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I'm The Son Of A Demon?


This story happened to my mother and some supernatural thing that surrounds me.

I was an accidental baby. Being an accident, my mother does not want me to be born. She was considering aborting me. She had a last-minute change of heart after intense crying and praying in Quiapo church.

A few months later, she was having a sleepover at a friend's house. Her friend's house is famous for supernatural occurrences and miscarriages. Two of my mother's friends miscarried in the house. They all thought it was a coincidence. However, during that sleepover, my mother woke up and saw her friend entering the bedroom. My mother pretended to sleep and she felt cold hands massaging her tummy. My mother then began to fall asleep.

The following day she hurriedly went home because she thought that something is wrong. She really feels that I am not moving. She called a friend and explained what happened. Her friend suggested going to a "manggagamot" (a healer of some sort that has some sort of supernatural power). The manggagamot touched my mother's tummy but quickly let go. She exclaimed that she did not do anything to my mother yet. She told my mother that I already don't have a heart beat, and I am dead. My mother went into hysterics. She cried and pleaded to the healer to help her. The healer does not really want to do anything since I am already dead. But my mother was persistent and the healer was forced to do a ritual. I'm not exactly sure what ritual but my mother said it involved water, candles, some plants, chanting, and prayers. After the ritual, my mother's tummy began to move. She felt that I was kicking in her tummy to the point that she can small bumps of kick in her stomach. I was alive again.

A few days or weeks after giving birth to me, my mother was sleeping and my grandmother was there looking after us. Suddenly, she noticed an entity, a demon, near my crib. My mother quickly snatched me from my crib and she began crying. She crouched in a position that protects me from the demon. My grandmother was asking what was wrong. My mother said that there's a demon, and in the arms of a demon is also a baby demon. The demon was smiling and pointing at me. The demon said to my mother, that the child is his. After that, my grandmother took me from my mother's arms and told my mother to close her eyes to stop seeing the demon. She assured my mother that she will protect me from anything. After that night, the demon never appeared again.

Now, my father once told me that I killed a kitten while playing with it. After that, he told everyone that he foresees that I am going to be a killer. A few other people who say they can read fortunes also said that I am going to become a killer or I will kill someone in the future. Because of this, my mother raised me to be a God-fearing and good person.

To be honest, I am a bit of an empath. I know the emotions of others and manipulate those emotions to better benefit me. Having empathy as psychic power is taxing. While I did abuse such a gift before, I am certainly not using it anymore because I feel like invading personal privacy.

Anyway, throughout my childhood to teenage years, I always have this thought of razing our town to the ground or about murder. It was in adulthood that I was able to control this thought. Although, I still have them but I know that I will not act on them unless necessary. Right now, I am taking law. I am hoping that if what they are saying of me as a killer is true, I will have to do it as an act of justice or out of the defense of somebody. I will do my best not to be evil. Although I know that I can't be on the good side, I can strive to be on the side of justice.

So that's all my story for today. My family has different experiences with the supernatural. I'll tell those some other time.

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BaiAnina (3 stories) (41 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-08)
As a reader who grew up the same country as OP, I'd like to provide some context.

The belief in witch doctors here is so prevalent. Common folk would sometimes rather run to them than to medical professionals and I think it's a detrimental, outdated cultural thing that needs to be addressed. That said, not everyone has or had had access to doctors and hospitals. Healthcare here has been hugely neglected. Additionally, we are a country that still believes in superstitions these days, even more so during decades past which could explain why OP's mom had gone through what she did. Even the notion of abortion is taboo and most can only get one through under the table and, honestly, dangerous means. Witch doctors (manggagamot) and witches (mangkukulam, mambabarang, etc.) are also a thing here, which is why the house where OP's mom slept over at makes sense to me. I won't even get started how mental health is treated here. If some countries are less than progressive, I can attest that we are a further ten steps back.

Having said that, OP, I think what your mother went through was some serious psychological issue. Whether or not it was the work of the devil, I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I would also assume that following your birth, she experienced post partum which has been brushed off.

I think it's unfair for your father and everyone else around you to predetermine your past simply for being an "oopsie baby" and the medical issues your mother went through. I don't think you're the son of a demon. Everyone is capable of evil, and despite having those thoughts, you're still here doing good. So, I hope you'll always choose to do good.

I'm an empath myself, and I must admit that it gets so tiring and difficult at times (what more you, for your profession). Please take care of yourself. Despite the archaic beliefs of this country, we do have therapists who can help you heal from your childhood traumas. Probably, demons manifest in such ways, and let's not let it win.

Peace be with you, brother. ❤
Rajine (14 stories) (776 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-03)
Hi HauntedJurist but I am going to agree with [at] lady-glow here, some things does sound a bit outrageous.

However I do believe that people can possess the ability to be empaths, as for you being a killer, I guess it depends on nature vs nurture, do you feel like you have killer tendencies? You could be anything you want to if you choose it.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-02)
Correction to my previous comment:

"30% of pregnancies end up as spontaneous miscarriage within 30 weeks of conception,"

It should say "within 30 days or conception".
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-02)
Welcome to YGS.

I find your story interesting and fascinating though, at the same time, quite questionable, and by this I don't mean I don't believe it, but there are some points that, personally, I have difficulty taking like solid facts.

Your case confirms that, just because a baby isn't wanted nor planned, doesn't mean that they can't be loved, and your mother really loved you even before you're born.

"Her friend's house is famous for supernatural occurrences and miscarriages. Two of my mother's friends miscarried in the house"

Do you know how far in their pregnancies were your mother's friends? How far was her own pregnancy?

According to medical statistics, roughly a 30% of pregnancies end up as spontaneous miscarriage within 30 weeks of conception, and this rate decreases as the pregnancy progress.
In my opinion, it's not conclusive if those women lost their babies just because they were staying in that house.

Would it be possible that unborn you got relaxed and slept like a baby after the soothing massage?
Do you know if your mother asked her friend why she massaged her belly? Did she ever ask her other friends if they received a belly massage from that friend before having their own miscarriages?
As I said before, it's hard to say if there's a link between the woman/house and the miscarriages.

" Her friend suggested going to a "manggagamot" (a healer of some sort that has some sort of supernatural power) "

I prefer using the word "ability" over "power", and am a bit skeptical of people who claim such abilities. I don't mean that some people have many kinds of different gifts but, unfortunately, there are many more than prey on the desperation, the trust, and the ignorance of others, and take advantage as an easy way to get some cash.

"She told my mother that I already don't have a heart beat, and I am dead."

Did she use an stethoscope or some other method to hear your heart beat?
If resuscitating a person were as easy as using "water, candles, some plants, chanting, and prayers", the business of funeral homes would have disappeared a long time ago.

Childbirth and childcare are a draining and stressful experience, perhaps your mother had a hypnopompic hallucination ("are hallucinations that occur as you are waking up in the morning and in a state that falls somewhere between dreaming and being fully awake") due to the tension of just having a baby.

"my father once told me that I killed a kitten while playing with it"

Did he elaborate more on the circumstances? There's a big difference between what a child out of innocence and without knowing the possible consequences of their actions, and doing it intentionally and in purpose.

As for having destructive thoughts, I think every single person goes through such situations, but the important part is to know the difference between wrong and right, and being aware of the consequences of our choices and actions.

As for the fortune tellers, just remember Buddha's words:

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."

Thanks for sharing.

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