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Demon Possession?!?! Including Crazy Creepy Pasta Type Dream


I do not use substances because of pain or distress. Although sometimes when I have had a long day at school or maybe having problems with friends. I will unwind with weed. Only once with alcohol. Yesterday I snuck vodka from my mom and took shots later that night. It was about half a water bottle full of it so I was nice and drunk but not completely slurring my words. I decide to go outside and get a cigarette from a friend around 10:45. I sneak downstairs, or at least I think I was quiet lmao. And I try to open a window but it's super loud. Then I hear my dog coming downstairs and my mom catches me. Skipping all the talking and arguing she tells me to grab a pillow and sleep on her floor seeing how she can no longer trust me. Keep in mind I have got the spins and still highly intoxicated.

Today after a long hungover day. My mom tells me I sat up randomly during that night and started speaking a foreign language. Which at the point of hearing this made my heart drop to hell. I asked if it sounded like maybe Latin or something of the sorts. She said she had no clue other than I was doing it for around 3 minutes. She then tells me I got up and tried to pee in the corner of her room?!?!? Like what? I remember nothing of this, let alone barely remembering last night at all.

For a little background to this. I had a dream earlier this week that had a weird beady eyed human shaped creature in it. It had the body of a human but no skin. It looked like it was all muscle and tendons. Its eyes were big and white with black dots as pupils. The arms and legs were stretchy and and long and spider like. The beginning of this dream started as me talking to my mom with the door open but the glass door was locked and closed. I walk over just to look out the door and it's just perched there staring at me. I turn around and tell my mom creeped out that there's a monster at the door and she doesn't believe me obviously. So I run to the back door to see if it ran there. Nothing there. Then I turn around and it's crawling through the door with its big legs and arms. I yell to my mom "OMG MOM IT'S COMING RUN RUN GO GO" in a shriek. She runs up the stairs which are basically in front of the door. I was scared to run past it so I was screaming "MOM NO HELP PLEASE DON'T GO HELP ME DON'T LEAVE IT'S GONNA GET ME!" but she keeps going I decide to run for it up the stairs. Once I get the stairs it made its way through the door and I start bolting up the stair hearing it thud behind me. Wondering how it hasn't gotten me for how slow I was going up the stairs compared to its long legs. As I'm running up I'm yelling for my mom but no answer almost like she's disappeared. I make it to the top and bolt for her room jumping into the darkness trying to hide in plain sight in the darkness. But as I hear it crawling down the hallway I decide it's not good enough. So bolt up the second flight to my room on the top floor. I reach the top looking down and it's just gone. But somehow all the lights are now off. Then snap like that I wake up like it never happened.

After this dream I woke up at 3:43 a.m. Quickly realizing that I woke up after this nightmare at the devil's hour. I have had it with all this. I don't know if this worked quite yet but I casted out all evil spirits out from this house and me and put protection over myself in Jesus's name. Keep in mind that was not a lucid dream so I had basically no choice in what happened. The dream just went along like a story.

I do not want help. I more just want answers. After talking to my mom and listening to some languages. We have concluded that it was maybe a middle-eastern language. Such as Hebrew or Arabic. I looked for Enochian but obviously with its complexity, I couldn't find anyone fluently speaking it for an example.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-20)
Greetings, LeavingSight.

Though people have studied Enochian, Enochian is NOT a real language; it's more a phonetic code based upon the syntax of Elizabethan-era Early Modern English (like Shakespeare), using Latinate case-endings, written using letter/rune shapes bearing a superficial resemblance to Hebrew and to Greek. The primary source for this alleged language is in the writings of scholar, mystic, scientist, and alchemist John Dee during his work with the *alleged* mystic Edward Kelley. Dee suspected Kelley was a fraud, and historians agree. Kelley knew Latin & English, but consistently made specific errors in his Latin work; the same errors appear in his Enochian. Kelley pretty much disappeared into obscurity, after he'd convinced John Dee that the Angels wanted them to participate in what is euphemistically termed "swinging." Eventually, the Dees severed all communications with the Kelleys, and gave up on the language as it was part of an elaborate hoax. That's the reason you can't find anyone using Enochian correctly.

