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Hearing Things At My Job In Einsteins


I want to share with you guys my story that happened like 6 months ago. I used to work at this place called Einstein Bagels. I still do, just not as much as I used to.

Well, at first when I started to work there everything was fine. I got along with everyone, no problems and still none of that. So like a month or 2 after working there my co-workers would tell me that they would hear things, never really see anything just hear. At first, I was like well alright I didn't hear anything but I went along with them.

Well things seemed to be taking a turn. Usually in the afternoon it's not busy whatsoever so I would be at the front and my coworker in the back getting ready for closing. As I was standing there, I was all alone and I was cleaning, all of a sudden I hear someone whistling. I asked my co-worker was it you? She swore it was not her. Everyday round the same time we all hear whistling from someone and no one would be there.

In other days trays would move on their own in the back as if they were trying to knock them down to the ground but not strong enough to do so. Another time when I was alone I heard a voice, a scratchy one, on the left side of my ear and it sounded like a woman going hey. This kind of scared me a little because I know for sure no one was there. I was the only one. I would also hear clapping noises as well as the door opening and closing but no one would be there. All these things were just things I would hear. I would never see anything.

I know in one instance my friend was washing dishes and he said that he felt someone tug his shirt and he said they turned the lights off on him. I find these things chilling, not really scary.

I asked my mom for advice. All she told me was the she could sense that nothing was there and that most likely was that so many people stop by that sometimes the echos stay and we might not hear them now but eventually they come back to us at a later time. It does make sense but I think it's still kind of chilling especially if being alone. I haven't heard anything lately but what do you guys think as far as the noises going on?

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