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Earlier this year I went on my first ghost hunt let by two mediums, and I'd like to share my experience there with you all. We went to a fort that has a lot of history surrounding it and we were straight away told about events that had gone on in the fort, leading me to wonder how genuine the night would be.

We started the night off in some tunnels. Everyone was very on edge at first as we were adjusting to the dark, so I do not believe that many of the 'experiences' at this point were anything more than over active minds.

Next he headed to another area of the fort. This area of the fort was build into a large hill and at the top were thin railings to prevent people falling. We stopped just outside it and one of the mediums told us that people sometimes experience strong emotions here and asked us to share how we felt. Most people said they felt normal, a couple said they felt happy but me and another person said we felt uncomfortable. I had a nausea feeling in my neck but nowhere else and couldn't stop looking at one area of the railings, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I will say that just before we went on the tour I had been feeling nervous and slightly queasy, but this was clearly in my stomach and I had been fine for the past hour or so that we had been at the fort. But I had this very strong feeling that someone had thrown themselves over the railings.

The medium moved on without saying anymore, but I expressed how I felt to my boyfriend, but he passed it off as how I felt earlier. I disagreed with him as I could tell that this was different. The feeling went away as we moved on through the fort but came back every time we passed through this area. At the end of our tour I asked the medium what had happened in that spot and he said that a man was found hanging from the railings, they don't know if it was murder of suicide. I told the medium what I had experienced and asked him what area the man had been found hanging from but the medium wasn't sure.

The night passed reasonably uneventful other than a few footsteps and people claiming they had been touched by something. At one point a stone was thrown across the room. It was dark but I was fairly sure I didn't see anyone move at that time, although it's not impossible. Towards the end of the night we were all feeling tired and were accustomed to the dark, so we were not feeling so scared and the atmosphere was calmer. We were taken through a tunnel and could only go so far as the rest was blocked off due to its history, where captives of the nazis had been held. I was standing right near this room at the end of the tunnel, next to one of the mediums. The other medium was talking. At one point he went quiet and I'm sure I head a groaning noise coming from the room. I didn't mention anything but noticed that at the same time, the medium I was next to turned his head towards the sound so I don't think I was hearing things!

Although there were no huge events that night, those few experiences were interesting to me even thought they were only small in comparison to some of the stories on here. However I do wonder if perhaps I am more susceptible that the average person to spirits? Or maybe it is just my overactive imagination! Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Minxiekitten (5 posts)
5 years ago (2016-12-04)
Hello fellow UK citizen!:3 This southern fort, does it happen to be on a hill that overlooks the Solent, by any chance? Asking partly because I always get excited to see fellow Brits, partly because I'm always curious as to local "haunts", and partly because the fort/museum on the hill tends to kick my own sensitivities into high gear. Haven't done a ghost walk through there, but just wandering the tunnels with my other half was enough to make me go "Erk!"
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1067 posts)
5 years ago (2016-11-18)

Thanks for clarifying. Plenty of old forts were built next to natural caves and tunnels as they provided extra space without the need for construction. There were many internment camps for Nazis in the south of Britain; converting such a fort into a prison would have been a sensible plan at the time.

Take a look at the tunnels under Dover Castle, and their use during WWII, if this an area of interest for you. 😊

MissSkeptical (3 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2016-11-18)
Hi Biblo,

Thanks for reading! I'm in the south of the country where they had forts to protect in case of invasion. As I'm sure you're aware there were plenty of bombings in that area too. Sadly I can't remember much about the fort's history from the nigh (I was too nervous about the whole experience!), so I may have got my information wrong! I know that nazis were in the tunnels, possibly they were the prisoners? Sorry to be vague but I hope that kind of answered your question! 😁

The torch thing was terrifying yes, I've only used it once since, I'm scared it will happen again!
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1067 posts)
5 years ago (2016-11-17)
Greetings, MissSkeptical.

I'm curious as to where these events took place. The country is listed as "United Kingdom," but you mentioned that parts of the tunnel system were off-limits because Nazis had held prisoners there. I know that Jersey, Guernsey (including Alderney), and Sark were taken over by German forces, but they were demilitarized prior to the occupation.

Please clarify if you were on one of the Channel Islands, or if you were elsewhere.


P.S.: The torch incident would have creeped me out completely. I usually have an LED torch on my key chain, a maglite in my car, and an LED & Laser pointer stylus with me at all times. (Ok, that sounded paranoid to me, too; I'll turn in for the night before embarrassing myself any further.)
MissSkeptical (3 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2016-11-16)
Literally just after I wrote this and sent it in, my boyfriend reminded me of an event that happened on the tour that I'd somehow completely forgotten! We had our torches on and we were walking around on our own, when my torch started to flicker. I turned it towards me and it went out, when I turned it away the light came back on. This repeated a few times with me thinking it was he movement of the torch causing it, but when I got my boyfriend to do the same thing with the torch pointing at himself, the light stayed on! He then shone the torch on me himself and everytime it moved onto me it went out. I was worried thinking something may have attached to me, so I moved to one side and the torch then turned on when shone on me, but still wouldn't work in the spot I'd been standing in. This occurred for about 10 minutes and the torch has been working fine every since. This was probably the scariest part, can't believe I missed it out of the main story! 😆

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