People have expended a lot of effort to establish the grammar and syntax of the "Enochian" language to perform rituals of "Angelic Magic," but to no avail. It is most effective as a plot device in books, movies, and tv shows; it makes the characters seem more mysterious, powerful, or interesting than they are, while giving writers a convenient way to avoid getting the characters trapped in poorly-structured narratives.

You may wish to look up "glossolalia" for an explanation of people speaking gibberish which sounds like a structured language.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)

You mention a dream about a 'beady eyed' creature that you had prior to 'speaking in tongues'. The night of that dream had you been 'smoking weed?

While drugs and 'strong drink' can be part of a 'gateway' that allows a spirit to hijack your body you have to be in a very weakened state both physically and mentally before this can happen.

From the details you have shared and your own admission I have to say these experiences were NOT paranormal but simply example cases of what may happen when people 'over indulge'.

Thanks for sharing.


KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)
LeavingSight, okay! So... I am going to tell you something a little bit different here. I read a little way down the comments and I can see that many people used their comments to provide you with the side of the story which seems normal and not paranormal at all. On the flip side, I am going to tell you what I think, makes your story a little bit out of the ordinary.

Firstly, I totally get why you included the dream that you had a week ago, and the heading spells out what you're trying to say clearly: "Demon Possession?!?! Including Crazy Creepy Pasta Type Dream". You feel there is a connection between the dream you had and you speaking a different language, and the connection is not the nice kind. I had similar events to you growing up so I can tell you what I think is going on here.

Certain people are much more "in-tune" with paranormal vibrations or out-of-the-ordinary vibrations, some people call it "psychic" or clairvoyant or "gifted". Now, because of stories like creepy-pasta or the grim reaper and so on, everyone in society kindof' thinks that it means, you will always come into contact with something bad. That's not true, at all. Being that kind of person just means that you can maybe, see auras or heal people or that you have some sort of gift. And, it works both ways. You would be open to good stuff and bad stuff.

I think, maybe your dream was some sort of warning or it could have been something else, but, the episode where you spoke a different language could have been good. Sorry, I can't remember where I read or heard this, but, speaking in hebrew, particularly and especially is a sign of good, like in biblical stories and religious stories, the hero would get a sign from God, a higher being or angelic being and suddenly, he/she would be speaking in Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of the bible, and I'm not sure but like, originally, the ten commandments was written in Hebrew. I have heard stories too, where people who spoke Hebrew were chosen prophets of some kind. And in the other stories, people would speak Hebrew to combat dark-forces etc. (Obviously, none of these people had never learned to speak Hebrew).

A lot of the time in the stories, in the end, the people involved could never say for certain "oh yes, he/she did speak hebrew definitely!" Just that, they would say it sounded like an eastern language, maybe arabic or hebrew (in fact, the way you said it was exactly the way that I've heard people describe it). And these people became like... Prophets and really important spiritual and psychic figures.

Remember, there is a good side and a bad side. Both will try for your attention and combat for your attention. I can tell you that normally, if you are somehow being attacked by the darker-side, the good side will show you a sign, full-on help protect you or also do something to make you aware. You sound like you know a little bit about shielding and protecting yourself, you need to focus more on that. You need to focus on the side which offers you protection, security and happiness etc not like, the bad side which is plain bad.
Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-18)
LeavingSight - I tend to agree with the previous comments. I have had very vivid dreams that wake me in a cold sweat.

I also had a room mate that would talk very loudly in his sleep when intoxicated and even peed in his laundry hamper while sleep walking only to remember none of it the next day.

I am not judging you for smoking weed to relax or sneaking a drink, I only caution you, as the others have, to rather wait until you are older. We all do stupid things when in our teens (speaking from experience) that can have lasting effects.

If you rarely touch alcohol and decided to drink "half a water bottle" of vodka, what your mother witnessed does not surprise me. I knew a guy in school that, as a first time drinker, drank about as much as you described and ended up with alcohol poisoning. His speech sounded like another language and he did some very odd things before he was rushed to hospital where he literally died for 3 minutes.

