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Staying Home Alone


This story is very fresh in my mind since it only happened a few days ago.

My mother let me and my brother stay are home for the first time by ourselves. Now everything was great at first so much freedom we could eat what we wanted, look at our iPads as much as we wanted. But things soon changed. I was sitting in the lounge room reading my Archie comic when I hear a loud crash in the computer room. Being too scared to go alone I asked my annoyed brother if he would accompany me to the computer room. Our nice painting had been lifted off the wall and drop hard on the floor since one of our tiles were cracked.

Me and my brother looked at each other scared and puzzled. My cat came rushing into the room with her tail pointed up and fluffed up and a arched back. She seemed very distressed. Me and my brother knew that we should take the cat and go outside until our parents came home.

This is where it gets even stranger. My parents had just came home and we were unpacking the groceries when dad went to look in the computer room. But the painting was back up on the wall. HOW DOES IT GET BACK ON THE FLIPIN WALL. The Tile was still cracked and my dad just gave me the angriest look and told me to go to my room.

Sitting in my room I look up at the large closet mirror which is opposite to my bed and there was a dark figure standing next to my book shelf but when I look at the bookshelf there was nothing there. I'm really starting to wonder about this house. I mean why is all of this stuff happening? It's so typical of a ghost to not want you in their space but why did all the weird stuff start happening now?

I think that if any paranormal things happen I might not submit it to this website since it might anger the ghost. So I won't be posting probably for a while. Hopefully everything will stop and I can live my life in peace without any strange ghost experiences.

Thakyou for reading


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pokemon_trainer (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-22)
Hello Lollipopspace,

I imagine that must have been frightening for you.

As people have already posted, you should always look for the most logical solution first before assuming the supernatural/paranormal are to blame. For example, if a door was to slam shut by itself, I would think of logical reasons why such as drafts, open windows, etc.

In your case with the painting, I would be thinking things along the line of; did the fixings break or move out of place?; is it possible that over time the painting had been gradually slipping from its fixings and then fallen suddenly?; could the cat have knocked it?; could your brother have knocked it?; had the panel on the back of the painting warped and loosened the fixings?

As for how it got back on the wall, I would think; did your father, mother or brother put it back on the wall and did you consider asking them if they did?

Then regarding your father's reaction to the cracked tile, it is very unusual behaviour to send you to your room without first asking you what happened, who did it, and without also punishing your brother. I guess either this could be a misremembrance of events, your father simply having atypical reactions to household incidents, or him just assuming it was you because something similar has happened in the past, maybe you've broken things before - but again to reiterate, this is unusual and to some extent discredits your story, but in NO WAY am I saying that it isn't true!

Lastly, about the figure you saw in the mirror - did you turn around the very moment you saw it? If so, you could have mistaken something in your room for a figure - it is easily done, I often see a what I hurriedly assume to be a figure in my mirrors, and then turn to think logically "what could it actually have been?" and notice things like jackets hanging on the back of doors, coats hung up, and shadows that do look vaguely like figures. Our minds are meant to jump to conclusions and react quickly to protect us (it's our primal instincts!), and paranoia doesn't help, so maybe this is what it was?

However if it was indeed a figure, then there are two options from there on - a spirit/entity, or a hallucination. I know it's difficult to tell the difference. I guess only you can make that judgement. However, perhaps consider seeing your GP and seeing if it could have been a hallucination? Alternatively, try and think back to the event; were you dehydrated, hungry, tired or anxious? Were you depressed or paranoid? Were you ill, hot, cold or on medication? These are all things that can cause hallucinations.

Best wishes,

brotcrow (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-03)
Surprised at your fear of angering spirits if you post here! I have always truely felt that the posters on this site have some serious knowledge on the paranormal and they are always around to help.

As far as your experience is concerned, I would kindly request you to talk to your parents about it. Well, Parents can at sometime play numb to your inputs, but they know when to get serious (I am a parent myself).

Possible reasons regarding the wall painting (Brother pushing it down and acting annoyed at your request to come with you to check the room, Father/Mother hanging it back and pissed at you for breaking the tile)... Or maybe seriously something is there that you need to discuss with elders.

Take care and stay blessed,
roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-03)
Why would this site anger any spirits?

To tell you something that most investigators and most "gifted" people will say, the stories of the spirits have to be told so that we can learn how and what cost all the "events" to happen, why? To gain more ideas, yes, we can not 100% be accurate of how the spirits lived their life, but at least we know of if we can help them or not, right? Like helping a normal person (I meant as a living human) at least we can as the person how we can help the person, BUT, for most spirits we could not 100% do the right things to "help" the spirit, that's one thing that we need to understand, so researching the histories of the place "events" AND listening to other people's opinions, I mean not just mine but other more useful informations.

In your case, you need to stand strong and at least let the spirits there know that now you and your family owns the place, do not fear because our mind can "trick" ourselves when we panic, I know it could be very hard but first we all need to calm down before doing the next action.

Blessing from São Paulo
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-03)
Hi Lollipopspace

Intriguing stuff... Can I ask was there, in your opinion, any significance regarding the comic being an "Archie" comic? Is it somehow linked to the painting coming off the wall?

Where was your brother at the time of the crashing noise? And was he "annoyed" or is he "annoying"?

I ask because if he was not with you and was "annoyed" then maybe HE knocked the painting off the wall in an angry mood?

(Now regarding the cat; these are bizarre and unpredictable creatures so I wouldn't pay it any attention.)

My theory is your brother put the painting back on the wall after HE knocked it off.

How did your Dad notice the cracked tile? I mean how cracked was it? I have three children between 11 and 16. They are constantly breaking stuff. When I find something broken I usually yell "What the Hell!?! Alright you buggers! Who the Hell did THIS?!"
If all you got was an angry look then your Dad is a chilled dude. But why look at you angrily? Why would he assume YOU did it?

As ladyglow pointed out, no reason to suspect anything ghostly there that has it on for you.


lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-03)
There's something I don't get about your experience, it's the fact that your father would send you to your room without asking what had happened to the tile and just when you WERE HELPING your mother to put the groceries away. 🤔
Personally, I would not appreciate if my husband ever did something like that!

I wouldn't put to much value to the cat's behavior, it is possible that she got scared hearing the noise, if there had been something negative in the room, do you think she would have gone in there?

I agree with MysteryResearch about one of your parents placing the painting back in place and the possibility of what you saw in the mirror being some reflection, remember, it is important to check all the possible logical explanations before assuming something to be paranormal. Talking to your parents about these things and asking for their opinion could help on finding other possible reasons for these events.

What do you mean by the ghost getting angry if you submitted​ any possible future experience? So far nothing suggests that you are dealing with a revengeful entity.
Perhaps you could consider performing a cleansing of your house according to your personal beliefs.

Good luck!
MysteryResearch (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-02)
Hi Lollipopspace,

Thanks for your posts. I read your past accounts also. They are very interesting. I tried looking up information on a door stop shaped like a man with a beard (from a former story) and only came up with a photo of the actor Tom Hardy.

With the painting, it is possible it could have fallen off the wall on its own, and that your mom put it back on the wall before you got into the room? And is it possible what you saw in the mirror could have been a shadow or even a billowing curtain? I would suggest talking to your parents about your experiences with the house. They may be able to help you research the property and figure out what is going on.

Take care and good luck to you,
Mystery Research

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