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Conroe High School Ghost


My theatre department is haunted by the ghost of a murder rape victim named Cheryl. She was murdered in 1980 during a volley ball tournament.

Her body was found in our schools auditorium in the loft area. There is a cold spot there, and shadows which constantly haunt the theatre. Lights flickering on and off.

She also haunts the school restrooms adjacent to the auditorium, particularly the female washroom where it was assumed she was raped and beaten.

I had an experience with her knocking on the walls of my stall. I assumed it was a friend playing a trick on me. Then I had an amazing feeling of being watched despite realizing no one else was in the washroom with me.

As I washed my hands in the basin a mist like object floated out of the washroom and into the hall. I was frozen in paralysis watching this mist like object trying to figure out what it was or if I could make out a form.

Apparently an innocent man was convicted of this crime. I gather her soul cannot rest. My niece now attends the school and told me girls turn on the faucets to avoid the knocking and uncomfortable feelings while using the washroom.

I do not know what to think, as I was before this experience very skeptical of the paranormal, but after experiencing that feeling in the washroom and, hearing of other students stories I am beginning to feel the probability that the school is haunted is very high.

I would appreciate knowing if any other students from that school or anyone related to anyone who attended the school has had any similar experiences.

I have provided some links to the case for anyone interested in reading about it. Apparently a book was also published on the case.

If you know of other stories about the haunting at Conroe High please let me know so I don't feel crazy lol




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migsly (guest)
7 years ago (2016-11-24)
that poor girl and man.

My old high school is said to be haunted by 4 ghosts. But no deaths were involved. Two are in the auditorium on the stage. The lights flicker as well; one walks up the stairs outside the building to the roof but is never seen ON the roof; a little boy on the baseball mound and then walking towards the teachers' parking lot.
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2016-11-19)
I've read the history. Wow. Just very sad, all around.

The knocks could be plumbing related, but the mist?
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2016-11-19)
Interesting account. I plan to read more about it, and look forward to reading responses to this story. Thanks for providing links. I usually hesitate to read accounts of alleged murders, but by including the links, you provide credibility. Thanks - I wish more people would do that!

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