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The Friendly Lady In White


This is my first time writing my story so please bear with me.

I have experienced a lot of ghostly encounter but this story is the first time I saw one and it is unforgettable.

My family were living in a semi-exclusive Subdivision in Tanza, Cavite for more than 18 years before we moved to our new home last December. The new house is located quite near to the old one. This encounter happened when I was 13-14 years old (I'm 23 years old now and the eldest child) at our old house.

For you to visualize the setting, here is the layout: the house is a quadruplex and bungalow type for the whole street of houses (like a big square but divided to four unit so it is basically for four family unless you will purchase the whole lot). We used the unit beside our house as a stock room for unused things or appliances for repair. It doesn't have doors and jalousies, it was stolen by some kids so we make one for safekeeping of our things inside but later on, we remove everything that's inside it when someone finally bought it. At the front, we planted Kamansi tree (Breadnut Tree).

So we are the only family living in that quadruplex for about 10 years (though we have other neighbors within our street) and night lights were only at the front of our houses. One night around 7pm, I was throwing out the garbage, I saw a vague light from inside the empty house, light that is almost near the roof. It was totally dark there so I ignored it thinking that it was from other house's front light. Months past and I forgot it completely when I saw something creepy. A lady in white nightgown. Floating. At the middle of the house for about 7-10 inches off the ground and near the front door. She was facing me though I can't see her face. I can see how her hair flowing as if there is a fan in front of her. I stood there for a few seconds and when I realized what in hell was that, I ran back to my house screaming. My Mom asked why but I didn't said anything for they might not believe it. I made sure that I will throw our garbage early and won't stay outside when the clock strike 6pm so that I can't see that again.

Few days after, my Mom asked me to buy something to the nearby store but I refused. She said she can't leave her cooking so I have no choice but to do as she says. I have to walk in front of the empty house to get to the store. I also put a bath towel on my head so that I can't see the house. But things got weird when I am passing the house and something was forcing me to look at it. And there she was again, looking through the window. As if she was waiting for me. I still can't see her face. I can't run back to my house so I ran to the store sobbing but bought what I need and stayed there for a while and went home. I have to pass again at that creepy house to get to ours. I was hesitant to walk again but I don't want to stay long outside so I ran. While running, I also caught a shadow of a man standing beside the other empty house. I screamed while running. Luckily, my Mom was now outside with a neighbor and waiting for me. She asked what took me so long and told her everything even the light I first saw.

My neighbor asked me if I can accompany him to where it all began and I agreed. I was shaking as the three of us walked to the empty house. I pointed to them where I first saw the light and when they analyze it, its impossible to enter any light that high. Then I stand to where I saw her floating and our neighbor stiffened. My Mom asked why but he said we should get out of there immediately. He told us that he felt a presence and had goosebumps. I went silent and I don't know what came into me but I stared at him. After a while, I stood up like nothing happened and continue my chores. The next day, they told me that for a while, they felt that when I was silent, its not me they are with, and he even told me that I was smirking and glaring at him like I want him dead. I said I know that I was staring at him but not aware with the glare and smirk thing.

They brought me to a quack doctor and he said the lady I was seeing was living in the Kamansi tree (Breadnut Tree). The lady don't want to harm me but wanted to be my friend. He said I just need to light a candle beside the tree for her to spare me. And I did. I can't bear to have a unseen friend that time. Until the last time I went to the old house, I didn't see the lady nor feel her presence. Maybe she found another friend. And that's fine.

Thank you for reading.

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CutiePieXOX (5 posts)
3 years ago (2019-02-22)
This is a really cool story. I like it. I like any story that involves the paranormal.

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