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Stone 2


This story is a continuation of the previous one entitled "Stone" that occurred some months or a year after.

Mommy's eldest sister, mother of a cousin who lived with us, stayed briefly for the summer. She worked in the province but was then taking her doctorate in Manila. Her son and my other cousin were back in the province since it was summer.

One night after we had our dinner, the helper and I watched TV while my aunt and my mom chatted.

We were all in the living room but I hardly knew what the topic of their conversation was until my aunt asked me to rpelay about the stone that fell from the second floor. I told her what happened. I thought she did not believe us, or maybe because I knew her to be stern was why I perceived her look as disbelief. I did not know but she told my mom that the "hauntings" that happened to them were a part of the past and my grandma's soul had reposed.

We eventually felt sleepy. Mom told us they would just sleep in the living room. She ordered the helper to get pillows and blankets from her bedroom. I sluggishly went upstairs with her. As we walked the hallway going to my mom's bedroom, my aunt angrily shouted at us, "Hey, Sophia! You don't fool me!"

Confused of the sudden vexation, I called back to ask what she was saying. She yelled at us, "Don't you throw stones from there!"

We ran to the bedroom shrieking and slammed the door close.

Of course, I did not go out of my mom's room anymore that night. I did not even help our maid carry the stuff my mom asked for.

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katana (1 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
what? I got confused, who's Sophia? And why was she yelling like that?

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