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Strange Occurrences In Our Billerica House


For what it's worth, I am the left handed youngest of four, not that that means anything, it's just that my Uncle (my Mothers brother) is the youngest of three and he is also left handed; I heard somewhere that, that was a thing.

From the time I was born until I was 8 my family lived in the northeastern Massachusetts town of Billerica. Formerly a farming community; more and more land became available, and neighborhoods began to pop up everywhere. Our house, a 3 bedroom cape, was built in 1972 and we were the 1st owners. Without getting too specific; we lived a few blocks down from the Billerica Mall, up on a hill. My older brother and I shared the room over the kitchen and my two older sisters shared the room over our parents room and the living room. The roof in the front of the house sloped to the 1st floor so that's where they built the bedroom closets on the 2nd floor. The closets had giant wood doors on a swivel hinge and they opened outward, there were no handles, you just pushed one end and they opened.

Many things seemed to happen in this house, from the clown face at the top of the stairs to the family dog walking down the stairs, when he was really chained up in his pen outside.

So first I will tackle the clown face at the top of the stairs. Easily explainable as an effect of the paneling (it's the 70's remember) however, this face seamed to contort from harmless happy clown into some demonic grinning manifestation of pure evil. Lights were never off in that hallway at the top of the stairs, and if you shined a flashlight up the stairs, it would highlight the demonic features. The older of my sisters, J, is the one who first noticed the face, so it could also be her manipulating the fears of the rest of us, but we all saw the face change, so take it for what it's worth, I saw what I saw. It never came out of the wall, or anything like that, but a lot of "activity" occurred in or adjacent to that hallway, and there was a feeling of unease every once and a while. Also, I am not a very clumsy person, I mean to say, that I may have had my share of slips and falls, but I have never fallen down the stairs unless there was some form of intervention; like recently when my dog left his Kong on the stairs and, without looking, I stepped on it and went sailing down the stairs, spraining my angle in the process. I swear however, that in the Billerica house, at least two times that I can clearly remember, I went sailing down the stairs, on my back, and getting the wind knocked out of me, convinced that one of my siblings pushed me, only to see them already downstairs.

My sister J is mischievous, she would take small bits of reality and twist the truth slightly to see our reactions. More on J later. There is my older brother, B, and the younger of my older sisters, P. It was J that would instigate things and sit back and watch the mayhem that ensued.

On cold mornings we would race to the living room to sit on the heater, we had floor vents. This particular morning, P was up first, so she quietly went downstairs so as not to wake up anyone else. So there she was, sitting on the vent enjoying the warmth from the heater, when she saw our dog, Baron walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, she got up to follow him, because he didn't come to her when she called him. When she got to the kitchen, he wasn't there. We never had a doggie door because my Mom was afraid that other animals would get in, or that someone would try to break in. So she looked around for him and couldn't find him. That's when she glanced outside and saw him in his pen. Our Father had put him outside earlier that day and then he went back to bed. Baron was alive and well, and lived quite a few years after that incident. Near as we can tell, it could have been my Mom's dog Raven, who died a few years earlier, before P was born. She has visited my Mom a couple of times and I think she was checking on B. He knew her best. P had another instance where she woke up one morning and saw a guy sitting in a chair, just staring at her. She described him as wearing what looked like a black and white horizontal striped uniform, like old time prisoner attire.

B and his best friend N just liked to harass us. Typical older brother stuff, pin you down and spit in your mouth as you screamed, random punches and things like that. So one day, J, P and I were playing "Light as a feather, Stiff as a board" in the darkest place we could find, which turned out to be the first closet (J's closet) in the girls room. We had a candle lit and everything, it was my turn to lie down and be lifted, so they were chanting "light as a feather, stiff as a board", I relaxed to the point of sleep, and then, BANG BANG BANG, we all screamed, B came running in saying "what happened" and my sisters, crying started to explain when we heard laughing. It was B's friend N who pounded on the wall on the stairs so it would sound like it came from deeper in the closet. B trying to hold in his laughter, but not, got a swift kick from J. What happened next I suspect was retribution, though to this day, everyone swears that they didn't have anything to do with it. J acquired a Ouija board, no one, not even she is 100% on where she got it from. We began to play. J starts us off. "Does anyone wish to make contact". It begins almost instantly. Board "yes". J "who are you?". Board "D E RED". J " who would you like to speak with?". Board "WALTER". At this point I am beyond scared, with the prank from my brother and his friend, to this, it's just too much. J "what would like to say?". Board "DIE". At this point I am in tears, what did I ever do to him? J "why?". Board "HATE HIM". It was then that my brother, freaked out a little himself, said enough. So J sent D E Red away, his parting words "WILL HURT HIM" Then J starting asking for other communicators. To which I added, "only nice people". We got in contact with a young women who would not identify herself, the accusations of pushing began so J asked "give us proof that your real". She responded "LOOK NEXT DOOR". So we all went to my room, because my window faced the house next door, and we saw, in the door of our neighbors house, a young woman, long dark hair, pure white dress. She vanished after a few seconds. At which time we all ran downstairs and sat on the floor of the kitchen, our backs against the wall, which was the wall that also faced that house. Each of us afraid to move. Then my nose begins to bleed. I was too afraid to get a tissue, so my brother grabbed a face cloth. It was dripping with blood within seconds. Then we heard a thud from upstairs, my nosebleed stopped and the fear dissipated.

