight. Well, that night, my cousin woke up and swears she could hear voices, like someone was praying or chanting. She also swears she saw shadows in the bedroom. I was spending my summer break with them and was awakened a few minutes after midnight by her crying and crawling into my bed scared.

She was supposed to go back to the witch the next day for the final casting of the spell (for lack of a better term), she never went back, she was too scared. Needless to say, the spell did not work. The guy never knew she existed.
JohnnyCanada (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-04)
Hi there, I have never commented on this site before but your experience really resonated with me. I was also madly in love with a faraway guy, and desperately wanted him to be "the one" even though he lived 2000 miles away and was planning to join the US military. And then he also became very uncommunicative, and this nearly killed me. I spent 6 months of my life fretting and crying over this guy. I was so anxious to know how he really felt, that I paid an expensive tarot reader in England for a reading, and it was very accurate but it said that he wasn't really interested and the whole thing was just a burden for him. In my heart I knew it was true but I still wasted another 2 months chasing him. And looking at other tarot readings hoping for a second opinion. That just made me even more anxious. Nothing scary happened but I think I displeased God by trying to know the future, and I wonder if things would have been different had I not. Anyway the lesson is, trust God and let things be and don't mess around with the occult. God bless xoxoxo

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