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A Toying Entity


When I turned 14 I had two of my closest friends stay over night at my mother's house for my birthday. We watched horror movies of course because those were my favorite kinds of movies, and we had a game called nightmare that we played, and my cake was Nightmare Before Christmas themed. We were all fine but while we were asleep my aunt came home with her friend (she was living with us) and I heard a scream, I thought it was one of them being loud and obnoxious since I'm sure they were out drinking. The next morning I woke up and looked around my room because something felt unnatural, and on the elevated shelf across the room I had a Jack Skellington Fondant sculpture that I was preserving in a clear coffin and he was ripped apart. He was held together by sticks and sticky cake stuff and he couldn't have melted the way he was massacred. His body parts were whole just no longer attached to each other and his coffin was still sealed shut. None of us did it so I don't know what it was.

I asked my aunt what the screaming was about last night and she looked at me confused and said she thought it was us that was screaming. It wasn't like an in danger scream it was more like a scared scream. And then she told me that before they came home they had played with a Ouija Board, they were drinking so they thought that the other person was just moving it around and messing with each other.

She told me when they went to bed her dog Lilly went crazy over next to her closet door and was moving around the room like she was following something. And when they turned the lights off to go to bed they heard scratching noises on the walls and there was a loud clatter sound over next to her radio and Lilly was whimpering, her friend jumped up on her bed as soon as the sound stopped and lilly went up after her and they were all sitting there on a twin bed. My aunt turned the flashlight on her phone on and pointed it over towards the radio and everything was turned around, speakers and all.

She moved out when she got married and I moved into her room, and since then the closet in there has been a hot spot.

My brother and I were in that room, my room, one day after school and we heard a thump like something heavy fell on the floor in the closet, and the door was closed. So, being the person in the scary movies I have yelled at my whole life, I went over to open the door. I started slow and then ripped the door open, like if I opened it fast it wouldn't know I was coming. There was nothing but a trash bag poncho, folded nice and neat in the middle of the closet floor.

At night in that room I would hear things like people walking around, and it always sounded like it was coming from outside the bedroom door, which I for obvious reasons kept open at all times. I got up one night to use the bathroom and there were those noises again. I walked slowly to the door and stood there, at the side of the frame, scared to look around the doorway even though it was dark and I could not really see anything but outlines. I ran back to my bed out of fear and they stopped. I sit straight up in my bed looking so hard at the doorway it was almost like I believed I could see through the wall if I looked hard enough. I sat there fighting the urge to pee for a long time and eventually got up and walked over again, no noises. The bathroom was 5 steps from my room, so I walk slow and with huge strides trying to not make a sound, and I can hear the noises INSIDE my room, like whatever was there was just toying with me. So instinctively I run the last two steps to the bathroom with that jumpy feeling in my chest pushing me, and I turn on the light and lock the door. I don't know how long I sat in there just trying to convince myself to go to sleep. I didn't even want to sleep in my bed I was just going to sleep in the bathroom. But instead I open the door and leave the light on, where the bathroom is compared to my room I can see my bed and the light was shining on it. So I walk slowly to the frame of my door, and run my hand along the wall for a light switch, I flicked it on and looked around, nothing in the closet or under the bed, and I went to bed with the light on.

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