That's all for now. There is more.

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waltrow1274 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
Thanks for your response AzraelX, You are correct, I can't be sure, but, since I only just found out that they were pranking me, and we are all adults now, and there is no more reason to keep up the charade after 30+ years, I'm sure I can take them at their word now.

Also, I am not now, nor have I ever been afraid of clowns, growing up with Bozo and Willie Whistle on TV. B, and P are afraid of clowns though, that could be something.

As far as the young woman in the white dress, I can't say why she wouldn't manifest in the same room we were in, perhaps she was prohibited from leaving the area she was in, but could communicate with anyone close by, but really, who can tell why anyone does anything. I really can't shrug this one off because we all saw the same thing.
AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
[at] waltrow1274 Did you ever have fear of clowns? At least mildly? Some fears reside in our subconscious and are not visible. Our mind can play tricks on us. You falling down the stairs could have nothing connected to the clown. You could have assumed so.

Regarding the Oujja board and DE RED, your sisters have admitted to having pranked you. How can you still stick on to an assumption that P's anger and jealousy toward you caused this thing to manifest and assume the identity of D E Red.
This could also be a either a prank or you already psyched mind playing tricks on you.

Seconding Mack, Why didn't the female entity do some "proofing" in the room you were?
MY take is that your sisters pranked you with a female "entity" and knocked out "LOOK NEXT DOOR", your psyched mind wanted to see a female entity somewhere next door and showed you jut what you wanted to see.
waltrow1274 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-31)
Thank you shelbyloree, my father did have a small bit of design input, but that was the extent of his involvement with the construction. He asked them to finish half of the basement and put in a central vacuum. Which were options for the development at the time. I don't think construction companies were heavily into recycling in the early 70's, but it could be possible that they tried to save a few bucks and re-purposed materials from a demolition site.

My siblings are nothing if not "entertaining".
waltrow1274 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-31)
Thank you Mack, Yes the clown face was a lighting effect, It quite possibly could also be an effect of the mind, up to and including the general uneasy feeling in the hall, The mind will make up excuses for anything it can't comprehend. But I felt a hand on my shoulder just before I went down, and I was the only one up there for the multiple times that it happened. Again, I could have just slipped and fell, I just can't explain why I felt a hand push me. Unless it was a trick of the mind, which is, as always, a possibility.

Funny thing about the Ouija board and D E Red. I spoke with both my sisters the other day after I posted this story. Probably should have confirmed their end of the story first, but, it is what it is. D E Red started as a joke, made up by both J and P. Up until after it said it wanted to talk to me, after my sisters spelled out my name, the responses were not coming from them anymore. The general consensus is that because I was the youngest, and P was the "middle" child, her anger and jealousy toward me caused this thing to manifest and assume the identity of D E Red. Just a thought.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Hi Waltrow1274

Interesting indeed... Thanks for sharing these experiences.

Can you please clarify one aspect? The "demonic clown face". From what I understood; this "clown face" was simply a lighting effect from the wall paneling, but if you moved a flashlight around, it became an evil clown shape?

Falling down stairs; I have stairs at my house, I would consider myself good on my feet and a relatively coordinated person, but I have arsed down those b*stards a couple of times and ended up a crumpled heap at the bottom. On those occasions I didn't think I was pushed by a malicious entity with a warped sense of humor, rather I thought: "you clumsy dolt!" quickly followed by "I hope no one saw THAT!" My point being; people DO fall down stairs because stairs are b*stard things. You MAY have been "pushed" but I think your experiences with the clown shadows lead you to possibly jump to a conclusion? I could be wrong, it's happened before...

The Ouija board stuff was interesting, and also highlighted the type of souls these sittings can attract. The woman next door could have been the actual spirit who was "communicating" but why wouldn't she just simply appear in the room you were in?


shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
There is another recent post about a woman's father who built awkward, creepy houses that tended to have things wrong with them. Maybe a similar problem with this neighborhood since it was new? Either that, or maybe the staircase material had been recycled and brought problems with it. Got to love siblings and their dramas!
waltrow1274 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Thanks Rook, more is on the way, I submitted the rest of my experiences the day after I wrote this one.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Interesting, very interesting...

Sense you say there is more I (and I suspect others) are awaiting 'the more' so that we can respond to the 'FULL EXPEREINCE'. Please submit soon if you have not already... 😕



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