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The Dark Orb And The Tall Shadow Man


In April 2013, I was pregnant and about to have a baby. My husband had 2 kids from a previous marriage and we decided we needed a bigger home. We found an older home for rent that was in our price range and had enough bedrooms for everyone.

The house had a creepy vibe to it. It was an older house that had been remodeled and had an add on space in it. It just felt like I was being watched sometimes. On several occasions, I would see a dark mass. The mass was the size of a soccer ball. It was black. The first time I seen it, I was laying in bed and a dark, floating round ball of darkness flew down the hallway in my bedroom going towards the master bath.

The second time I saw this mass of darkness, I was coming home from the gym. As soon as I placed my baby on the floor in the living room, it took off into the laundry room. My small dog that barely ever barks saw it too! He jumped out of the chair and went to the laundry room door barking and growling at something but nothing was there. This lasted 2 or 3 minutes. It was so odd. He was flipping out like we had an intruder in our home.

The dark orb became a normal occurrence. The main places I would see the orb was in my baby's room and areas of the house that were not frequently used as much. When I would see this, it would take off like it was scared. As if I had scared it away! I have seen it go through walls and windows and up the stairs as well as into the basement.

The sighting of this orb started to get less frequent after my aunt did some cleansing thing with oil in our house. She prayed and put oil in the doorway. Also, no one else was seeing the orb but me and the dog. After she did the cleansing, I did not see anything for over a year.

One night, I was washing a baby bottle by hand in the middle of the night and I felt something looking at me. I turned around to look over my shoulder and a outline of a man was standing behind me. It was a dark mass shaped like a man that was over 6 feet tall and wearing a hat. I saw this very clearly. The lights in the kitchen were turned on. The hat looked like a cowboy hat. I booked it out of the kitchen!

I never told anyone that I had seen the man until my stepson came to me and told me that he has been seeing a shadow figure outside his room. What was creepy about him seeing the man was that he told me that the figure stood as tall as his doorway. I believe him. He had no idea I was also seeing this shadow man.

We moved out of that house recently and I have not seen the shadow man or the dark mass since moving. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.

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Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-08)
It sounds like a shadow person, but it's strange that you saw it with a hat. I have heard a lot of stories about shadow people and I can say one thing: Be careful of the ones that wear hats. 😨
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-09)
chelscp11- This was an interesting account.

First off I'm glad that you haven't experienced anything since moving. That's always a bonus.

Secondly, you have referred one entity as a "black mass" and an "orb". Am I correct that these are the one and the same? Did it always have the same shape and size? "Round like a soccer ball"?

I have had an experience with what I referred to as a "black mass". However, mine was pretty massive compared to yours. It was off the ground about two and half feet and went all the way up to the ceiling and about three and a half feet wide. Yea, pretty BIG. 😨

Your second entity, the tall one with the cowboy hat, there have been many stories written here on YGS that describe them exactly like yours. There's something there for so many to experience the same thing.

Anyways, enjoyed your story.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-04)
Hi Chelscp11

The aspect of this recount that particularly interested me was how the entity / spirit / ghost seemed to be afraid of being seen and would "flee" when you looked at it. That's quite unusual, as traditionally, these dark shadowy manifestations seem to take delight in terrorising us, not the other way around! 😨

Did you mention any of this to your husband? He's not mentioned apart from the beginning of your story. Did he experience anything unusual or see anything as well? That would help if you both compared notes and exchanged information.

In terms of what is was, well it would appear that it's a spirit that is hanging around that area / house for God knows what reason. Or it may have been drawn to you for some reason as well.

Hard to say for sure if the black orb thing was this tall figure in the hat or a separate spirit again...

Usually it's a complete mystery in terms of motives for spirits to appear!

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read.


roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2017-05-04)
Wow! Eerie indeed!
As far as I have read your story, it sounds really like a Stone Tape or the spirit of the land. Do not fear them because they do no harm they just could not get out of the field that they used to belong to. Just some information I have.

Also, you may too do a research of the place that you lived in and might find something interesting for you. Cheers!

brotcrow (guest)
6 years ago (2017-05-04)
Very very scary indeed. But appreciate you for the way you handled the situation with kids around. Good to hear that you moved away from the house now and are not experiencing anything.

As far as to understand what it was, I would look into the history of the building to arrive at a conclusion. Please do check if the house had been subject to any untoward incident in the past or inquire about it to previous tenants if you have their contact.

While it is a known fact that animals are very sensitive towards paranormal beings, some of us are very alert and sensitive than 'common' people. So I think that is a gift for you that you sense paranormal beings around you. It acts as a warning sign if you are around something supernatural.

Just to exclude the faintest of chances that the ghost is still around,

1) Does your dog act weird or suddenly starts chasing something inside the house?

2) Has your stepson reported anything after moving to the new house?

Best Regards,

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