Please be careful and rather wait until your body and mind can handle intoxication (does that time ever come 😆)

AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-17)
I really don't see anything paranormal here - everything the author recounted can be explained by alcohol. Drinking a 'half a water bottle full' of vodka will absolutely have behavioral effects and LeavingSight wouldn't be the first drunk to get up to silly antics in their sleep or otherwise. One night after coming home 'feeling no pain' and passing out, my college roommate sat up and had a full conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte then put all her blue socks into the kitchen sink with a jar of mustard... She woke in the morning not remembering a thing. The only spirit she was haunted by was Jack Daniels.

As for the dream - not all dreams mean something - most are simply reflections of the day flavored by various stresses that plague us. Your dream of being chased by a monster and foresaken by your mom could be caused by anxieties you harbor regarding your relationship with your mom, perhaps you are feeling misunderstood or as though she doesn't have your back. The monster could represent absolutely anything that stresses you out from school work to test taking anxiety to relationships with friends, peer pressure, the future...anything...though I am inclined to believe that the one thing it isn't is paranormal.

Don't sweat the 'devil's hour' stuff - it's mostly sensationalist pop-theory. Any up-tick in reported paranormal events in the wee hours of the morning can just as easily be explained by the lack of other distracting energies at that time because most are asleep, that those few left up are likely to be overtired or startled awake, and the likelihood of those still awake to be intoxicated in addition to fatigue.

Paranormal or not, it does seem like you are going through some things right now. Be careful self medicating with alcohol - you seem nonchalant about it but the amount you described is quite a lot and alcohol can negatively impact brain development - the teenage brain isn't done yet - give it a few years. Maybe look into alternative stress relievers - physical activity is great.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-17)
Hi Leavingsight
Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit confused (doesn't seem to take much these days) but you said you were "nice and drunk but not completely slurring my words" but then you described your condition as " keep in mind I've got the spins and still highly intoxicated "
So which one is it? Contradictions bother me.

You then stated that you " could barely remember nothing of last night at all " yet you described the previous night very clearly and in detail.

Your description of your talking can be simply put down to sleep talking and urinating in the corner can be put down to sleep walking - probably alcohol induced.

Your dream - well, that's just a dream, albeit a very vivid and disturbing one.

I'm not sure what "the devils hour" is exactly and I sincerely doubt you need protection from "evil spirits"

As you stated you need help with what you've experienced, heres my 10 cents worth:

I suggest you don't smoke weed and that the only spirits threatening your well being that night was the vodka.

Sleep well, be a good boy at home and keep a clear head.

spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-16)
Leaving sight,

I get we all need to unwind somehow. No judgements on my part. I have friends that like to indulge in a glass of wine after a long stressful day, or a joint, I prefer meditation, and breathing exercises.

But as a teenager, or child, I say give it a couple more years before you start to indulge in those types of things. As to keep your head clear for school, learning and advancement in your life.

Alcohol lowers your energy, and vibrational level. I'm not saying that it opens up certain doors for negative energies to come right on in, but I am saying it can make it a little easier.

As far as you trying to use the corner as your bathroom, and speaking a different language. It could be just your brain somehow recreating some sort of program you watched on T.V,or a book or story you may have read.

Our brains tend to do wacky things while on overdrive. While we sleep our bodies and brains are still hard at work. Thus creating wild dreams after a scary program, or a stressful day.

Just some food for thought
Thanks for sharing
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-15)
LeavingSight - It certainly is not my place to judge you but if one of my children smoked weed, stole my alcohol and started speaking foreign languages, let alone tried to have a wee in the corner of my bedroom, I would be seriously concerned! More than likely your mother feels the same way.

Many people have weird dreams, I know I definitely do, not necessarily "at the devil's hour" but at any time, even during the morning or afternoon. This does not necessarily mean that you have an evil spirit at your heels!

I would suggest that you have your house blessed according to your religion or have your house cleansed. It will certainly do more good than harm, if you do in fact have something haunting you.

I also assume that you are aware of the negative effects of drugs and over indulgence in alcohol? These could be huge beacons as far as your experiences are concerned. Also bear in mind that it takes a very short time for a casual user to become a fully fledged addict.

Regards, Melda 😢

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