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My Uncle's Encounters


I am very excited about this site. I mean, most of the stories just seem so real and I am just happy that I found out about it and that the people here comment and are trying to help. Like I said in my previous stories, I had some such encounters. And my memory does not work very well because I am going through a bad period but I write them immediately as I remember them.

I am very interested in such things. And I like to hear other people's encounters.

I remember a night when a lot of my relatives were at my house and we were talking about random things. I don't know how this subject came up, but my uncle starting telling us about an encounter he had. There is a house near his that is now abandoned and there are some stories circulating about it.

One of them that I heard when I was little goes like this: One day, a woman went to that house to talk with its owner and she was just staying at the gate waving at the owner who was an old lady. She then called the old woman by her name because she did not seem to have noticed her. But the old woman did not seem to notice her calls either. Living in a rural area, the old woman had a cow. Changing the spot were she was staying, the woman saw the old lady taking a pot with milk from behind the cow and handing it to someone. The scary part is that there was absolutely no one with her. The pot then remained a couple of seconds in the air just like something invisible grabbed it and then it was like that something invisible drunk The milk. The woman just scared and ran away.

After the old lady died, the house remained abandoned. One night, one of my uncle's neighbors was coming home from work and he had to pass by the abandoned house. Walking, he felt something touching his legs and he looked at them. He then saw a black cat walking between his legs but the cat kept disappearing and reappearing.

Another night, my uncle was coming home from work and he had as well to pass by the house. He saw something tall, black with horns and hooves jumping from the yard, crossing the street and entering in another's house yard in front of him. He panicked, ran home and drunk a lot of holy water. He thinks he saw the devil.

Another story my uncle had to tell was the following. When his father was alive, he used to scare him by shutting the door when he was feeding the animals. A couple of days after his father died, he was feeding the animals and the door just shut by itself. He started to cry and he was not scared, knowing his father was there. The door was very big. I can't close it myself so I can't believe the wind did it.

This is all I can remember now and even though they are not encounters of mine, they really send shivers down my spine. Thanks for reading.

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CreepyWednesday (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-15)
Hi jayejay
The majority of romanians, as you probably saw if you spent time here, are Christians. Holy water is present in almost eveey home, esoecially in the rural areas where people are more connected with the Church or superstitions even though the Church tries to convince us to not let ourselves be guided by some superstitions. The Holy water is for blessing our homes, for keeping the negative entities or energies away, the salt pretty much the same because salt is considered to not let spirits or other entities cross it, I mean as when you spread a salt line at your door for example, it is believed a spirit can not eneter that door. The holy oil is used for protection in some cases, for some procesions involving ill people and things like these. The grave dirt... I don't know because I have never met a person who has something like this, but I think that probably it is considered to do the same things as the ones the object above are supposed to do. And Romania, at the time my grandparents were young and older times, was a country where tradition, superstition, even witchcraft and religion were the most important things, even though this was controversial because Church does not generally recognise witchcraft or suoerstition. This thing was kept alive by the rural areas.
jayejay (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-06)

I am Danish but have spend some time in Romania, and in my experience it is common for people to have holy water, along with holy oil, blessed salt and graveyard dirt in their homes.
I have seen it 3 different places, and I haven't particularly been looking for it.

CreepyWednesday (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-14)
A goat walking on his hind legs... Ok, so I don't think he saw a goat. Of course, it was a rural area and people have goats there but trust me, no one would let his goat out at night. They put them in some closed place because you know, there are people stealing animals. It happened to my uncle that someone stole his horse so...
In my country, we are used to keep holy water in our homes. That was not alcohol.
About a so called investigation in the house. A lot of people avoid that house but they prefer not to bother investigating it. The milk container was not suspended by something as there was no wall or anything 'material' near it.
And even though these encounters were not mine, the help I refer to are people's opinions. That really help me in making and idea about what a certain thing could have been.
Thank you for your comment.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-12)
CW: these sure are some interesting stories. Unfortunately it is difficult to say if they can be considered paranormal encounters and, since they are not really your own experiences you cannot be sure if the person/s experiencing them just didn't take the time to investigate thoroughly what really was going on at that moment.

"...he had as well to pass by the house. He saw something tall, black with horns and hooves jumping from the yard, crossing the street and entering in another's house yard in front of him. He panicked, ran home and drunk a lot of holy water. He thinks he saw the devil."

Er...that fits the description of a goat walking on its hind legs. And, not many people keep "a lot of holy water" at home, they mostly keep alcohol. 😐

Are you aware if any one has ever done a serious paranormal investigation in the abandoned house? Do you know if more people ever saw the milk container suspended on the air? Can you be sure that there was nothing obstructing the view between the spot where the lady was standing and the container? Would it be possible that the old lady hung the container from a string or a nail on the wall or from something else the other lady couldn't see?

As for the door closing, it is possible that your uncle's father was letting his son know that he is still around, that's sweet.

And I love the part with the friendly ghost kitty.

Lastly, what kind of help do you need if these are not your own experiences? 😕

Thanks for sharing.

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