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Draggings On The Ceiling


I'm a visitor from Canada and have experienced many experiences in my country. The story here is the first in the Philippines. I have visited the Philippines a total of 5 times previously, this, the sixth.

The story took place recently in Cebu City at the Elizabeth Hotel. I arrived in Cebu City at the hotel on September 2, 2016, the same day as the Davao City bombing. The hotel is quite a nice hotel, the upkeep is relatively recent, and reasonably quiet as hotels go. Nothing noteworthy happened during the first week of stay. Coming and goings of guests to the suites or rooms are in my mind busy and normal. No extraordinary noise behaviour, that warrants my suspicion and wasn't totally quiet, with people traffic coming and going as normal.

On the second week, however, I started to hear some dragging sounds (a chair dragging on the floor) on the ceiling. I was on the 7th floor, so the dragging must have occurred on the 8th floor. I thought nothing of it because, well, this is not any different than other hotels. The only problem was: the room on every floor was covered in rugs or carpets. Almost simultaneously, that night, I heard a double knock on my door. I shouted "Who is it?" No answer came back, so I automatically assumed, the person knocked on the wrong door. 10 minutes elapsed, then another double knock. I again shouted "Who is it?" in a louder tone; again no answer. I went to sleep, a bit annoyed at people knocking on my door and have not the courtesy to answer. Meanwhile, the dragging of the chair started up, occurring every 30 minutes or so for about a couple of hours. This went on for about 5 days. Along with the dragging sound, I would get a phone call and no one would answer at the other end--this happened twice. I thought for sure someone upstairs knows my room number and is playing pranks on me.

The following day I was mad, and banged close to the ceiling as the noise continued. "That's it, I'm going to complain at the front desk" I said to myself. On telling the story to the clerk at the front, the girl checked the register and spoke to 3 of her other co-workers. They then summoned the hotel manager. They all looked at each other, after the registry book was checked. " I don't know what to say", the manager gasped. "No one has checked in the rooms above you and on either sides of you for several days". "Oh", I said. The manager offered to have it looked at but was quite scared to do it himself. So he gathered a few girls of the girls and went to check for themselves. I never got a definitive answer, except, they would change my room immediately. I didn't take up the offer, as this adds a little adventure to my visit this year.

As I have said before I have experienced ghost encounters before and some may be found if you Google: True British Columbia Ghost Stories--my story is about the 8th or 9th down the list. Another is in B.C.Ghosts Reports Haunting Society-PSICAN > across B.C.>Northern B.C.>Burns Lake. Stories took place in various homes I lived while working as a pharmacist in my province.

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