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Grandmother's Concerns For Her Nieces Well-being


I grew up in a Catholic household, although my Grandmother had a few "tricks" up her sleeve regards practicing other religions. I remember that another YGS member described her Grandmother in a similar way to which she added, something to the effect of, "people would often come to consult her for her talents. Not in droves or anything, just a few every once in a while".

Despite my family keeping my heritage a secret to me, strange and unbelievable, unexplainable events transpired throughout my life which lead me to finding out this family secret. For example, as a young child, I knew the morning my Grandfather had passed away before my Mother told us children. As an adolescent, I had premonitions of several events which transpired exactly in the way I had seen them to happen. As an adult, I have extremely good healing abilities and intuitively know which protection spells to use and when (spells I have never heard or been taught).

Suffice to say, I knew that I was not a normal child nor was I to grow up to be the "usual" or normal adult, I would always have certain gifts that I would live with - most of them are very nice or good gifts like, being able to tell when a pair of Aces is coming-up in poker or blackjack.

As I grew or aged, gifts would present themselves to me. I would practice the gift until I understood how it worked and could do it very well and then I could choose to keep using the gift or store it in my memory for later or completely forget it.

In my early twenties, I had my first experience with orbs. It was the first time I saw an orb with the naked eye. The orb even seemed to move or interact with me and I got pictures of orbs on my camera. Definitely it is a very personal and genuine interaction and something about it just seems very magical.

One night, I awoke to a ghost in my room, a very kind-hearted, non-threatening spirit of an elderly lady in a dress with a old, floral (pattern with flowers) red and white dress. At first, I did not think much of it, but she kind of baited me on or urged me on, should I say, to acknowledge her and help her with what she needed to discuss. These feelings of being urged to listen, desperation and acknowledgement were only intuitive as at this point, we had not yet spoken.

Eventually, after a few nights, we did speak. She said that she was concerned about her niece; very, very concerned, she was going through a rough time and the Grandmother feared greatly for her well-being and happiness. She asked me to help with this as it was bothering her. She gave a description of her niece and told me when she (the Grandmother) had passed as pointers to locate her niece.

I managed to find a person, a lady, and discuss this issue with the her - I did not tell her that a ghost had come to me and told me this, I just said, more or less that there was this girl and she was in serious trouble, emotional trouble, what she had looked like and that she had lost a family member in the past 6 months and any other details or specifics I had acquired from our conversation. I knew that this lady would take what I was saying seriously and do whatever she could to help this girl, as far as she could.

That evening, the lady called me and told me, "oh, you know that girl, you were talking about? We actually found her! She lives in [suburb-name] et cetera. I have asked a few of her friends to look into it and help her out, spend some time with her and help her feel better, and so on. Her Uncle and Aunt have also been notified."

Late that night, the Grandmother appeared to me again. The atmosphere of this visit was incredibly different then the first visits and conversations; the room felt calm and I didn't feel the heaviness of any worry/ies or such. The Grandmother thanked me greatly, I think mainly, what I remember her saying was, "thank-you, thank-you so much!"

When I look back to this event, there are a few things that stand out for me. For one, I am very intuitive, as I mentioned before; I will know when I am in danger and to run, I will know when to avoid my Boss if he/she's in a bad mood, I will feel welcome or unwelcome before even entering a house for normal reasons or supernatural reasons, I will know not to speak with an spirit because I can feel its evil, I will know when it is safe to communicate with a spirit because it means no harm or wants to tell me something, for example. So, what I am trying to say is, I kind of "empath" spiritually and I believe this has been an important survival-aid throughout my life.

When I look back to this event, I remember that I just accepted their/the ghost's "circumstance" as a given. I never thought, "aren't you supposed to move on? Or, have you seen the white light - isn't that where you must go?" No! I only felt a somewhat confused state and the critical need to be out of that state, and to discuss my problems with some one; definitely, a cry for help! And also, the realization that you can no longer interact with the physical world.

I must mention, this happened in the same room where I managed to get pictures of the orbs, I believe it was a few months after this event.

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