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I Need Help? Ghost Child!


I moved in into my current home about 3 months ago. It was me and my roommate with her husband and child. Things seemed peaceful for a while like for the first 2 weeks or so. One day I came to the house after a long day at work I started to feel uneasy and worried like someone was watching me. At first I never paid any attention because well I would not expect for something or someone to be there.

Well this uneasiness and the feeling of someone or something watching me kept on going for a few days. I would also hear like footsteps like if someone was walking on carpet. I would always assume it was the television. My roommate told me that she would always see things from the corner of her eyes. She also mentioned that things would always move out of place but maybe her husband moved them. That was not the case.

I consulted my mom about some advice seeing she has some psychic abilities and she mentioned that there is a little boy in the house who used to live there. For some reason I don't really see him nor does my roommate, but I do sense him sometimes or it or whatever it may be. The only one who has really seen him has been my roommates 3 year old daughter and she has even woken in the middle of the night playing peekaboo with the spirit. She mentioned that when she was home alone her daughter said look mommy look who is here and she said it twice.

My mom did end up visiting my home after I told her what was going on. She came in my room first to bathroom I have and all of a sudden she got a headache and felt nauseous. She said she felt like something bad happened in my bath. Which is creepy to think such thing. Well I'm not really scared of what's there or what happened. I do sleep well and I get left alone so I'm good.

My concern is that my roommate is pregnant and she has a child and that spirit only show itself to the little girl. I wouldn't want the upcoming baby being scared or anything like that. And I would also like to help the child spirit go through the light. I mean he still thinks that this is his home and I don't want him to stay and I want him to understand that he needs to leave. I know my mom said she sensed something else not a so good spirit and I don't really believe there is one except for the boy.

Me and my roommate did a cleanse. We lit sandalwood incense and sage and said prayer and told the little boy it was ok to cross through the light. My roommate said she felt fine for like the next two days but after that the boy returned. Like I said it really only shows itself to the 3 year old. Does anyone know what we can do to help go through the light? I just would like our home to feel like one. My roommate is to scared to give the little girl her own room when she used to have one and still does but can't sleep there due to that she is scared. So if any of you guys have any advice I can have on how to get rid of him please help.

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-28)
Thank you SDS and rookdygin. I will take your advice. I'm hoping our home will feel like home again. I will keep you updated on how things go.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-25)
Hi loneybone, I agree both with Mystic and Rook. While cleansing, the spirit might not have moved. May be he is not negative or harmful and that is exactly what Rook said and Mystic meant. Well, you can talk the spirit to go to light. But you should take the initiative and not your friend as she is pregnant. Please do take Rook's advise regarding high EMF levels of the house.

If you do talk to the spirit, do it with respect, tell the spirit that he has passed on and you can suggest him to go to light. You are right. Perhaps the spirit still thinks that he is alive and seeks a child to play with. So, why don't you try talking the spirit and leading it to light.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Mystic correct... There is a chance the spirit did not leave, and they offered some good suggestions.

You must also consider that this spirit may not be negative nor malevolent in nature and has chosen to either not cross over, or they did, however returned for whatever reason. If this is the case a 'cleansing' will not 'clear' him out.

Being sensitive does not refer to SPIRITS ONLY... Your roommate and your mother my have both experienced high EMF symptoms... Your mother, because she is a sensitive, your roommates senses may be heightened because she is pregnant. So if possible check the home for High EMF.


loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Thank you so much for the advice I will try it just like you said. I'm really hoping because last night I saw a shadow walking by in my room. I don't pay attention like you say fear is bad. Thanks again.
Mystic25 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Loneybone, Maybe when you guys did the cleansing he didn't really leave. One of the best things to do while cleansing a home is 1. Open your house by opening windows and exsposing any dark areas to light including closets and cabinets. 2. You were using good tools to cleanse though when you are saying the prayer over the house try being in the main center of your home burning a white candle in front of you to represent purity and peace. 3. Try not to show fear to this spirit, sometimes fear gives them power. I don't know what your religious beliefs are but you could pray protection over the little girl or if you or someone else in the house knows how to shield her and/or her room. But before you smudge your house again make sure all Spirits are out or else its all in vain. I wish you the best in this situation.

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